Above Ground Pool: Installation Cost and How to Install


12x24 above ground pool with deck ideas

Above Ground Pool Installation – Do you want to have a swimming pool for your loved ones to relax somewhere in your garden or backyard? Are you still confused to decide whether your free space is going to be transformed into in ground or above ground pool? We recommend you to have above ground pools as they are the best pools to have!

Above ground pool comes in a variety of sizes that you can pick. To compare between in-ground swimming pool (small or large), above ground pool is a cost effective way to have a pool for your loved ones to cope with the scorching heat of summer time.

However, when deciding an above ground pool for your family, there are things need to be considered such as how to install the pool or whether to get someone installed the pool for you. Above ground pool installation cost and steps can be varied depending on which quality do you want to apply for your pool.

We provide you with everything you wish to know about above ground pool installation cost and how to install an above ground pool.

Above Ground Pool Installation Costs

If you prefer to have someone installed the above ground pool for you, you need to ensure that the pool is installed accordingly and properly. Some estimate the cost to range near $1000 or even more. The cost varies according to how level the ground is, materials needed, finish grade, finished surface area, material volume, other special needs, labor rate, and the size of your wanted pool.

We recommend making a few phone calls to the local pool installation companies out there may cost you. From the calls, you can specify which installation companies meet your preferences (your budget, quality, and accessories for your pool).

Above ground pools Installation is easily removed and rapid, it does not require removal work and excavation. We provide you below, a clear picture of the estimated cost of various tasks.

Above ground pool: Provide and install a 12′ x 24′ above ground pool, material equipment, 20-mile transport range.

Steel Frame Kit
Specification: 2288 sq.ft footprint; with ladder, filter, piping, and 120V switch, depth 54” flat; 612 sq.ft. liner surface
Cost: $3,073

Upgrade Deckwork
Extra cost to install a 20’ x 12’ patio deck, a 4’ large redwood-deck perimeter walkway, and stairs
Cost: $4,745

Upgrade Fence
Extra cost to install 5′ tall x walkway and patio perimeter, deck-integrated, self-closing gate, and vinyl picket security fence.
Cost: $2,468

Final Material Cost (upgrade fence+upgrade deckwork+steel frame kit): $10,286
Installation Pool Cost (labor cost): $408
Upgrade Deck Cost (labor cost): $3,168
Upgrade Fence Cost (labor cost): $476

Final Cost: $14,338

These estimated costs are based on latest prices found vendors’ websites. Taxes, permit fees as well as engineering care to customization are excluded. The costs are also greatly varied depending which region you reside.

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How to Install Above Ground Pool

If you prefer to have someone installed your pool, that’s fine but installing it yourself should be quite easy specially for any Intex swimming pools. You just need to follow the steps we provide you below. Note that installing above ground pool is going to spend much of your time, but it won’t be an extremely hard process.

The first step is to collect everything you need for your dream pool. Rakes or shovels for clearing out the ground under your pool and pool kit. Aside from that, you also need to check the free spaces around your home to select the one area for your pool.

After finding out space, you will have to measure out an area of your yard that is a little larger than your newly selected pool. Mark the area using tape or anything that you have to indicate the area that you need to clear out.
Remove the grass, twigs or anything dissatisfied from the ground under your pool because they may puncture the pool. Remove everything that you can from the area and the level them out from the area. To utmost people, they are willing to have sand delivered to them to guarantee that the ground is secured.

Checking it over to guarantee that there is no more debris in the area. A lot of pools are included with a plastic ground cloth, and you should utilize this on the bottom of your pool whether or not you use the sand just to make everything runs accordingly.

Instal above ground pool 12x24 oval step by step


After that, you need to set the above ground pool liner and extend it out and then place the rails for the pool together. If you have an inflatable pool, you need to simply stretch out the pool liner and inflate the ring on top.

Start filling your above ground pool and do the other crumples on the bottom with slowly filling up the bottom with water at the same time. Getting rid of crumples is very vital no matter which type of above ground pool you own.

Once this step is finished, you will need to start filling your pool with water, working out any remaining crumples and carefully checking out if your pool possesses high spots inside. Pay full concern to the pool’s edges. Your pool walls will have limited support If they are off level and may cause them to fail.

The final step, you need to connect your pipes, and above ground pool pumps at the same time as the pool is being filled. Read the manufacturer’s instructions for your own pool to guarantee that it works as it should be. Assemble the pool ladder and place it wherever you want.

Once your pool is filled by the water, try testing the water and add some necessary chemicals to guarantee the water stays clear and all set for you to go swimming. You can also add your necessary equipment to make your pool look even prettier!

That’s the above ground pool installation guide and estimated cost for you to try and consider. Make sure always to be very detailed to everything as the reason you want to create an above ground pool is to spend more of your time with your loved ones, right? So make it flawless!

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