4 Child-Friendly Home Improvement Ideas


Child-Friendly Home

For young families with children running around, home improvement and property design are as much about what the little ones need as it’s about personal preference.

There are countless unusual ways to style your home, varying from rustic fireplaces to beanbags instead of chairs, but ensuring that these are child-friendly can be challenging.

In this quick guide, we are going to work through some of the best child-friendly home improvement ideas you can use.

Whatever your budget we have a home addition that you can make use of

Artificial Grass Lawn or Playroom

Artificial grass has massively improved in quality over recent years, changing from an unnaturally vibrant synthetic turf to a much more organic looking surface.

With these improvements, artificial lawns are becoming significantly more popular due to the material’s innate advantages.

Artificial grass is much more durable than its natural counterpart, boasting increased resistance to extreme weather and both child and pet-friendliness.

In fact, it has proven so popular that some even choose to install the surface indoors. Artificial grass is easy to clean and can be installed with a shock-absorbent underlay too, making it easy to maintain whilst protecting little ones when they have small falls.

Whether you have a broad garden that you can’t keep up with or just want to save some time on your outdoor chores, artificial grass could really help.

Coat Hooks

With little ones running around, it’s easy for a neat and tidy home to become a hectic and messy one, ultimately meaning that you’re left to clean up.

Coat hooks are a great way to address part of this problem, helping you cut down clean up time by keeping one more thing off the floor.

On top of the cleaning time advantages, coat hooks are also a great way to introduce small rules of engagement into your home.

Humans are creatures of habit and children are included in that; with a dedicated routine, it’s much easier to convince children to clean up after themselves more regularly.

Putting your coat on the hook is a brilliant way to begin this habit creation process with something easy, then you can build into the more complicated chores like taking your shoes off or washing dishes.

Air Purification

Air purifiers are moderately affordable and offer a host of different benefits for you and your little one.

From an adult perspective, air purifiers are great at removing dust from the air before it has the chance to settle, reducing the amount of cleaning you have to get done.

This is especially important if you have carpets in your property, where dust and allergens can get deep into the fabric and it becomes a real challenge to get them out.

Additionally, air purifiers can remove unpleasant smells from the air too, keeping a fresh, crisp scent in your property.

From a child perspective, air purifiers are great at preventing sickness by removing bacteria and potential allergens from the air.

This reduces the risk of illness whilst improving lung health, a great basis for children to grow up healthy and happy.

Safety Plugs

Finally, if you have a toddler, an affordable but effective home improvement is the installation of safety plugs.

Safety plugs help prevent any risk of little ones playing with electrical sockets and hurting themselves, a very real threat that many parents forget.

All it takes is a five-minute run around the house finding all of your plug sockets and you can get this implemented, so why not add that extra layer of safety?

Hopefully, this shortlist will have inspired you to make some child-friendly home improvements that improve your quality of life as well as your little ones.

Be sure to do some additional research and you’re sure to find a few other ideas that will work.

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