50+ Creative DIY TV Stand Ideas for Your Room Interior


DIY Entertainment TV Stand Ideas

DIY TV Stand Ideas – You may think that having a TV stand is not really important. Just pick any suitable furniture around your living room and put your TV on top of it. Well, it may have worked out just fine in the past, especially since most televisions were nothing like they are now.

However, with the existence of many flat-screen TVs, you might want to consider setting your own stand. Nowadays, there are a lot of DIY (do-it-yourself) plans for your own TV stand at home. Not only it adds a great value to your living room decoration, it makes the whole room look very well decked-up.

Of course, you may kind of struggle with ideas for a perfect design if this is your first time. However, there is no need for you to worry. It does not have to be something fancy and complicated. As long as it compliments the living room and functions well, then a single DIY TV stand is good enough.

It is time for you to start browsing for ideas. It is even better if that TV stand also caters to your other needs: a place to keep your stereo set, books, and something nice to look at.

1. Cinderblock DIY Media Console

Cinderblock TV Console

Just get some cinderblocks from hardware stores. The secondhand ones, as long as they are still in a good condition, are also okay. Stack the cinderblocks and put the right size of a wooden board on top of them. Make sure that the plank is strong enough to hold your flat-screen TV. It will be a great compliment that costs very little.

2. DIY Crate TV Stand Plans

diy crate tv stand

Use four crates with the same size. Arrange them in twos that stand together, so you will have four shelves where you can put anything in. (Stereo set, books, anything.) Secure them with screws so they can stay strong with your flat-screen TV sit on top of them, two in the back corner, one in the top, and another in the bottom half.

3. DIY Pallet Media Console

DIY Pallet Media Console

Disassemble the pallets before you begin a sanding process to smoothen them up. That includes taming down the splinters that usually happen after the disassembling process. After that, readjust the already disassembled pieces into the right style or design that you want. Use the right hanging hardware system to help you.

If the wooden pallets are already dark enough, like walnut-stain dark, then you do not need to paint them again to create an authentic, timeless look.

4. DIY Pallet and Log Entertainment Center

Pallet And Log Entertainment Center

For this DIY TV stand, frame your TV with log sections. Use log slices for a “brick-like” accent. You can use the pallets and log sections to create shelves. To frame out the structure, use the deck boards. Stain and seal the whole thing properly. Put your DVD collection, stereo set, and books on the shelves of this DIY TV stand. This will make you feel more at home, with your own free entertainment before your eyes.

5. Repurposed Pallet TV Stand Holder

Entertainment Center Wall from pallets

Have a wall that can house the home theatre components, game consoles, and a game storage. Create a broader slatted base as the host for the recycled wooden pallets.

Then, install the TV mounting. Surely, you will need to create enough and decent-sized holes for the wires. You can use the baskets as storage drawers, while the shelf unit is built to keep your DVD players, game consoles, and home theatre unit.

6. DIY Bedroom Shelf from Two Pallets

Bedroom Shelf From Two Pallets

Collect pallet boards with the right size. Choose the biggest, longest, and thickest two of all for the two shelves. You can put your flat-screen TV on one of them. Nail them tightly against the wall and screw the biggest two to the newly-built pallet wall, so they will stay sturdy despite the weight of the TV.

7. Entertainment TV Stand & Faux Fireplace from Recycled Pallets

Entertainment TV Stand & Faux Fireplace From Recycled Pallets

This may take a while, since you need to start building the wooden frames to copy the real design first. Use pine boards and you have to do a lot of cutting and measuring.

For the top/mantle, use the biggest pine boards you can find. Then cover the outside with pallet boards. You can nail them and use some clamps to make the covering hold even stronger. Stain them dark as the finishing touch, before you put your TV in the right spot of the stand. There you have it.

8. Solid Brown Wood TV Stand Ideas

WoodBee – TV Stand Furniture

For example: you want to make one with wooden pallets that will have two magazine boxes, two doors, four wheels, and pyrographs. The wheels make it easy to move the stand around, just in case you are thinking of a redecoration.

