DIY Bookshelves Storage: The Brilliant Idea to Organize


DIY Bookshelves Storage Ideas

Nowadays, DIY bookshelves storage have other function to beautify the room. Moreover, by its innovation, there are plenty models which don’t need much space. Instead, it could be placed on uncommon area choice. In a simple word, you could maximize any spot as well as add decoration accent.

DIY Bookshelves for Small Spaces

Are you a book nerd, and your home is not big enough to store your collection? Then just create DIY bookshelves for small spaces rather than put them in a box.. Thus, here are several suggestions for you.

For the simple one, mount iron plate on the wall to create an invisible shelf. Piled up the books and it would look like floating on air. Although it could store one stack, place the shelf in a separate spot as long as there is a space left. What’s usually stuff you drop at the next your bed? It could be a nightstand.

It may also inspire you to do some changes; make the shape slenderer and give barriers without the cover. Moreover, several things such as stairs, sofa, and table possess volume. It’s a brilliant idea if you modify them to have a cavity, so you could manage the books there.

Do you want to try creating extraordinary bookshelf? Do not hesitate to choose ceiling space to organize! Provide wood-border and your mine is ready! Make sure that the height can be easily reached.

DIY Bookshelves around Fireplace

Deciding bookshelves’ placement around fireplace exactly is an uncommon idea. However, it will indirectly give two benefits; your room looks classic and shows a strong character decoration. Interested to create your own? Check out the major steps below.

To begin with, prepare the materials and tools are needed. They are two different plywoods size, tape measure, wood glue, wood filler, 220-grit sandpaper, orbital sander, primer, paint, TV mount (you could omit), table saw, nail gun, staple gun, miter box, and jigsaw.

The first salient step is measuring bookshelf size you want to create. Then, cut the plywoods by using a jigsaw for shelf frame and barrier section. Next, glue and nail around fireplace space left. Don’t forget to attach the back part. You can make single or double shelf which flanks it. If you wish the second choice, make sure the headers are on the same level.

Build the mantel to cover the fireplace. Nail the header to unify it with the bookshelf. Finally, apply wood filler to disguise untidy part. Color the entire detail to add its charm. For an optional item, you could add TV mount to the storage by bolting it. Pay a more attention to its secure and TV’s weight.

DIY Bookshelves Wall

The function of bookshelves wall is to maximize the space while the room size isn’t big enough. Sometimes, to obtain the eye-catching model, the storage aspect is ignored. Therefore, to create a DIY, you should highlight those aspects. As a suggestion, try to combine two materials to build it.

For instance, you could select wood-mantel as pedestal part, while pipe industrial branched as a hanger. Mount it below each shelf section, on the ceiling as well.

Indeed, DIY bookshelves storage is a brilliant idea to organize and save your book. Not only reach storage aspect, its creation even adds a more beautiful accent to the room.


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