40 Uniquely Awesome Above Ground Pools with Decks


circular above ground pool with decks ideas

It’s easy to guess why above ground pools with decks are so hype: they are affordable, easy and fast to install, and require minimal maintenance.

Above ground pools with decks will create a pleasant situation in the sun place for your loved ones and friends. It gives you a place to sunbathe, swim, or just leisurely sit around it.

How to Build a Deck Around an Above Ground Pool

Planning your deck around an above ground pool is very simple as long as you know the picture of your dream deck and you have the adequate materials to build it. Here we provide you the simple steps to build above ground pools with decks.

Step 1: Framing the Floor

Start by having 2 x 6s to create 17 symmetrical frames. The last frame (18th) will be created to fit right the others are done being set around the pool. Apply galvanized metal corner brackets to speed up the job by attaching the four perimeter boards.

Step 2: Setting Piers and Posts

Start by placing the first pair of blocks onto the ground beside your pool. Position the first pier block so its center is 12 inch (from your pool wall). Next up, position the second pier further away from your pool with its center 18 inches (from the center of the first).

Stand two 4×4 posts in the square sockets combined into piers. Next, up, eliminate the posts and size them down from each of lines a distance equal to the thickness of your pool. Mark at this location on each position and cut them to length. You can use a small chainsaw to cut.

Put the posts back and make sure they are in original positions. Repeat this procedure for the next pair of piers and posts. After installing the 17 frames, measure and cut the last one to fit the remaining space. Finish the pool-deck frame by screwing 2 x 4 diagonal braces to the 4 x 4 posts.

Step 3: Laying the Decking

Start by cutting several 2x6s into 4 feet lengths with an end of each cut at 80o. Slip the angled end of the first decking board under the pool’s coping, making it a ½ inch. Away from your pool wall. Set the long edge of the deck board in between two adjoining floor joist frames. Buttoned up the board to the joists with deck screws.

Continue installing deck boards with this accordance. Once all the deck boards are buttoned up, get the circular saw trimmed off the overhanging ends, so they are swill out with the perimeter joists. Next thing to do is move on the sun deck and start buttoning up the 2×6 deck boards. Then snap a chalk line and trim the boards flush with joists.

Step 4: Building the Guardrails

Start by purchasing precut railing posts for $6 to save a lot of time. Note this that the tops require the 4×4 pressure treated posts with decorative chamfer and V groove meanwhile the bottom end requires a precut notch that positions on top of the decking. Apply them at every joint. Build the stairs that lead from the sun deck down to the ground as the final construction.

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How Much is an Above Ground Pool with Decks Cost?

The estimated cost to build an above ground pool with decks is about $2400 for materials to build the deck which included with the pier blocks, joist hangers, and screws, pressure treated lumber. However, you can also get a free of charge deck plans with a detailed materials list, cost estimator and instructors from vendors of above ground pools.

Pictures of Above Ground Pools with Decks

Below are some looks at above ground pools with decks designs that are uniquely awesome.

1. Above Ground Pool in the Hills of San Antonio Deck

This design has won an award for innovative above ground pool designs. This kind of deck will give you a comfortable feeling and provide you with an anti-slip surface when things get wet. The surface surrounding a pool is always an important consideration!

2. Backyard Haven Deck

private above ground pool and sunbathing retreat


A deck surrounds your pool will separate your pool from the house, making it more of a private pool and sunbathing retreat. You will always feel secured with fence and gate makes too difficult for your children to access.

3. Decked Out Doughboy

above ground pool with mutli level deck


This is an example of an above ground pool that doesn’t look like one. The design is like a sunken bathtub, with wood decking flush with the level of the top of the pool, kind of custom-built pool.

4. Decking Connection

backyard landscaping decoration using above ground round-pool deck


This one has all the accessories of an in the ground pool such as patio areas and a spa. This type of pool takes extra planning, but if you execute it well, the final result will be a well-designed backyard.

