8 Great Barndominium Plans Around the World


the bandrominium

What comes to your mind when you heard this word: barndominium? Do you think of a barn and a condominium? Because the word barndominium is derived from these two words: barn and condominium.

A barn is a large building on a farm used by farmers to keep hay and grain, while a condominium is a living space, typically exists in an urban area. Thus, a barndominium is a building that consists of a barn and a condominium—a storage and a living space, at once.

Barndominium is also known as the barn house, barn home, or barn with living quarters. It usually consists of a barn on its bottom and living quarters on the top of it.

Barndominium is a new type of building that consists of a barn and a metal building and has been existing for the past 70 years. Metal buildings are more economical than the traditional construction. Moreover, it doesn’t take a long time to build it.

This type of building is popular in the United States since it offers uniqueness in a living area. It offers some unusual features such as oversized roll-up doors and an enclosed area to hold things like vehicles. Along with these unique features, you can also experience a new style of life.

Barndominiums are suitable for those who want to create a different living space. With a barndominium, you can have both living space and a barn in just one building. It sounds great and interesting. Nowadays, there are lots of companies that build some great and durable barndominiums.

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Living in a barndominium is the same as living in a traditional building. You will get a living space, work space, and even a space for your kids in the durable metal construction. Barndominium is popular not only in Texas but also in some countries around the world.

These are 8 great barndominium plans around the world:

1. Barndominium in Chappel Hill, TX

This barndominium is located in Chapell Hill, Texas, United States. The remarkable barndominium was built by Jason Logan & Josh Robbins or Lo/Jo in 2010. This building consists of a small living area and a workshop. It can be a great place to run away from a set of boring routines.

Its living space and work space are separated perfectly. The main entrance to the living space is on the South end of the barndominium. Its living space has an actively conditioned environment. On the other side, the barndominium has a passively conditioned work environment.

Inside the barndominium, a set of wooden furniture fills the space along with the wooden floor. This barndominium plan is one of the most beautiful barndominium plans in the United States. It is suitable for those who want to get a different living environment with a comfort inside.

Barndominium Outdoor View

Barndominium Chappel Hill outdoor view

Barndominium Workroom

barndominium workroom in chappel hill texas


Barndominium Bathroom

barndominium bathroom chappel hill texas


Barndominium Interior Design

barndominium interior design chappel hill texas


2. The Barn House, Flanders, Belgium

This great barndominium plan is created by BURO II. Rita Huys, a manager and an interior designer of BURO Interior, works together with Anne-Mie Vermaut in creating a classic–styled barndominium.

Their barndominium plan becomes one of the simplest barndominium plans ever. It’s because they put white and gray colors as the barndominium’s basic color.

The main point of this Barn House by BURO II/BURO Interior is the link between the building and the outdoor space. In addition to a totally stylized interior, this barndominium is perfect for you who want to get a simple design inside the house.

The white wall inside the barndominium adds an elegance style to this barndominium as well. Moreover, the classy furniture inside it perfects the total look.

The Barn House by BURO II

Contemporary Bbarn House by BURO II


Barn House with Large window

Barn House by BURO II with large window


3. New River Bank Barn, Leesburg, Virginia

This barndominium is a nice and refreshing living place since the building is located on the banks of the Potomac River in Loudoun Country. It was built firstly in the 1800s by Blackburn Architects. Later, Blackburn Architect renovated this barn and transformed it into a great one.

They converted the existing corncrib into a stunning sundeck. With this sundeck, great views of the horse farm become clearer. Moreover, Blackburn Architects added a floor to ceiling glass to replace the previous façade.

With this floor to ceiling glass, the New River Bank Barn provides satisfying panoramic views of the Potomac. What a wonderful design! This renovation by Blackburn Architects produces the most stylish barndominium plan among the other barndominium plans.

New River Blank Barn by Blackburn Architects

New river bank barn by. blackburn arch


Dining Room

new river bank barndominium dining room


Living Room

new river bank barndominium living room


4. Alice and Howard Kyle Barndominium

This special barndominium is located in Brenham, Texas. Alice and Howard Kyle give a different style to this building. After attending seminars and classes on “Green Residential Construction,” they started to construct their barndominium with a very different design.

Wooden furniture along with the metal wall construction brings a different and unique style of the barndominium. Moreover, its interior design is amazing. Is the barndominium safe for kids? Don’t worry about that.

This special barndominium has a remarkable interior design along with a playing space for kids. Kids will be able to play their games and toys in this space.

Alice and Howard Kyle Barndominium Outdoor View

alice and howard kyle barndominium exterior


Living Room

Alice and Howard Kyle Barndominium Living Room



Alice and Howard Kyle Barndominium Kitchen


Playing Space for Kids

alice and howard kyle barndominium playing space for kids


5. McKinney Couple’s Barndominium

For some people in North Texas, building old barns and metal storage buildings into barndominiums is just an ordinary thing. For example, the barndominium in McKinney built by Judy Pogue and his wife.

Although they have many barndominium plans, they built their barndominium in an ordinary way. They finished it with wooden walls.

Inside the barndominium, you can find a kitchen and a bar. And the greatest thing about the barndominium based on Judy Pogue is that it brings his family and friends together under a great metal roof.

McKinney Couple Converts Metal Building into Barndominium

McKinney Couple Converts Metal Building into Barndominium


6. Rustic Barndominium in Cherokee, Texas

Rustic Barndominium in Cherokee, Texas


This 36′ x 84′ barn house in San Saba County was created for a family members that loves the outdoors. With eight horse stalls, a deer refining area with a walk-in freezer, and also upstairs living quarters, this custom structure is more than just a ‘barndominium.’

7. Custom Barndominium in Newnan, Georgia

custom barndominium in newnan georgia


This big post & beam barn residence features luxurious living quarters on the top flooring, with equine stalls, a garage, and a commercial meat preparation center on the main degree. The large rock fire place can be enjoyed throughout. DC Building likewise added several sheds as well as 10 custom-made deer stands to the residential or commercial property.

8. Writer’s Retreat Barndominium

Small Barndominium, California


This tiny barndominium is made use of as an author’s getaway cottage. The all-wood interior helps to cultivate a cozy, imaginative atmosphere in an attractive, durable barn structure.

Those 8 barndominium plans around the world are perfectly adequate to provide a comfortable metal building for you and your family. Metal constructions will help you to get a tough house, while the wooden furniture will help to create a different style to your barndominium.

A barn that’s converted into a house is a recent remodeling trend in Texas. Remodeling a barn and converting it into a nice barn house is a great idea to get a new living space. The most important thing to remember, a barndominium offers comfort to you and your family.

Renovating a barn into a house is not always a scary thing. It can help us in creating a different experience. So, if you have a barn, why not convert it into a nice living space?

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