Fabric Room Dividers Ideas


Fabric Room Dividers Ideas

The primary purpose of room dividers is to define spaces. But designers have taken a step further by creating dividers that are not only functional but also decorative. And fabric room dividers are no exception.

Fabric room dividers are most versatile and easiest to make. For the rugged and distressed look, you can use thicker fabrics, while soft, silky fabrics would give a formal look.

Fabrics can easily be removed for cleaning, and can be mixed and matched, depending on the season or degree of privacy that you wish to obtain.

Sheer fabrics can be used for minimal privacy, while thicker types like canvass can be used for an opaque effect.

The simplest fabric room divider that you can make is the curtain type. With suspended curtain rods and a piece of cloth, you can have an instant divider. Instead of curtain rods, a track may be mounted on the ceiling.

The cloth can then be pulled to open up the space, and closed again when privacy is needed. As a variation of the curtain type, you can also use PVC pipes as curtain rods.

But instead of suspending them from the ceiling, the pipes can be made to stand and can be moved around and dismantled if not in use. With a few pipes and connectors, the divider that you create can actually go a long way.

You can also make folding screen dividers. You can use 3 or 4 panels, depending on the space that you wish to cover or divide. It can be of any size or height that you want. Cover the screen with the fabric that you want.

The panels can be stand-alone pieces, or you can connect them with hinges. If you use canvass or other fabric with solid color, you can do some artwork on the fabric.

Using acrylic paint, other colored fabrics, colored stones and beads. Create designs that would match the room owner’s personality.

Instead of screen, you can also use wood panels. Assemble the wood frame. Cut fabric of the same size as the frames, and then staple them onto the frame.

Glue some ribbon on the edges of the frames to cover the edges of fabric. With hinges, connect the panels together to form an accordion-type divider.

You can also embellish the divider by adding framed pictures. Cover the screen with solid fabric. Then using some ribbon tied to the top of the panel, hang the frames and secure them with the other end of the ribbon.

Choose lighter frames for the pictures. And do not just pick any picture. The photos must complement each other or have a common theme. If you use black and white photos, fabrics may also be black or white.

You can also create a suspended room divider. For this divider, you will need two large frames of the same size, some hooks, wires, and sheer fabric. Remove the glass and backing of the frame and staple the fabric instead. The frames must be securely fastened against the ceiling.

Fabric room dividers are easy to make. Be bold in trying new designs and colors. These dividers would make interesting pieces of décor for your home.

Just make sure that they match with theme of the room where it will be placed. With these fun ideas, you can make variations and create your personal divider.

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