DIY Fairy Garden: Add a Little Magic to Your Backyard!


DIY Fairy Garden Ideas

Once when we were young, we believe in fairy tales where fairies existed.  As we are getting older, the fairies seem to disappear from our mind and imagination. Don’t you want to relieve the magic? Let’s add a splash of the magical experience to your backyard by making a DIY fairy garden!

Build a Fairy Garden

A fairy garden is a garden miniature with actual living plants. Anything comes to your imagination can come true in your own DIY fairy garden. Remember, to bring the magic, the garden has to be tended with care and love.

The first thing you have to do is to imagine how the garden is going to look like, a theme you wish to have, then prepare the basic equipment needed:

  • Prepare a garden tray with holes on the base for the drainage system later. If possible, choose a large and shallow tray.
  • Add sand or gravel on the tray. After that, add the compost and soil above the evenly spread gravel, about 3 cm below the rim.
  • Next is to arrange the landscape. Choose the miniature plan that you can prune and trim easily such as ferns for trees, goldfish or lipstick plant for bushes, and some colorful miniature flowers to add the scene.
  • Add fairy accessories in the mini fairy garden. You can buy them or make them from craft supplies. Beads, strings, threads, glue, needle, big scissors, and pruning shears are a few of the basic things you will need.
  • Prepare the place where you are going to put the miniature garden: in your backyard or next to the window where it rich with morning sunrise.

DIY Fairy Garden Furniture

It is also said that the fairy garden attracts fairies. So whatever you are preparing on the garden, consider there is a place for them to sit, play and dance in the garden!

Using materials around us such as twigs, cardboard, stones, popsicle sticks, dry flower petals and many more, you can build DIY fairy garden furniture. Imagine having several fairies to enjoy the garden; they would play on the swings, enjoy tea time while adoring some of the flowers, and have a room with a little door to have a rest or a rocking chair to sit on.

Having created the furniture and decoration yourself means you can create a unique design as whatever you like and also saving costs.

How to Make Fairy Furniture from Twigs

One of the materials that are easy to find is a twig. It is easy to cut with scissors or knife, easy to arrange and stick together with hot glue. Any creation such as a table, chair, door, and fence can be made easily with twigs.

Making chair from twigs.

  • Find likely looking sticks.
  • Glue 4 sticks together and stick 2 sticks on one of the sides, for support.
  • Stick 2 sticks for the front legs.
  • Stick 2 more sticks from the back legs and make them longer for the backrest.

Test if they are strong enough and make sure the chair is not wobbly. Using glue gun is easier, and the hot glue helps they stick stronger.

May your DIY fairy garden bring good luck and charm the magic!

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