To save some space, you can build the magazine boxes on each side of the stand. With the TV on top, you can put your stereo set and DVD collection in the open shelf in the middle. Open the doors and you can put your books and magazines in the drawers…or perhaps more DVD collection and game consoles.

To make it look less bland, you can even draw a bit on the wooden stand with a black paint.

9. Homemade Corner TV Stand from Pallet Wood

Homemade Corner TV Stand From Pallet Wood

Again, you can use more pallet wood for this. Cut two pallets in half and put them together for the right angle unit. Use four angle brackets, because you need two for the unit and another two to secure them to the wall. The last steps include painting the whole thing with a decking stain.

Tip: before you start making any, measure and weigh your flat-screen TV and the available space in the corner. Make sure that the wooden pallets are thick and sturdy enough to hold your TV.

10. DIY Pallet TV Stand Design with Secret Compartment

Tv Stand From Pallets With Secret Compartment

Use only two pallets. Cut the unnecessary parts. Remove two boards and two queues from each pallet. Sand them down with a sandpaper. With the leftovers from the cut-out parts, screw each rectangular piece on each corner to create the legs.

Create pallet cubes and have additional boards to screw to the two legs each. Measure the cubes in 20 millimeters on all sides. Hand-saw the two edges in the shape of an ‘L’. Take out the middle part. Screw and nail each edge of the two ‘L-shaped’ pieces.

Make templates using screws and nails. Put the L-shaped pieces on the spots to make the doors. You may need to screw a lot to hold the pieces together. Do not forget to glue the top part of the L-shaped pieces. Press them all together and leave them dry.

11. Customized TV Stand from Recycled Pallets

Remove the wheels and the metal platform underneath to make a nice deck on the top shelf. Use recycled pallet boards that are mounted on castors before you insert your old skateboard. Your flat-screen TV can be like “planted” into the wall (with wires and all), while the stand works wonders to keep your stereo set, like DVD player (and perhaps a game console too), your DVD collection, and a speaker.

The old skateboard on top of the shelf will give a sporty look of the owner. Simple, artistic, and it also does not cost so much. Oh, make sure that you still have other skateboards to play with before you start doing this.

12. Modular Pallet TV Stand Ideas

 Modular Pallet TV Stand

Not only a TV stand, you can even add a tall wardrobe right in the corner of the room, attached to the stand. Another board can be built slightly above where the flat-screen TV sits, so you can put your laptop there. The shelves below are perfect for your stereo set and DVD collection too. It is simple, easy, and definitely affordable.

13. Homemade TV Stand with Cubbies

Measure up the area for the exact length, width, and height before you start creating this TV stand. From there, you can continue with making a basic idea and a skeleton for the stand. This is where your mathematical skill is needed. Then you can start cutting. You need 3 L-shaped wood, where the brackets should face the inside of the cabinet. Then continue cutting the other pieces before you start putting nails on the edge of each plank.

A straight edge with the right angle will make a nice-looking sight. Start attaching the boards according to the right design until you get the tops, the bottoms, and the corners without leaving any gaps. Do not forget to seal the top and create some holes for the wires of the TV. Last touch would be to paint the whole thing.

14. DIY Simple TV Stand from Galvanized Pipes

Rustic and modern DIY TV stand

Pick the sturdiest, large pine boards that you can find. You only need two. Sand them before you stain them. To avoid traces of wipe strokes, blend in the stain. Then leave them dry while you prepare your galvanized pipes.

Paint the pipes black. Then drill the holes into the bottom piece of woods. Make sure the holes are big enough for the pipes to function as the legs of the stand. Since you drill through one layer of wood and end in the second, make sure they are on the same spot. Put the top bases on where the pipes end and screw the pipes on the lower layer of wood as tightly as possible.

Stand it up and test the weight by putting your TV on top. If it does not wobble, then you are doing it right.

15. DIY Reclaimed TV Stand Plans


For the top of the table, line up a couple of reclaimed wood pieces. The bottom should face upwards. The mending plates should be screwed. Then screw the top plates in each corner. These will be the spots where the legs will get screwed into.

After that, screw the legs right into the top plates in each corner. To mark where the shelf should be (according to your design), measure it well before you use smaller pieces of wood by screwing them in between the legs.

