Advantages and Disadvantages of Having A Retractable Awning


When you build a deck, you want to be able to enjoy it as much as you can regardless of the elements outside.

When the spring and fall rain is coming down or the summer sun is blazing, retractable awnings are going to give you the protection that you need.

The awesome thing about a retractable awning is the fact that you can pull it back when you want to just experience the fresh air or let the rain fall freely. 

Deciding whether or not to get a retractable awning is going to take a big commitment as it’s a large investment.

Before you take this step, you should take a look at all of the pros and cons and decide for yourself using various retractable awning reviews if this is the right choice for you and your specific needs.

Things to Keep In Mind When Shopping for Retractable Awning

When looking at retractable awning reviews, you want to pay special attention to the pros and cons that are pointed out. It’s important to focus on the cost, the value, and durability.

Being educated on what the most advantageous part of owning a retractable awning might be as well as the disadvantages will play in your favor.


  • Investment. The retractable awning is proven to be a great investment to your property. They are bought in order to provide shelter to your home by being placed over a deck or patio increasing the amount of time spent outdoors. The cost to purchase and put in a retractable awning is small compared to most backyard purchases, and this amenity will save money in energy to cool the inside of your home as well.
  • Durable. An awning of this nature is going to withstand any natural disaster much better than a non retractable version as you can put it away during such an occurrence. With the non retractable, it would be damage to the point of possibly needing replaced.
  • Protection. Retractable awnings are going to protect furnishings both on the patio as well as inside the home from fading due to sun rays by providing shade.


  • Expense. A retractable awning is going to be the high end of the spectrum when it comes to cost because they are also the best version of what’s available as far as protection. They do provide what you need as far as benefits meaning you are getting quality which will last many years.
  • Maintenance. Awnings regardless of whether they are retractable or non retractable are going to require regular servicing such as cleaning seasonally because they will accumulate the typical amounts of debris and dirt. Having an awning become a source of cosmetic drudgery to your home would be a definite negative. Mold or mildew would be an unwelcome hazard if water were to accumulate and the awning may develop an inability to operate at its full capacity if you don’t keep the metal bits nice.
  • Sensor. There are manual and motorized retractable awnings. With the motorized awnings, there is more cost but also more convenience. These are operated via a remote control allowing for ease of operation. There are also those that have a sensor which will cause them to retract automatically if they have a sense of rain. The manual awning can grow difficult to operate over a period of time and the ones with the electronic sense require replacing in time or you have to work it manually. The ones equipped with a sensor can be costly.

Making the decision whether or not to purchase based on retractable awning reviews will help the process along a little bit easier. 

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