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One of the first steps to becoming a landlord is to purchase an apartment. Different apartments and neighborhoods will attract different tenants.

For example, a studio apartment will usually attract one person, presumably young, who has no family, while a larger apartment might attract families.

Neighborhoods with less attractions will attract older tenants, while those with bars and other forms of nightlife will attract younger tenants.

In Dubai, you can have access to all kinds of tenants. You can have younger, older, employed, and those with families.

Dubai also has a lower cost of living, and the least risky type of tenant is an expatriate because he or she will have native currency that performs will against the dirham, the currency of the United Arab Emirates.

If having well-off tenants, young, old, or those with families appeals to you as a landlord, read on to discover two locales where you can get an apartments for sale in Dubai.

1. Bluewaters Island

Bluewaters Island is known for its waterfront, modern, and relaxed living as well as its family-oriented community.

The community itself is a manmade, urban island that is connected to mainland Dubai through the pedestrian Bluewaters Bridge.

It is home to Ain Dubai, otherwise known as the Dubai Eye, which is the world’s largest observation wheel. Bluewaters Island is close to the communities of Jumeirah Beach Residence (JBR) and Dubai Marina.

Apartments in Bluewaters Island usually have 1-4 bedrooms a 1-6 bathrooms, many of them ensuite. They are known for their upgraded interiors and are usually sold unfurnished.

A typical apartment for sale in Bluewaters Island will have a barbecue area, children’s play area, a living room with a dining area, a gazebo and outdoor entertaining area, a laundry room, a lounge, a maid’s room, a storage room, and a study.

It will also come with a fully equipped, open plan kitchen with built-in appliances and other white goods.

The apartment will also usually have at least one balcony and terrace, built-in wardrobes, central air and heating, and an intercom system.  Finally, there will be a private garage, garden, and swimming pool. 

Tenants who lease an apartment in Bluewaters Island will have access to 24/7 maintenance, a business center, a concierge service and, for high-end apartments, a valet service.

Tenants will also receive beach access and a marina berth. Finally, retail outlets and restaurants are on the ground floor or podium level in many of the residential towers.

The neighborhood of Bluewaters Island is home to a bank with an ATM, restaurants, a shopping mall, and shops.

Those who like to be physically active will enjoy the basketball and squash courts, clubhouse, cycling tracks, duplex gym, fitness center, sports academies, swimming pools, and walking trails found throughout the community.

For those who have children, there is a nursery, school, and park in the neighborhood. Those who like to relax will enjoy the communal gardens, sauna, and steam room found in the area.

The religious can visit the neighborhood mosque. Finally, the area is served by public transportation.

An apartment for sale in Bluewaters Island will cost between AED 1,000,000 and AED 16,000, and can be rented for between AED 125,000 and AED 399,999 annually.

Apartments here will attract physically active, wealthy tenants who like to pamper themselves and who also have children.

2. Remraam

The community of Remraam is known for its state-of-the-art facilities, luxury apartments, and low-rise Arabian style buildings.

Located near the main road of Hessa Street, Remraam is near the neighborhoods of Dubai Marina, Al Barsha, and Jebel Ali.

While Remraam apartments for sale are sometimes studio apartments, the most common apartments have 1-2 bedroom and 1-3 bathrooms. 

The typical apartment for  rent in in dubai have a barbecue area, a children’s play area, jacuzzi, laundry room and storage room. It will also have an open or closed plan kitchen.

If the apartment is a studio, it will have no balcony; otherwise, there will be at least one balcony, built-in wardrobes, central air and heating, and an intercom system.

Tenants who rent an apartment in Remraam will have access to 24/7 maintenance and 24/7 security.

In higher-end apartments, tenants will also have access to a laundry service and a valet service.

The neighborhood of Remraam is home to a bank with an ATM, a coffee shop, a flower shop, restaurants, a salon, a shopping mall, and a supermarket.

For those who enjoy playing sports, there are basketball, tennis, and volleyball courts.

For those who wish to stay physically active, there are cycling tracks, a fitness center, a gym, a shared swimming pool, and walking trails.

For children, there is a nursery, park, and school. 

For those who like to relax, there are communal gardens and a sauna.

A mosque will take care of religious needs, while a pharmacy will take care of medical needs.

There is also a vibrant community center. Finally, the area is served by public transportation.

An apartment for sale in Remraam will cost between AED 285,000 and AED 600,000, and tenants can expect to pay between AED 39,999 and AED 81,765 in annual rent.

Remraam’s tenants are likely to be parents who want a sense of community and belonging and who enjoy staying physically active.


Bluewaters Island and Remraam will attract different types of tenants. Bluewaters Island will attract the wealthy with families, while Remraam will attract parents who want to be a part of a community.

If either of these types of tenants appeal to you, then it is time to get an apartment for sale in Dubai!

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