Once you make up your mind on where the shelf should be, put the board on top of the marked spot (in this case, the smaller pieces of wood attached between the legs.) The finishing touch would be to paint them all to make the DIY TV stand look more beautiful.

16. DIY Homemade TV Stand

DIY Pallet TV Stand Project

First of all, remove the rusty nails from the wooden pallets. Then start sanding the pallets with either an electric sander or a regular, rough sandpaper.

To make the pallet split in two big pieces, you need to cut or saw it in half. After that, do the staining process. If you want something more natural, use a mixture of coffee grounds, vinegar, and pieces of steel wool. Let it stew for two days before you start painting with it. Leave it dry before you start putting top panels for the legs on each corner.

Once you attached the steel or metal legs with screws on each corner, try standing it up. Test the strength by placing your flat-screen TV on top of it. If it does not wobble, then you are doing it right.

17. Floating Custom TV Stand Ideas

Floating Custom TV Stand Ideas

First, you need to prepare the right materials. Second, design your DIY TV stand. Third, it is time to build a steel backbone, like a frame or a skeleton. Of course, in this case, you will need to weld and cool the frame first. Clean it with a rag dampened with cleaner.

Fourth, start cutting the woods and building the shelves according to the design. Fifth, start sanding and staining. Sixth, start assembling the TV stand once the stain is dry. This will be tricky, because you do not want your precious flat-screen TV to crash if it does not hold that strong.

Your TV will need a small space between the metal frames behind it to hold it together. A bamboo can be used for a spacer.

18. DIY Urban Minimalist TV Stand Design

DIY: Urban Minimalist TV Stand

First of all, cut the boards according to the length and the width that you want. Use a jig saw after you have decided on the length and the width.

Then join the wood pieces together. To drill the pocket screws, use a Kreg Jig. After that, assemble the stand according to the design that you want. This should be done once you have the box with the open front.

The final step would be to install the ledger board. The ledger board functions to support the TV stand. By attaching it to the bottom of the TV stand’s top board, you can screw the ledger board into the wall after you position your flat-screen TV where you would like it to be.

19. DIY Floating TV Stand

DIY Floating Wall Project – Build Your Own Bachelor Pad TV Stand

Make sure the wall has electric plugs in it. Then start measuring the size of your planned, DIY TV stand. Make sure that the design you want really fits to the size of the wall.

After that, start cutting the wooden boards or planks according to the right size for the frame. Screw and nail them to the wall according to the measurement that you have marked earlier. Before you cover the frame with boards, make sure the electric wirings have been set properly.

Make sure the board covers have proper holes for the wires to get through and TV set to stay. Do not forget the metal plates to hold your flat-screen TV, since it will be floating-like. Assemble the lower shelf for your stereo set and DVD collection.

Tips: you need an electrician’s help for the wiring technicalities.

20. DIY TV Stand with Multi-color LED Bias Lighting

Use drill press for straight holes plus the chop saw. This is perfect for beginners, since this design can be disassembled and packed flat.

The steel is used for the TV vertical mount. This is simple and easy to manage where the wires should go.

For the shelf, use a simple design: wooden pallets with the right thickness and length, two for each side and a large one for the top. Drill holes before you screw them altogether to make it into an upturned crate.

Put the shelf in front of the TV steel mount. Push them right on the wall, but make sure that you leave some space for the wirings behind it. There you have it.

21. DIY Tailgate TV Stand Plans

DIY Tailgate TV Setup

Use a car and a proper generator while you have your flat-screen TV sitting safely in the backseat. How?

Since the ride is more likely to be bumpy, your TV might possibly crash. This is why you need to cut pieces of plywood bigger than your TV. Add another 45 degree-cut forward supports and spacers. They will be for hinges. Nail and glue the spacers so the TV stays put.

Then, cover the plywood with artificial grass rug before you staple them in place. After that, attach the 45-degree support before you install hinges and rear supports. Drill a hole enough for the power cord and antenna cable.
Now mount the TV and start the generator. Find any local stations.

