15+ Luxury Bathroom Tile Patterns Ideas


Bathroom Tile Patterns Ideas

Bathroom Tile Patterns – Tiles are the most common material present in every bathroom. These have been present for hundreds of years and are widely popular for their great design, versatility and durability.

Knowing the right bathroom tile patterns and types will help you choose the perfect ones to use in your own space. You will be able to differentiate the advantages in style and function.

Tiles Everywhere

It is important to note that tiles in the bathroom are not only found on the floor but also on the walls, countertops and sometimes even on ceilings.

There are various tiles available coming from all over the globe. The differences are found in the quality, characteristics, appearance and source.

Ceramic tiles are the most commonly used. Glazed is very popular among ceramic tiles which are primarily made of clay with non-porous glaze coating placed over it.

Glass tiles are also becoming a favorite among modern designers because of its durability and sleek design. Mosaic tiles are very artistic and colorful with saturations throughout.

These are also made of clay and highly resistant against moisture. Natural stone tiles like marble, granite and slate come from different countries like China and Italy and are usually expensive.

Quarry tiles are effective for a rustic feel although they are not used as much because of reduced water-resistance.

Pattern and Positioning

First of all, pick a color theme for your bathroom so that you know which type of tile has the right pattern to match. Two to three colors maximum is recommended in your color palette so that you don’t convey a lot of emotions and reduce a cluttered appearance.

If you’re aiming for a contemporary design, you may want to stick with pastel and light colors like mint green, yellow and white. Glass and mosaic tiles are great for modern designs as well as onyx.

Pick the right size as well. Larger tiles with solid colors or specks will make the room seem more spacious.

If you’re aiming for traditional designs, natural stone tile patterns are ideal. Marble and granite come in a variety of colors with elegant combinations that can easily be pronounced with proper lighting.

Investing heavily in the beige and brown tones of marble and adding in white wall paint as a backdrop will provide an elegant atmosphere. Granite and slate are also good patterns to use for country style themes.

If you want a more rustic and old feel, you may want to try a combination of granite and quarry tiles. Be careful to maintain the grout every now and then.

With so many bathroom tile patterns available, you will be able to achieve the look you’ve always wanted and keep it for years to come.

Neutral colors like gray and almond are most popular colors but regardless of the tones you use, always consider the overall color scheme and select the best color that complements or blends with paint and other bathroom fixtures.

Included items to consider would be faucets, the toilet, sink, vanity, cabinets and bathtub if there is any. Look for a good contrast or use the tiles to highlight other special items in the room.

You may also want to arrange different tile patterns or types differently for a more radical approach by setting them up diagonally or being creative and forming shapes or figures with them.

Best 15 Bathroom Tile Patterns Ideas

1. Simply Chic Bathroom Tile Design

Simply Chic Bathroom Tile Design


2.Yellow Bathroom Tile Design

Yellow Bathroom Tile Design


3. Luxury Bathroom Tile Design

Luxury Bathroom Tile Design


4. Shower Tile Pattern Design

Shower Tile Pattern Design


5. Awesome Shower Tile Ideas

Awesome Shower Tile Ideas


6. Wall Tile Patterns For Bathrooms

Wall Tile Patterns For Bathrooms


7. Brick tile shower ideas

Brick tile shower ideas


8. Neutral Tile Shower With Diamond Pattern

Neutral Tile Shower With Diamond Pattern


9. Bathroom Wall Tile Inspiration

Bathroom Wall Tile Inspiration


10. Beautiful Minimalist Blue Tile Pattern Bathroom Decor

Beautiful Minimalist Blue Tile Pattern Bathroom Decor


11. Love this marble herringbone shower

Love this marble herringbone shower


12. Decorative Bathroom Tile Ideas

Decorative Bathroom Tile Ideas


13. Bathroom with herringbone pattern white subway tile

Bathroom with herringbone pattern white subway tile


14. Black Bathroom Tile Design

Black Bathroom Tile Design


15. Master Bathroom shower tile with octagon tile

Master Bathroom shower tile with octagon tile


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