Front door design: Brilliant Way to Give Your House a New Look


front door design

Picking a front door is almost like picking the best look of you. It is essential for you to have enough reference at first to choose front door design. However, choosing the front door design can be daunting since we want all the needs to be accommodated, including the material durability, size, and price.

Here are some types of the front door that might be interesting to consider for you who need to replace an old door or just to have a new entrance for your house to give it a new look.

Modern Front Door Designs

It’s been a while since the last time you renovate your house, and it somehow looks so yesterday compared to your neighbors’ houses? No worries. Believe it or not, simply changing your entrance into modern front door design can totally give a whole different new look of your house.

First, let us analyze the materials for modern front door design. Some people rather choose metal or steel for its less maintenance. Besides, metals are considered as the safest among all due to its durability. Alternatively, in order to renew the old look of the metal front door, you can simply apply new paintings or add more decorations on it periodically.

In addition to metal, fiberglass is also a great choice for a modern front door. It can look similar to the wooden door; yet, it might save you some money due to its rather affordable cost. This type of modern door is suitable for you who live in a humid area.

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Lastly, aluminum doors are available in dozens of styles and colors which you can pick as you like. Better still, the modern door made of aluminum will last really long, although the surface can peel when you skip the maintenance.

Single Front Door Designs

The main factor to consider whether to pick a single door or double door designs is usually the size of the house. When you live in a tiny house, a single door design will obviously help the look, yet it doesn’t take too much space on the wall. Also, do not overlook the choice of color and size to get the best look of your front door.

Wooden Front Door Designs

What is the front door design you have seen the most so far? The answer might be the wooden front door. Indeed, wood is still the most commonly used material for doors.

For front door design, there are two types of woods commonly used: hard and soft wood. There are several trees which produce hardwood, such as Elm, Mahogany, and Walnut. Anyhow, an oak tree is the most popular one.

Hardwood is claimed to be more durable, and it is possible to last a lifetime with right treatment and maintenance. Softwood, however, is more affordable. Several softwood varieties are pine and western hemlock.

So, have you decided what type of front door design to pick?

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