English Country Garden Design to Brighten Your Days


English country garden design

Some people may think that garden in a house seems unnecessary even though its charming look will brighten anyone who pass through or even pass by. Fortunately, it is not too late for you to start giving your house a lovely garden you will never regret. To start off, English country garden design should be put on your first reference.

What is an English Garden

English garden is one of garden designs widely known around Europe since early 18th century. Just like its name, it gained popularity in England as the British are the experts in gardening.

A garden which centered on English country house become the influence of the public park which later was followed by other countries in the world. The design emerged because the formality and artificiality should be changed.

Talking about English garden leads to two kinds of styles. First is country garden and the second one is cottage garden. English country garden design includes paths to connect the garden with natural landscape. Sometimes, there is also a pond to beautify the shady trees, well-trimmed hedges, and even topiaries.

The second style, cottage garden, features the beds of blooming flower and fences. Despite its typical name, country garden design is adaptable to any space of yard you have.

How to Design an English Garden

In order to make a natural look for your country garden design, you should take some planning. First thing first, decide what kind of trees or flowers you want to plant. Make a combination of any colors—the contrast ones will be perfect. Then, design the structure of your garden on the paper before making it real.

On this step, you can approximate the size and the amount of the plants that fit your space. Next, decide what kind furniture you want to put there, whether wood or iron benches to give you a comfortable place to relax and adore the greenery in your garden.

The Characteristics of English Country Garden Design

As it’s different from cottage garden, English country garden has some features that cannot be neglected. One vital element that should be present in the garden is pathways which serves as a walking area leading to other parts of the garden. Along the pathways, you have to consider about the well-shaped hedges to make a natural look. The key of English garden is the overabundance of the plants.

The next characteristic every garden should have is the lawns. Combined with flower beds, trees, and growing shrubs, it will perfect your garden. The last important one is putting water element to refresh your garden. You can build an artificial pond or lake. If you have adequate space, better to make the wide one so that you can add a bridge across the pond.

English Garden Ideas for Small Spaces

Some gardens built in towns are mostly limited by restricted spaces. Yet, such limitation should widen your creativity to obtain the dream garden like English garden design. First thing you can do is plant the climb flowers throughout the wall. You still can get wonderful look of these flowers despite the limited space.

Besides, you can alter a small bird bath to plant the trees. Then, rather than growing some big trees, you can plant herbs and vegetables. Beautiful and useful, what’s not to like?

No matter what kind of style you choose, plan it carefully. If you are fond of the garden organized in a neat, English country garden design is the best answer. It is free to arrange anything inside thanks to its adaptability to any size.

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