22. $10 LCD TV Floor Stand

$10 LCD TV Floor Stand

Start with the design. Then, measure the TV (including the weight, the width, and the length) before you start cutting and sanding the plywood.

With a smaller piece of plywood, please be careful when you want to nail and screw it in the back of your TV. Make sure that the plywood pieces you choose are strong enough to hold the TV up, so it does not crash down. Then you nail and screw the stand on the smaller piece on the back of the TV.

Tip: you might need the help of an expert electrician for the wiring technicalities.

23. DIY Dresser TV Stand

Printer Cabinet Finally done! RH knock-off!

Let’s begin with rustic alder plywood for the top, the sides, and the drawers. Start cutting and sawing to create the front and the back frames. Join them by using a glue and Kreg Jig. Do not forget to add the walls of the frames, the top ceilings, and the floors too.

Fill the holes with the remains of the sawdust and wood glue. Leave them dry before you start adding the drawers according to the number of the existing shelves. Create the shelves with the proportionate size smaller than the shelves so they will fit in. Use the right metal clamps as handles for the drawers.

24. Clean Minimalist Long TV Stand

Clean Minimalist TV Stand

For starters, you need to acquire lack shelf. Then, after you put the shelf together, start measuring for the size to cut the MDF strips. After that, tack together the cut MDF strips into rectangular frames. The cabinet magnets should already be screwed into place on the shelf before you do that.

Cut the speaker cloth in an appropriate size before stapling them to the MDF frames. Then level up the shelf and the TV a bit higher for a more open and clean look. Some of the spaces below are useful to slide the wires through. For the legs, you can use metal or steel. This clean, minimalist long TV stand has been a favorite to many, due to its simplicity and lack of complications.

25. Simple Homemade TV Stand Using Wood

Build A Simple DIY TV Stand Using Wood

Start collecting scrap woods and purchasing more wood (with better quality). Use a router to make four Dado Joints to hold everything together. Those are all on the top and bottom pieces of the wood for the middle and sides for the TV to fit into.

Test the wood fits to check whether they will fit into the joints. After that, attach the top, bottom, and middle slats together with glue and nails. Then assemble the side slats onto the TV stand, still with glue and nails. Cut and test the front trim pieces for perfect length. Attach the front trim pieces. Once it is done, stain the whole thing as the finishing touch. After that, your TV stand is ready to use.

26. Fabulous Chic TV Stand

Upcycled TV Stand

The first step is to remove the glass panes from the door. Use a damp rag to clean the whole furniture. Then measure and cut the metal grate before placing the glass on the grate. Trace the outline or the correct size before you start cutting each piece.

After that, start sanding and cleaning the whole furniture again. This is to remove the old finish completely. You can prepare this furniture for the next step: painting. Of course, you have to let the primer dry first. For the TV stand, use three different coats evenly. Once the paint dries, start attaching metal grates and installing the hardware.

27. Multi Purpose Plywood TV Stand

Multi Purpose Plywood TV Stand

First, use the right tools and materials (a sheet of plywood, the right saw, cordless drill, drill bit, and screws). You can have a countersink if you need to. Then plan the design before you start cutting the plywood into the right pieces.
After that, start assembling the parts to make shelves for storage. Last but not least, stand it up, so you can have a TV stand in one side and shelves for shoes in the other.

28. DIY TV Stand with Bookshelves

Turning a bookcase into a TV stand & more shelves

Decide on the design that you like, including how many shelves you need. Then start cutting the wood into the right pieces before you assemble them together, using glue and nails. You can also add some plastic brackets to separate the shelves.

29. Wooden Apple Crates as TV Stand

Give It A Try To These Repurposed Tv Stands

Make a good use of apple crates by stacking them appropriately without the lids. To make good shelves, turn the open parts towards you, so you can put your stereo set and DVD collection in them. Put your flat-screen TV on top of one of them. Make sure the crates are thick and strong enough to hold the TV.

30. Pallet TV Stand from Reclaimed Cable Drum

Pallet TV Stand From Reclaimed Cable Drum & Pallet Wood

Cut the cable drum in two. Use one half and some pallet woods as a board. Join them together using a wood glue, so you can use the top part for your flat-screen TV and stereo set while the half circle can be used to store your DVD collection. It is very simple and easy to make.

