Bathroom Mirrors Ideas


Bathroom Mirrors Ideas

Almost everyone would say that a bathroom is not a bathroom if it does not have a mirror. There are a lot of bathroom mirrors available in different designs, frames and sizes.

You can opt to place your bathroom mirror against a wall or have it placed above the sink. It doesn’t really matter what kind of bathroom mirror you prefer and no matter where you decide to put it; as long as it fits the design of your bathroom and it suits your style and preferences.

Traditional Hand-painted Bathroom Mirrors

If you are a person who enjoys elegant pieces, then you will surely love traditional hand-painted mirrors to grace your bathroom. Hand-painted mirrors look great because their designs are very intricate and unique.

A bathroom mirror could greatly affect the look of your bathroom; it could make or break the theme or the motif of your bathroom that’s why you really have to be careful in choosing the mirror that would suit your bathroom best.

Mosaic Bathroom Mirrors

If you are bored with the traditional bathroom mirrors, then you will surely love the mosaic bathroom mirrors. The frames of the mirror have very exciting, bold and breathtaking designs that will surely take your bathroom to a higher level of fashion and art.

You will surely enjoy spending time in your bathroom once you see that it is graced with a very artistic and beautiful mosaic mirror. You can choose from different designs and sizes as well as have the option to choose the shape of the frame (whether its round, oval, rectangular, square, etc.).

Round Bathroom Mirrors

Round bathroom mirrors are considered to be one of the classic bathroom mirrors. They have been around even in earlier times and most people have grown to be accustomed to round-shaped bathroom mirrors.

If you are getting tired of the simplicity of round bathroom mirrors, you can opt to spice it up by having its frame customized or engraved with a design that you like.

Illuminated Bathroom Mirrors

These mirrors serve as double-purpose mirrors; to give people a nice view of themselves in the bathroom and to add up to the lighting in the bathroom.

There are some illuminated mirrors whose lights are just installed above the frames while there are also some illuminated bathroom mirrors that are more intricately designed because the lights are found in the “inner part” of the mirror (usually referred to as infinity mirrors).

Heated Bathroom Mirrors

Do you find it annoying to find your bathroom mirror all fogged and steamed up after you have taken a nice, long bath? Well, be annoyed no more for heated bathroom mirrors are coming to the rescue.

These mirrors are specially designed to stop themselves from steaming up at just a simple touch of a button! With heated bathroom mirrors, you can say goodbye to wiping your mirror with your towel right after you take a bath.

Customized Mirrors

If you are a person who values individuality and originality, there are a lot of companies that are offering to customize mirrors to suit your very specific taste and preferences.

When you opt to have your bathroom mirror customized, you are in control of the size, cut, frame and design of your mirror. Although it might be a bit pricey to have a custom-made mirror rather than purchasing one from the department store, your satisfaction will surely be worth it.

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