5. A Round Above Ground Swimming Pools with Decks

amazing backyard above ground pool decks


The benefit of an above ground pool is that a fence can be assembled to the pool’s sides just like this type of deck. The safety barrier is higher than the average pool fence. It gives you a simple practical and attractive design that will color your pool!

6. Doughboy Buried Pool Deck

above ground pool lighting ideas for front yard


Doughboy introduced a line of above ground pools that can be buried in the ground. This idea to meet the consumers demand who want the in ground pool look.

7. Enclosed Above Ground Pool Deck

amazing above ground pools decks idea


This design has high walls to give you your privacy, which is some of that pool owners desire. It also has lot free space for you to add some accessories to create your dream pool.

8. Fenced in Deck

beautiful fenced in deck above ground pool


This design shows that you can create an above ground pool that is safer by adding fences around the top rim of the pool and gated stairway leading to the pool. Plants help to create a better look for your pool!

9. Kid’s Paradise

Best above ground swimming pool kids paradise ideas


This design offers an absolute family-friendly backyard with deluxe playset, a custom-built playhouse, and rectangular above ground pool. The safety is also guaranteed with this type of pool.

10. Retractable Pool Cover

Best Above Ground Retractable Pool Cover Ideas


This design has a magnificent wood deck with an additional retractable pool cover makes it easier to keep your pool clean and warm.

11. San Antonio Deck Surround

Above ground pool with a wood deck in San Antonio, Texas.


With a flagstone incorporated with your lovely pool, it just a beautiful and durable combination! Wood decking is much soft on your bare feet, and the levels also serve as low and wide leading to the pool deck or for casual seating.

12. Side Motifs Deck

A decorative motif on the side walls adorns this above ground pool


Your pool can look way more sophisticated with a decorative motif around the exterior panels. It may be simple, but it’s effective enough to personalize your pool and make it more attractive.

13. Top Level Doughboy Pool Deck

best rectangular above ground swimming pools ideas


This design looks like a private beach in the lower level, just luxurious! The decking and fencing make it a rectangular-looking pool. Meanwhile, the actual pool is an oval.

14. Vintage Kidney Shaped Pool

old vintage above ground pool style


This design shows the good life, a dream pool for a family of four or even more! Kidney-shaped above ground pool will complete your suburban dream.

15. “I can’t believe it’s not in ground” Deck

Get Inspired: Above Ground Pool Designs


It’s hard to tell that this type of pool is above ground pool as it looks like an in-ground pool. The pool has all of the conveniences and accessibility with an in-ground model with trees, umbrella, outdoor dining set, very deceiving for you to see!

16. Above Ground Pool With Wooden Slates

new stylish above ground pool deck


A unique design of above ground pool with wooden slates at the floor. These wooden slates feel soothing to bare feet and also removes the danger of slip. It is an ideal pool for Sunbathing. The adirondack chairs around the pool add colorto its beauty. The presence of table and chairs makes it look like a spa.

17. Outdoor Lighting For Above Ground Pool Decks With Rustic Wood

Outdoor Lighting For Types Of above ground pool decks


A very beautiful dreamy look in the artificial lights make it a unique above the ground pool. The wooden fence around it makes it safe. The stairs leading to it look very enticing. The wooden basement also is good for the feet and there is no danger of slip. The color of the wood matches exclusively with the lights and gives it a gloomy look

18. Impressive Above Ground Pools Deck Designs

impressive above ground pools deck backyard designs


A very beautiful above ground pool adjusted with the floor level of the house. The beautiful wooden frame and the stairs look charming. Standing on the floor it looks like in the ground pool and not above the ground pool. A very good backyard place for enjoying the swimming for a family of 4 to 5 persons.

19. Above Ground Pool With Wooden Deck Looks Amazing!

amazing above ground pool with deck ideas


A unique design of wooden above ground pool with fence along one side looks an ideal place for sunbathing. The unique design of woods stacked in a design to prevent the need for stairs and looks gorgeous. There are also table with chairs around it to eat and drink also. Moreover, the shade of the tree above the pool makes it amazingly cool in summer season. The woody design is ideal for non slippery surface.

