Maximize Your Space Room with DIY Corner Shelves


DIY corner shelves ideas

There are many tips and tricks to make a narrow house feel cozy. If it’s referring to an effective storage stuff, you may choose DIY corner shelves as the solution. Its unusual shape will motivate you to create the unique one. Hence, three kinds of bookshelves below are available for your desire.

DIY Floating Corner Shelves

Basically, DIY floating corner shelves shaped like L letter. To create it, the materials you need are plywood with different sizes to unify separate parts. Meanwhile, the tools you have to prepare are wall anchors, hammer, nails, tape measure, screwdriver, drill, circular and miter saw.

After deciding size, the next salient step is cutting 2 plywoods with a 45-degree pattern. Do the same treatment for boards to make the frame. Then, arrange the part one by one by using wall anchors.

Well, your DIY floating corner shelves are ready! To create an interesting look, you may paint it with any kind of color you prefer. You can also add some cute embellishments to beautify its edge.

DIY Hanging Corner Shelves

Unlike previous type, a DIY hanging corner shelf has no standard shape. In other words, you could create a new model as creative as you want. Here are some suggestions to inspire you.

The simple one, you could arrange several boards with attractive formation. To avoid monotonous result, it’s better to put prominent embellishment to keep the attention.Iif you need bigger storage, board boxes could be the alternative way as the shelf. Don’t forget to color them!

To maximize space room beside the inner door, low paper file organizer piled up shape can be the best solution. Do you think that shelf material only made from wood? Let’s go out of the box and try to use pipe which is formed like a labyrinth. The 3D impression could also be executed by blocks stack, and it is apt for your kid’s toy container, for instance.

DIY Corner Bookshelves

To protect the books from yellowing, bookshelves are needed. Besides keeping it organized, this kind of bookshelf will make the books drier and away from yellowing. Here are several suggestions you may try.

In order to obtain effective arrangement, DIY corner bookshelves could be combined with a study desk. You can also remake the unused door. Cut it into two parts and add vertical barriers. Repaint it if you wish. To increase child’s reading interest, try to create bookshelf which surrounds the bed.

For simple one, provide wall-margin by using wood scrap. Then, if you are questioned whether a bookshelf interesting enough if placed in the living room, try two make the eye-catching shapes: horizontal ladder and tree shafts.

All in all, DIY corner shelves are divided into three kinds, they are floating corner, hanging corner, and corner bookshelves. For the first, the basic shape is L letter, while the next is mounted on the wall, and last is having the minor pedestal, but the top part is roomy.

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