Accordion Room Dividers Ideas


Accordion Room Dividers Ideas

If you’re trying to define space without compromising detail and having to spend a lot in renovations, accordion room dividers can easily do that for you.

There are several designs available that will perfectly suit your area. Some models can be found at very affordable prices while there are also simple yet elegant ones that you can make right in your own home.

About Accordions

Just as the name implies, an accordion room divider is highly reminiscent of the popular musical instrument because of its foldable features.

There can be 2 or more panels or sections connected to each other by metal hinges, hooks or wooden braces. Each section is about 3/4 of an inch thick while other models depending on the material can be thinner.

All sections usually have the same dimensions and unfold in a fanlike manner to cover up or divide space.

The good thing about the design is that it is movable so you can define one area at one time and move on if you change your mind.

These are highly useful if you’re the type who redecorates or re-organizes rooms every now and then. Accordion room dividers are also very affordable saving you hundreds of dollars compared to breaking down or building an entire wall.

The dividers come in different colors, materials and models. There are Oriental designs made from bamboo, paper or fabrics that help control light.

There are also traditional ones made of polished wood like oak and cherry. These can easily fit in various themes like country or contemporary.

To Buy or To Make

If you intend to buy, look in different shops first to compare quality and make. Some models may require you to assemble the pieces yourself while others offer fully assembled items.

Ordering online or from commercial furniture shops should come with a warranty especially if the dividers are to be shipped.

Check the product description by viewing all materials used, means of operation and overall design. It will help a lot if a picture is provided complete with the exact dimensions to avoid incompatibilities. Heights are usually measured from the floor up to the top of the accordion room dividers.

If you intend to make, you will invest less time, money and effort in fabric dividers. Start by creating frames made of wood or PVC pipes.

Provide stems, rollers or stands at the bottom corners of each frame to prop the structure up. Connect each frame using hinges.

After connecting every two frames, make sure that they fold accordingly so that the entire divider can be compressed fully when not in use.

You may use the material of your choice to fill in the space inside the frames such as splitting bamboo and covering up the area completely, placing your favorite fabric with the right color or nailing plywood then painting or polishing.

To keep your accordion room dividers in top condition, regular dusting preferably once or twice a week is recommended.

Grease or oil up the hinges as well once a month and compress the whole product completely once a week to prevent dirt and rust from hindering full range of motion.

You may also re-apply paint, stain or re-polish as needed. If there are too many panels and you have minimal space to divide, simply leave the extra panels at the end folded.

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