31. Handmade Rustic Corner Wood TV Stand

Handmade Rustic Corner Table/Tv Stand. Reclaimed and recycled wood

If carpentry is your thing, then you can make this DIY TV stand out of rustic corner wood. You can start by collecting wooden pallets, cutting them, and then joining them together according to the right design. You can sand and stain them for a smoother surface. Then put it in the corner of the room with your flat-screen TV on top and a rattan basket in the shelf.

32. TV Stand from 1 Pallet & 1 Hour

Industrial TV Stand From 1 Pallet & 1 Hour

Can we make a DIY TV stand in one hour by using only one pallet? The answer is yes. You do not even need to do a lot of carpentry. Just use a piece of pallet and rest it on one corner of the room. You can hold your flat-screen TV with a metal platform in the back of it. Do not forget your nails and screws. The wires can be slid between the pallet gaps before they are connected to the electrical plugs.

33. DIY Rustic Wood Pallet TV Stand

Rustic Pallet TV Stand Plans by Kelscahill on Etsy

Decide on the design, collect the best quality woods, and start cutting. Put the cut-out pieces together with nails and screws according to the design. Stain them with dark color and leave them dry. After that, put your flat-screen TV on top and three rattan baskets in the shelf below.

34. DIY Rustic Modern TV Console

Rustic Modern TV Console

This is also another DIY TV stand design that you can choose by using recycled wooden pallets. To have a rustic modern look, the TV stand can be shaped into a large ‘G-shaped’ one, where the top is for your TV and the second top would be for your DVD player. Just make sure that the pallet boards are strong enough to hold your flat-screen TV.

35. Patterned Pallet Television Frame

Pyrography-Patterned Pallet Television Frame

To make picture frames (either for your DIY TV stand or else), measure up the size of your flat-screen TV first. Then choose a pallet board which should be much wider than your TV.

After that, measure the middle part of the pallet board before you start cutting them to make a room for your TV. Do not forget to add two pieces of wood that stick out behind the room with a metal platform to hold your TV. Nail and screw the back of your TV carefully to hold it together. To beautify the frame, you can paint the pallet with a black ink. A flower or a sunrise? Up to you.

36. Meuble TV Palette

Meuble TV Palette

You have to start creating each part separately before joining them together. For the wall, you need bigger planks and metal base at the top to press and hold them together. Do not forget to nail and screw the pallets together. Drill a hole in the middle for the TV wires to go through and to have the TV holder keeping your flat-screen floating.

To create the shelves, you can start with the lower part before you add the sides and the top, according to the design that you like. Nail and screw those parts from behind. After all parts are finished, test its strength by putting your flat-screen TV on the decided spot. If it does not wobble, good.

37. Wall Mounted Corner TV Stand

Wall mounted corner TV Stand. DIY. Left over floor boards.

Despite the simplicity in this DIY TV stand design, you might need an extra help besides a ladder. Although you only need one smaller piece of wood to place a speaker above the TV, two wooden pallets to hold the flat-screen TV from behind, some screws and nails, you also need an expert electrician’s help to deal with the wirings.

38. DIY Pipe TV Stand

Minimalist Tv Stand

All you need includes five pallet boards as shelves, some metal pipes for the legs and the frames, some industrial glue (to stick the shelves to the wall), a driller, nails, and screws. Of course, the biggest shelf goes to the flat-screen TV, while the rest are for your stereo set, some magazines and books, and also picture frames.

39. DIY Pipe and Wood TV Stand

Galvanized pipe and wood to stand ideas

How about this DIY TV stand design? Just like the previous one, you need at least four wooden pallet boards and four metal pipes to keep the TV stand as sturdy as possible. For the legs, you can also use galvanized pipes or the ones from your old, dismantled queen-sized bed.

