Birthday Gift Ideas For Teens


If you’ve ever experienced buying gifts for teenagers, you’ll probably agree with me that teens are hard to buy for. Unlike children who are always happy and grateful regardless of whatever you gave to them, teenagers might be a little pickier when it comes to birthday gifts.

Moreover, they actually have a vast range of interests which makes it difficult for the giver to decide which gift to buy.

Know Them First

Teenagers are always in the process of discovering and expressing themselves. Furthermore, each has his or her own taste and style.

Some may be fascinated with pop culture while others may not. Some always want to try the latest trend and fashion while others prefer to be in with the latest technology and high-tech gadgets.

Some teenagers have this fondness for music while others are voracious readers and opt to collect best-selling books rather than CDs and MP3s.

Each one of them is different. Though they are all in the same age group, everyone may have distinct interest from the others.

Thus, the best thing to do prior to venturing in shopping malls is to know your recipient first. Have a little sneak peek on what they enjoy doing at the present. This way, you can limit your gift choices to at least five making it easier for you to pick.

What to Keep in Mind

While in the shopping mall or gift store, you might feel your head aching because of the enormous gift ideas around you. Before you start browsing through them, keep in mind the teenager’s favorites, hobby, and unique character.

Hence, you don’t need to consider the items that you’re sure they won’t like. Again, this will make you sort out your choices.

Every Teen’s Wish List

There are a number of gift ideas for teenagers today. If you still can’t figure out which one to buy, here’s a list of gift ideas that most teenagers will be pleased about.

Almost all teenagers, if not everyone, have a passion for music. MP3 players are popular and helpful too. It can be used not only as an MP3 player but also as a radio and some as a recorder.

Thus, if they’re tired of listening to the same songs over and over they can use the radio features instead. If your budget allows, you can even buy an iPod which is more preferred by teenagers nowadays.

For teenage girls 13-15 of age, a session at a day spa might be a great idea. Not only will you be spending your time with each other but also you and your teen will feel truly pampered.

Teens at this age usually enjoy being glamorous and beautiful. Hand bags, shoulder purses, vanity kits, jewelry, and accessories are also great ideas to please a teenage girl.

Another obvious gift idea that most people overlooked is wallet or purse. At their current stage, teenagers are starting to carry more money, personal papers, and other important stuffs.

They probably have purses and/or wallets already but not the great quality or the style that they want. A nice leather wallet for a boy and a fashionable purse for a girl would be an excellent gift for them.

Many teenagers don’t have cell phone yet. Either their parents don’t want them to or they can’t spend too much for a two year phone contract. Besides, teenagers talk a lot; thus, it’s not advisable to give them a regular cell phone.

A prepaid cell phone, however, would be an excellent alternative. But if they already have one of those, you can just buy a “top up” card which allows them to add minutes to their prepaid phone.

If you still can’t decide which gift idea to choose and you don’t want to risk buying a gift that your teenager won’t like, you may want to give the gift in cash.

Don’t worry about how much or little you give; the pleasure of having cash in hand will supersede the actual amount. Who knows? You might even be surprised at how your teen will spend the money wisely.

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