Top 6 Most Popular Barndominium and Metal Builders in Texas


In Texas, United States, we can find many barns-agricultural buildings used to keep the farmer’s harvest and livestock. In North America, a barn also houses horses. Today, it is common that people also use their barn as a house, thus a barn house or also known as barndominium.

Nowadays, barndominium becomes a popular thing in Texas. A barndominium is a barn that is reconstructed by a barndominium builder to provide a new living space in addition to the storage function.

As a result, you will get a unique barn along with living quarters. It sounds weird but it’s actually an exciting thing. You can use the barndominium or barn house to have a weekend retreat, especially if you work all day except on weekends.

Is it difficult to build a barndominium? With the help of barndominium builders, you won’t need to worry a thing about building a barn house.

Let’s Build a Barndominium with The Right Builders

Popular Barndominium Builders in Texas

Alright, for the first-timers, this whole thing may feel like a hassle, to begin with. However, you still need to make some sacrifices to get the house of your dream, especially since you will be living there for a long time.

To get the barndominium that you like, here are some steps that may help you:

1. Find the purpose of building a barndominium

This is more than just wanting something for you. You need to find the purpose: why do you need to build a barndominium? Is it just for fun, a permanent house to live in, or also a business place?

Do you need so much space (especially if you have a big number of family members)?

Most importantly: are you willing to do a regular clean-up, since it is also part of the maintenance? Once you have figured out what you want with the barndominium, then you may go to the next step.

2. Make sure you have already got a barn, ready to be converted into a barndominium

Having a barn of your own is already an advantage. This means you will not have to spend so much money to buy another building. Of course, you might have to find a suitable barndominium design for the barn you have already got.

What if you have not got any barn yet? You will need to find and buy one that is available. Make sure that you do not just search for the barn that you want, but it is also affordable.

3. Does a lengthy research before you make a final decision

There is no need to worry if you have not got any idea about your future barndominium. It is not a problem if you are not a professional home designer.

Research, research, and research. That is what you need to do, whether it is for the home design, materials included budgeting and every possibility to make your dream house come true.

You can also get a second opinion (or perhaps more) if you are still unsure. You can ask your friend or relative who has already got a barndominium or an online discussion forum, where you can find many people with the same interest.

In short, ask anyone with expertise in home-designing or barn-converting.

4. Start planning on the budgeting

Have you already decided on your barndominium design? Good. Now it is time to start planning on the budgeting. This is more than just trying to cut as much cost as possible or saving enough money.

In other words, you should also consider making your home safe and secure, especially when it comes to electrical wirings and plumbing. The last thing you want is accidents in your barndominium.

5. Start making a schedule on building a barndominium and try to stick to it

Surely, this is not a magical project. Building a barndominium takes time, just like when you build a house. To avoid over-budgeting, try to measure just how long it might take to finish it.

Why “try to stick to it”? Because anything can still happen, so you cannot expect it to go strictly by the schedule. This is just a cost-estimation in building your barndominium.

6. Prepare for a backup plan

This last step is required if things go off the schedule and you might need more money to have your barndominium finished. One of the things that you can do is make sure that the budget is more than enough.

Make sure that there is still an extra half more than what is already estimated. The more, the better.

For a further reference, Texas is one of the states in The USA with many barndominium builders. Why? The term “barndominium” itself is more often used there. In other states, most people know it as just a barn home.

To build the right and strong barndominiums, most people will surely prefer using steel frames and sheet metal exteriors. These materials are known to make the house more durable and less costly too.

In other parts of the country, there are more varieties, from using all-woods to a combination of woods and metal.

How do you find the right builders for your future barndominium? Let these steps guide you before you make a final decision:

1. Location wise: where do you live and which builder is closest?

Alright, so you have already got the barn. You have chosen the design for the barndominium of your dream. You also have the complete plan, including the budgeting and the schedule. What is your next step?

Check out the closest barndominium builder. Location wise: where do you live? For example: if you live in Texas counties, you can check out some of the builders nearby. Do some research and ask around. Consult with an expert.

2. Compare prices and the effectiveness

Logically, it is wise to stick close to home. Not only you can reach them far easily, but you also may not have to wait long for the kits and the builders to come to where you are. That will save time and money too.

However, if the builders nearby do not have the things that will fit your design of your dream barndominium, then it is okay to check out some other builders even further. Who knows? Perhaps they can offer much more affordable prices too.

Another alternative would be to combine between builders. This may feel like a bit of a hassle to you, but if you are willing to go the extra mile, then this is the way to get the barndominium of your dream.

3. Compromise with reality

This is probably the most difficult decision to make if you are an idealist. If you are serious about sticking to the original plan right down to the last bit, you might want to use the services from more than one builder.

However, if you are more the practical type, then compromising with reality is probably the only way. This happens if you want to speed things up and reduce the cost as much as possible.

So, what are the things that you need to be flexible about here, regarding building the barndominium?

1. The design

Let’s get creative. Just because you have found the perfect design does not mean it is the only way. If some parts of the whole design are impossible to fulfill, then get some alternatives.

For example, you cannot get the giant clock for your black-and-white barndominium design? No worries. You may change that with another adornment, like a charcoal painting on the wall. That will give your home an artistic bit of style.

Do not forget to suit the design with the barn you have already got. Therefore, some people decide to use more than one barndominium design as an idea. Some people call that “a back-up plan.”

2. The price

Budgeting can be tricky, especially when it comes to building a house. Surely, having a barndominium can save you some money, but it does not hurt to compare prices of the kits and the builders’ fee.

Do not forget this simple fact: Although some builders are willing to go the extra mile to where you are, that does not mean they will not charge you for the delivery service. It is better to be safe than sorry.