20. Unique Decks For Above Ground Pools As Your Backyard Design

above ground pool liners with wooden stairs


A unique and small sized above groundpool ideal for a family and also suitable for children. It looks like a picnic point and children love playing and eating there. The entry is facilitated with the wooden stairs. It also looks ideal for bathing in clear sunny day and due to being backyard pool, the children can fully enjoy it without any fear. It is also good to play while taking bath in the pool.

21. Above Ground Pool With Small Garden And Foldable Cover

above ground pools with modern wooden deck and small garden


A very beautiful and ideal above the ground pool that looks amazing. There are also foldable covers to keep your pool clean . It also looks like an ideal place for Sunbathing. The greenery around it makes look natural. The entry is restricted with a wooden gate. The Umbrella over the Adirondack chairs looks charming. A thick greenery gives it a wildly look.

22. Enchanting Design Of Round Above Ground Swimming Pool With Deck

beautiful above ground pool brown wooden deck


Another very enchanting design of round above the ground swimming pool. The trees all around it are very useful during the summer season bathing because these also provide shade and keep the water cool during summer. The design looks ideal for a family and looks like backyard pool. The Adirondack chair at one side gives an ideal place for reading a book or newspaper. The greenery all around is also ideal for eyes. The beautiful shadowy design in the corner adds to its beauty.

23. Beautiful Oval Above Ground Pool With Deck

amazing oval above green pool with deck


It is also another very beautiful oval shaped pool with a wooden made small stage on one side. It is an ideal pool because of its adjacency with the house. It also gives the impression of a backyard pool. The surroundings look extremely green with thick bushes and trees on one side. On the whole, it is very good open air pool to take bath and enjoy the Sun.

24. Impressive Backyard Swimming Pool Design With Deck and Rose Arrangements

beautiful backyard above ground pool with rose flower


It is also a very impressive backyard pool where you can keep your privacy due to a fence of thick bushes. The flowers all around it make it more beautiful looking. The size is also ideal for a medium sized family. The entry is through a few stairs and the surrounding is ideal for bare foot walk with no fear of slipping. Overall, It looks to be well maintained pool with beautiful furrows of flowers.

25. 18×33 Large Above Ground Pool with Decks

18x33 Above ground swimming pools


It is a very large pool with greenery all around it. It is a very ideal place for sunbathing also. The flowers all around it make it look well maintained. The entry is through a gate and a small stage is made for standing and jumping. The presence of Adirondack chair also makes it look gorgeous. It is an ideal backyard pool with lot of beauty all around.

26. Modern Backyard Above Ground Pool With Deck

best modern backyard above ground pool


It is one of the most beautiful designs of above the ground pool. The fence all around makes it safe and there is no danger of children entering the pool. The wooden design makes it more beautiful. It looks like an ideal place for Sunbathing also. A set of chairs and table with a wooden umbrella above also makes it look more beautiful. The surrounding is thick trees and it also looks like a fairy place.

27. 12×24 Backyard Above Ground Pool With Deck

12x24 above ground pool with deck


It is a very heart touching backyard pool with a large boundary wall all around it and making it safe for family. It also keeps your privacy. The surface is so smooth that walking bare footed also has special charm. The designing is one of the unique style with stairs to climb up. The pool itself is an oval shaped pool at one side of the grassy plot. The glowing marble looks extremely attractive to eyes and also reflects the lights.

28. Rectangle Above Ground Swimming Pool with Deck

above ground pool deck designs


It is also another beautiful design of above the ground pool with fence all around it to keep it safe from the reach of children. The entry is restricted with the help of a small wooden gate at the base of stairs. It also looks like an ideal place for sunbathing with a little wooden stage and some chairs. The surrounding is also shadowy and green.

29. Above Ground Swimming Pool Look Like In The Wild

Above ground pool decks picture


It gives the look of a pool in the wild. There are small bushes all around it which create a sense of wild. The entry is through a small ladder attached with the little stage to the pool. There are also beds for laying and taking sunbath. The surroundings also create a sense of fear because it looks like in between the vast wilderness.

