Best 12 Decorative Kitchen Tile Ideas


Kitchen is undoubtedly the place where the magical things begin and memories are created. Although possible, finding an ideal and appropriate kitchen design to make this area in your house even more aesthetically appealing may not be that easy.

So when you are planning to remodel your kitchen, you shouldn’t forget that small touches always make a big difference. To that end, one of the best things that you can employ is a decorative kitchen tile.

Decorative kitchen tiles can rejuvenate your kitchen, giving it a new and invigorating look. Available in various designs, styles, colors and patterns, these tiles can generally change the appearance of your kitchen.

To make specific designs, you can combine tiles with different colors. You just have to make sure that they blend well with the color and design of your kitchen cabinets and countertops.

Moreover, decorative kitchen tiles aren’t only suitable in the flooring; they can also look great on the countertops and walls of your kitchen. One of the biggest benefits of using tiles is that they are water and stain resistant and they easily be cleaned.

The material choices are also broad, including porcelain, ceramic and glass tiles. Hence, you can always make the right choice of tiles, depending on your needs and your budget.

3 Types of Kitchen Tile

Ceramic Kitchen Tile

Formed from talc, clay and other minerals, one can say that ceramic kitchen tile really comes from earth. After they are formed, they will undergo firing process under high temperatures.

Because of this, ceramic tiles are great conductor of heat. And this is the reason why they are ideal for kitchen countertops. They will not burn or be deformed even when hot pans or pots are placed on their surface area.

Ceramic tile is available in various colors; they can even be customized to match certain color and design. There’s a new trend today that makes the kitchen tile even more decorative – mosaic tiles.

They can be custom-made or pre-maid to form a mural on the floor of your kitchen. A kitchen mural with a backsplash can actually add sparkle to your kitchen’s existing design.

Decorative ceramic kitchen tiles are also ideal for your kitchen counter. Just give enough time in cleaning the grout to avoid stains. Over time, ceramic tiles can also get cracked or chipped, requiring you to look for replacement.

Glass Kitchen Tile

Before, glass kitchen tiles were very expensive, but recently, it has become reasonably priced. Such tiles can be used in the borders and in making attractive mosaics in various colors. They are capable enough of reflecting light, thus, bringing out the magnificence of each tile.

Porcelain Tile

Since they are made of the same material from top to bottom, porcelain tile is extremely durable and very resistant to chips and scratches. They can be utilized to look like real stone because porcelain tiles have the same shade and texture.

Best 12 Decorative Kitchen Tile Ideas

awesome Gray Kitchen Backsplash Tile

beautiful Ceramic Tile Backsplash

Cement Tile Kitchen Backsplash

cool Subway Tile Backsplash

Decorative Kitchen Splash Back Wall Tiles

Decorative Kitchen Tile Stickers

Decorative tile backsplash

decorative tiles for kitchen backsplash

Edge Grigio tiles look lovely in a cream kitchen with wooden worktops

Gorgeous Palladio Grey Mix tiles

Patterned Kitchen Backsplash Tile

Walker Zanger tile backsplash designed by Monica Miller

Decorative kitchen tiles, whether ceramic, porcelain or glass, can be employed for flooring, backsplashes, wall coverings and countertops.

They can be obtained in almost unlimited designs and colors so you can always get the one that fits the theme of your kitchen. So if you are thinking about kitchen décor, don’t hesitate to invest on decorative kitchen tiles that can truly serve as beautiful accents.

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