3. The effectiveness of the whole idea

Once again, is a barndominium for you? Before you pick up the phone to talk to the builders, ask yourself that question again. This will help you to be more objective with the effectiveness of the whole idea.

If you are just looking for a house but still living alone, you might just forget the idea altogether. Having a barndominium requires a seriously large amount of space, which means a more serious, regular maintenance.

If you are not home that often and not for cleaning up, you can also drop the idea.

If you want to keep all your family members and relatives in the same place, either for a monthly gathering, then a barndominium is a great idea. Prepare some additional guest rooms for them before inviting them over.

How about wanting a home or a place to stay, but you also would like to run a home industry business? Why not? With a barndominium, you can set up a small store or bed and breakfast. That will keep the business running.

Barndominium Builders in Texas

These are some of the well-known barndominium builders in Texas, United States, that can help you to build a great and tough barndominium.

1. Rau Builders

Rau Builders Barndominiums in Texas

Rau Builders is serving Texas, Houston, and nearby states. You can find Rau Builders at They offer three types of barndominiums. The first one is the pole barn style.

In this pole barn style, Rau Builders offers a barndominium with some unique poles. Poles are set in concrete and then framed with 2 x 4 wood framing on its inner side.

The second style is the wood framed barndominium style. In this style, you will get a 2 x 6 wood framed barndominium. Then OSB plywood, R-Panel metal, and Tyvex paper will come as siding.

The last barndominium style from this barndominium builder is the metal framed barndominium. This barndominium is a red iron framed barndominium with 2 x 4 wood framing on its inside.

Rau Builders also lets you choose the size of your barndominium. They offer three options: small size, medium size, and large size. For the small size option, five-floor plans are offered.

For the medium size option, they have four-floor plans and three-floor plans for the large size option. They also provide color options from which we can choose the colors of our barndominium.

2. DC Builder

dc builder barndominium newman

You can find this barndominium builder in DC Builders is located in Portland, Oregon. They have qualified crews to bring beautiful custom barndominiums for you.

DC Builders also build houses, commercial buildings, and many more buildings. Several projects done by DC Builders are San Saba Country, Rustic Country Barn Home, and the Writer’s Retreat Barndominium.

DC Builder is one of the barndominium builders that provide plans for your barndominium. If you want to buy one or some plans to build your own barndominium, DC Builder is the right choice. In four until six months, DC Builder can finish its project. Barndominiums built by DC Builder are simply lovely.

DC Builder has the commitment to provide a 100% custom barns that meet the customer’s need.

3. TRI County Builders

tri county builders texas

TRI County Builders specializes itself in custom building. Tony Mangold, the TRI County Builders’ founder, tries to provide its customers with remarkable houses to live in. He only hires the highly qualified sub-contractors in order to build a professional team. The trademark of Tony’s work is his customer satisfaction.

TRI County Builders offers four width plans for its customers. There are 30’ width plans, 35’ width plans, 40’ width plans, and 50’ width plans. Each width plan consists of several floor plans.

For a move-in ready home, the price starts from $65 per square foot. Moreover, for a shell (you can finish it out), the price starts from $35 per square foot. You can find TRI County Builders in In that website, you will find useful information, including some useful construction tips for you who want to build a house.

4. Texas Building Center

Texas Barndominium Building Center

Texas Building Center has the commitment to bring an affordable and special product to its consumers. They have credible and qualified crews since their crews have more than 20 years’ experience. You can find any information about Texas Building Center at

In this website, you will also find some barndominium floor plans offered by Texas Building Center. There are four-floor plans: one-bed floor plans, two-bed floor plans, three-bed floor plans, and four-bed floor plans. You can also see the barn structures from Texas Building Center.

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5. Reichardt Construction

Barndominium reichardt construction

Reichardt Construction is located in Cat Spring, Texas. The company is run by Ryan Reichardt and Gwen Reichardt. Reichardt Construction offers many types of custom construction, such as metal buildings, houses, electrical, ponds and pools, fencing, and many more custom constructions.

Reichardt Construction service area is Austin, Fayette, Washington Counties, and Colorado. You can find any information about this Reichardt Construction in

They offer welded frameworks for your barndominium to create the solid roof. It’s the reason why Reichardt Construction is entitled as one of the most popular barndominium builders in Texas.

6. Broadshield

Broadshield Custom Homes and Contractors

Broadshield Custom Homes and Contractors offers a great solution to home building. Their barndominiums are more than a common barndominium. Their barndominiums are affordable and practical.

To build a barndominium with the help of the Broadshield Custom Homes and Contractors, you need to see their projects managers. You can find their contact in

Besides barndominiums, Broadshield Custom Homes and Contractors also offers a green construction, fence construction, horse ranches, and also insurance claims.

Broadshield Custom Homes and Contractors have 30 years’ experience in the construction industry. The incredible Broadshield Custom Homes and Contractors is located in 8615 Summer Song Circle Fair Oaks Ranch, TX 78015.

You see, there are many ways to do with a barndominium. You can have the homey, simplicity of a barn and the luxury of a condominium, all in one place. Come to think of it; this is the best compromise anyone can hope.

So, what else are you waiting for? Let’s go back to nature. With more barndominium houses in the future, you will not just save some money and beat the economy crises regarding the property prices.

Want to build a barndominium but not sure about the right and qualified barndominium builders? Try to contact one of those six great barndominium builders in Texas and discuss the best barndomonium plan suitable for you.

Barndominium is a perfect place for you who want to do a weekend retreat. In comparison to the conventional house, a barndominium is more economical. It also offers tough and durable living quarters to live in.

Sounds interesting? Why don’t you build your own barndominium?

You get to have your own, unique place to live. That is what barndominium is for you.

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