30. Large Above Ground Pool with Deck and Spray Fountains

Above ground pool decks waterfall


It is a large above ground pool with fence and wooden made stage at one side. The fountains throwing water into the pool look very cool and attractive. The wooden platform is ideal for enjoying the brightness of the Sun. It is also good because the wood prevents the chances of slipping. It is an open ground pool with lots of trees and small parks and plots. The designing of the stairs is also something unique.

31. Backyard Above Ground Swimming Pool Ideas

Above ground pool designs with wood railing and table sets


It is a very good and uniquely designed above the ground swimming pool. It is so built that does not look to be above the ground. There is a large fence all around the pool to prevent the entry of children and other harmful animals. Its platform is also made of wood and, therefore, no fear of slips. There is a place in the corner for the chairs and table to sit and eat. It is also a very good and ideal place for sunbathing. It looks like made in the ground among the greenery of vast fields.

32. Beautiful Round Above Ground Pool Decks Designs

Beautiful Round Pool Decks Designs


The pool with large fence all around it looks very safe and beautiful. The entry is through a wooden gate and is restricted for children. It also gives the look of a picnic place with chairs and table for sitting and eating. There is also enough space to take sunbath. There is also a bed laid on the platform of the pool.

33. Stunning Above Ground Pools With Decks & White Gravel

Awesome above ground wooden pool deck ideas


These kinds of pool are a paradise for the children. These are also oval shaped with fence all around it to keep your children safe. It is ideal to be built in the backyard of the house. It adds the charm to the beauty of the home.

34. Above Ground Pool Deck Ideas With Pebble Stone Around Pool Also Vinyl Lattice Deck Skirting In White

Best above ground pool decks ideas


It is like a bath tub covered all around with a large boundary wall. A beautiful medium sized stage is attached with it to provide the space for sitting and laying down. It is ideal for family bath and sunbath. It is also an oven shaped pool to keep your privacy.

35. Outdoor Above Ground Pool Landscaping Ideas

Best above ground swimming pool landscaping ideas


An extremely heart touching design made with beautiful wooden slates looks like a painting on the wall. It is wide open and enough for several people. The beautiful flowers are looking more gorgeous with golden wood in the background. There is enough place for walking and playing any indoor game. The surrounding is also green with thick bushes.

36. Circular Above Ground Pool Deck Ideas

Circular above ground pool deck ideas


A very good looking pool with fence on the entrance side. It is also attached with a large wooden platform which provide enough space for sitting, laying, and sunbathing. The platform is all made with golden colored wood which looks charming in the bright sunlight. The surroundings greenery and quarters like houses look more attractive due to this pool.

37. Small Above Ground Pool Deck For Children

How to build a deck around a pool


This type of small pools are very good for children. There is a slide which falls into the pool and is ideal for toddlers. There is also a large fence all around it to make it safe for children. It is usually smaller in size than other standard pools. There is also boundary wall to save the children from outside dangers.

38. Oval Above Ground Pool Deck Ideas

Intex oval above ground pool with decks


It is also an oval shaped which looks like a pool in the ground. It is built in between the wooden platforms. The dark color of wood looks great in contrast with the blue colored water. There is also a fence around it to keep the children safe. There is a lot of space to sit and enjoy sunbathing.

39. Beautiful Landscaping Ideas For Modern Above Ground Pool With Wooden Deck

It is another of the most beautiful pools built with the help of large wooden slates. The flowers and greenery all around it make it look eye catching. The wooden slates are easy to walk and enjoy sunbath. It seems as a blessing in the vast wilderness.

40. Large Above Ground Pool Deck with Cascading Steps

Large above ground pool deck with cascading steps


One of the extremely beautiful and gorgeous pools built with dark brown wood and mildly white tiles. The design is of superior quality. It also looks like an in the ground pool. The Adirondack chairs for relaxing and chair table sets look too much beautiful. The color of the wood is also very dark and unique.


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