DIY Farmhouse Coffee Table


farmhouse coffee table ideas

A coffee table is not merely a place to put coffee or tea. Often placed in the middle of a living room, a coffee table is a decorative statement that can bright-up the room ambiance. There are many designs, shapes, and dimensions of a coffee table. But do choose the ones that have a timeless design such as a farmhouse coffee table style.

A farmhouse style shouts classic, traditional, and rustic. Usually made of wood and metal, a farmhouse coffee table is quite simple to build or to refurbish.

Farmhouse Coffee Table Plans

Before building the table, the most important first part is to have a design on how the table is going to be looked like, the size, and the preferred color. Imagine how it fits in the room along with the sofa, the lighting of the room, the accessories on the walls, and other things surround.

Make a sketch of the design. After a fixed drawing of the table design is finished, make lists of the material and the tools needed. It is also compulsory to count the budget you are willing to spend.

If you are into vintage style, it is also a good idea to hunt antique chest, industrial trunk, leather box, wooden crate, or any other vintage containers that can be refurbished into a coffee table. Throw a farmhouse style rug or other accessories on the top of it, and then you got a farmhouse coffee table!

White Farmhouse Coffee Table

A white-washed finish table is one of the styles of a charming farmhouse coffee table. If you already have an existing coffee table, paint the table and add dark stained wood on its top for a vintage and super chic feel.

A white coffee table is a perfect decoration for almost any decoration style. White furniture can add coziness and soothe the room ambiance. It is also perfect going with a black and white decoration theme that never go out of style. The white-washed coffee table in the middle of the room can add a bold statement to the room, enhancing its environment.

Farmhouse Coffee Table with Storage

A stylish coffee table can be enhanced to have storage space too. It is a convenient place to put the objects belongs to all the family members such as television remote control, keys, magazines, etc. Here are several styles that can be functioned as storage too.

  • They can be pulled horizontally for easy access and have locks so that they can be used to save private things.
  • Rattan basket is often used because their natural hue is easily matched with wood or metal. The basket is useful for anything such as books, the kid’s toys, and games.
  • Coffee table with chest storage. The table is also blanket or linen storage. When the table is not in use, the top can be lifted as a chest lid. It protects the objects inside from dust and pests.
  • Coffee table with a cushion on the top that can also be functioned as an ottoman. This is not an actual an additional space, but you can save more space for having a multi-functioned table.
  • Coffee table with adjustable height. Underneath the table, there are spaces for more chairs or ottoman.

Those are a couple of handy ideas for chic farmhouse coffee table of your own making. So, ready for your next DIY project?

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