DIY Wall Decor Ideas for a Farmhouse Look


farmhouse wall decor ideas

You can easily create something rustic with a farmhouse feel without breaking a sweat. You can even contribute to keep the world green by recycling things and make them more useful.

If you’re looking for a chic, farmhouse wall decor with a small budget, you can practice your creativity and save a lot of money by creating one yourself. Here’s a couple of ideas that you can easily try at home.

Farmhouse Wall Decor for Living Room

A living room is like the center of your house—it is the place where you share your stories and laughter with your family. It is the place where you can reminisce your old times. One of the ways to enhance the warmth in your living room is by filling the wall with meaningful decorations.

A wooden frame is a great idea for a farmhouse-style wall decor. You can frame your favorite pictures with recycled wooden frames as many as you want.

You can also create something meaningful by utilizing a plank of wood and rope. As an instance, you can make a ‘love’ sign using the rope and hang it in among your pictures.

Farmhouse Bathroom Wall Decor

People tend to take bathroom décor for granted. The truth is, a decorated room makes us feel more comfortable, and a bathroom is a private place for a ‘me’ time, so it has to be comfortable. To decorate it with farmhouse style, mason jars can be a really nice touch.

You can reuse your empty mason jars and turn it into stunning mason jar wall vases, and your bathroom will turn into a fresh getaway to relax and have an exhilarating shower.

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You can also use your spare plank of wood to make a rustic hanger or to make some witty signs, so you can entertain your guests when they visit your bathroom. With a little bit of decorations, your ordinary bathroom can turn into a conversation starter.

Farmhouse Wall Decor for Bedroom

For your bedroom, you can create a farmhouse style wall rack to display your photos. The wall rack can be easily made. You will only need some medium sized planks of wood, some smaller sized ones, and some small pipes.

Attach the medium sized wood planks together to create a base. The smaller ones will be used as the racks. The pipes will secure the items on the racks and prevent them from falling.

If you opt for something unique and daring, you can utilize a chicken wire to make a memo board. Just frame the wire and you can pin your notes or polaroid pictures with some clips. It can also be utilized as a jewelry hanger if you put some hooks on it.

There are still many things that you can explore to create a creative farmhouse wall decor. This article is meant to give you an insight into making your signature decoration. It’s time to unleash your inner creativity.

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