3 Awesome Ways to Own a Bunk Bed with Desk for Adults


bunk bed with desk

A bedroom is one of the most important parts of a home—it needs to be comfortable and spacious. Because really, where do you go to rest the end of a hectic day? It’s your bedroom!

A really great way to make your bedroom more spacious and at the same time maximizing is to own a bunk bed with desk. It is efficient, smart and space saving.

Here are some ways to create your own personal bunk bed!

Bunk Bed with Desk IKEA

Everyone loves IKEA. IKEA has filled the homes of millions families all around the world. It has become a great option for those who are thinking about filling up their homes with furniture. Because let’s be real, IKEA has the perfect combination of price, quality, and style!

You can always purchase the desk from IKEA and style it to your personal taste. But before that, you have to measure the space you have to put the desk into place.

Some ideas to put the desk are beneath the bed, aligned horizontally. Second is to choose a “U”-lettered desk and fill up the borders of your bunk bed. And third is to have it at the edge, beneath the bed.

Choose the one that fits the best to your bunk bed.

Bunk Bed Desk Combo

The best combo for a bunk bed is, of course, a desk. Not only for sleeping, but your precious area is going to turn into a workspace, a reading corner, or just a place for you to take care of your fishbowl! A bunk bed desk combo basically works well on limited space.

Nowadays people work and run their business from the tip of their fingers, at home. Some people don’t even leave their bedroom. Therefore, a bunk bed desk combo is just what some people need!

There are two basic ways to have a bunk bed desk combo. The first one is to have a foldable bed. This is great if you want to focus on being on the desk and not get tempted to climb up to bed. It is also great to focus on the work you’re doing. Th second is to have a sturdy unfoldable bunk bed. This is great for those who love simplicity.

Bunk Bed with Desk for Adults

As the years have passed, decades have changed, bunk beds are no longer considered as just a decorative piece for a kid’s room. It is more functional and is adaptable for adults too! How exciting is that?

It is efficient for space saving and space maximizing. The bunk beds nowadays are also known as the modern bunk bed. They are simple, stylish, and most importantly, useful! Here are some ideas for a modern bunk bed for adults!

To have your bunk bed right in the doorway is something that would completely change the atmosphere in your room, this is great to create a hotel-like entryway where you install a coat closet on the way in.

The next great idea for adults is to decorate with a bookshelf, it could be built into the wall, it could be underneath beside the desk, it could be wherever you prefer!

At the end of the day, it goes back to what your preferences are! Enjoy a smart way to live with a space-maximizing bunk bed with a desk!

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