40. Vintage TV Stand Decor

Awesome DIY Frames for Your Flatscreen TV

Start collecting old wooden pallets. No need to worry if they are not in the exact length and shape, or have slightly tattered edges. Join them all together with wood glue before you stick them to the wall. Do not forget to leave a considerable gap behind for the wirings from your flat-screen TV.
For the shelves below, you can either buy an already made stand or create your own from wooden boards and metal frames.

41. DIY Easel Simple TV Stand on Wheels

DIY Easel TV Stand

Find the source for easel before making alterations. Then secure your TV with them. Choose the easel with a deep ledge to accommodate your TV’s length. Two supporting boards that connect the legs at its base can work as shelves for your stereo set and DVD collection. For the alterations, screw four casters to the easel legs before staining them. Then build a bracket to support your TV. Do not forget to measure the distance between holes before you secure the TV tightly with the screw.

42. DIY TV Display Easel on Wheels

DIY: TV Display Easel on Wheels

This DIY TV stand design is inspired by a painting tripod. Of course, you will need three bigger wood pieces of the same length for the legs and other pieces of wood, screws, and nails, to join them together like regular tripods do. Do not forget to add a ledge for the flat-screen TV to stand and a strong bracket behind it.

43. DIY Pallet Fireplace with TV Stand

Pallet Fireplace with TV Stand

There are plenty of DIY Pallet Fireplace TV Stand design, whether it is real or a faux. If the fireplace is already there, then you only need to add some finishing touches, including the place for your flat-screen TV. If not, get some pallets and a fireplace setup before you start building your faux fireplace TV stand.

44. Corner TV Wall Mount

corner tv wall mount with shelf

First of all, use a knotty pine to face the shelves. Of course, the shelves must be stained first. Then anchor the piece to wood bolted into the studs, since the TV will be well-dab in the corner. Load up the frames and the shelves are officially done. Do not forget to install the bracket on the top shelf to secure your flat-screen TV in place.

45. Homemade Modern DIY Media Console

EP2 Plywood Media Console

For this design, plan your layout first. Once you mark out the cuts, then start cutting the strips before you assemble the pieces together by screwing them one layer at a time as you slowly build layer after layer. Once the layers are well assembled according to the design, then start adding the legs. You can either use concrete blocks or steel pipes.

46. DIY Rustic Entertainment Center Shanty 2 Chic

DIY Media Console – Free Plans

Use a miter saw to help you to build the side frames. Then start adding planks to them. Use the wood glue to cross pieces and finish nailers to finish the nails into the frame.

Start creating the shelves with the right tools: Then stain the panels and let them dry. After that, start drilling for pocket hole screws on the right spot to help to put the shelves together. For the door, use the planks that have already got enough pocket holes in them. Last but not least, start painting the whole thing. Leave the paint dry before you start putting your TV on top of it and other stuff, like stereo set and DVD collection on the shelves.

47. DIY Pottery Barn Inspired Media Console

Pottery Barn Inspired Media Console

With the Pottery Barn style, start with deciding on the design before you put the board pieces together, including attaching the doors to the drawers. Then paint the main console. After that, use the sanding block to rough the edges up. Drill holes in the doors to create knobs. Use a nailer to nail the knobs before screwing them tightly.

48. DIY Rustic TV Console Ideas

DIY Rustic TV Console

There are plenty of DIY Rustic TV Stand Console Ideas. Aside from using recycled wooden pallets, you can also use the brand-new materials. Surely, the latter will cost a lot more than getting the old ones. You can have this style with no doors for the shelves. That way, you can clean the whole thing easily when you need to, on a regular basis.

49. Pallet Media Console DIY TV Stand

Pallet Media Console – DIY TV Stand

This design may sort of remind you of a giant wooden chair or a church pew. (Well, sort of.) You can level up the shelves so there will be enough room underneath between them and the ground for a set of speakers. You can even add a secret compartment on both sides of the shelves.

50. Farmhouse TV Stand

Fresh Farmhouse DIY Projects

To have a Farmhouse TV stand, you will need more plants as part of the decoration. For the stand, you still use ply or walnut wooden boards, since they are much stronger than old pallet boards. For the legs, you can either use the same wood or metal or galvanized pipes.

There are many ways to have your DIY TV stand at home. Choose which one is best according to your own personal style.

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