Front Porch Lantern: Creating Warm Ambience and Safety for Your House


front porch lantern ideas

One way to help define the look of your house is through putting the front porch lantern. You may always leave a porch light on, alerting people of your presence at home.

Choosing the right front porch lantern is also a critical touch for houses, since the appearance of a house can be complemented by the well-lit front door. You could easily create the style that you desire from elegant to modern, with many available options.

Outdoor Front Porch Lighting

Outdoor lights are vital components for your house’s exterior. They can be used to enhance your safety and security. In this case, the goal is to illuminate your front pathways, entrance, stairs, or the darkest corners of your own property. Besides guiding the way, outdoor lightings are useful for landscape lighting, which will make your yard look beautiful during the night.

Moreover, the outdoor lights such as spotlights, deck lights, and other lighting fixtures can showcase your landscaping and draw attention to your gardens or trees. Outdoor lighting is the easiest way to enhance your house’s appeal and improve security.

Besides the functions itself, it is fun to choose the lighting that suits your preference compared to many outdoor lighting options these days. The lighting you choose will say much about your style.

For example, contemporary outdoor lights will show modern details and sleek finishes. Meanwhile, traditional styles such as pendant lights and lanterns in bronze finishes add a sophisticated touch to your house.

Hanging Front Porch Lights

Hanging front porch light is a type of lighting which is hung on plafond and used to illuminate specific areas, especially the areas under the lighting itself. Nothing compares to its elegance. Many hanging porch lights cast a wide range of light, so it usually doesn’t need any companion lights.

If hung properly, this type of lighting will draw all attention to the front door. So, where are the best places to hang the porch lights? The hanging front porch lights can be added to your porches, entryways, or decks.

Regarding styles, hanging front porch lights are often put in contemporary or classic houses. In these days, the pendant lights are often used in houses with classical style.

Another classic style would be the crystal hanging lights, which are popular for luxurious houses. Meanwhile, the simple lighting style would be the minimalistic lights with flower or bowl-shaped lampshades.

Front Porch Ceiling Lights

Outdoor ceiling lights are perfect for illuminating your deck, patio space, or gazebo. The front porch ceiling lights are fixtures that usually trend toward the smaller side of the size scale. Utility and durability are the hallmarks of these fixtures. The ceiling lights come in styles which range from classic to contemporary.

They are designed in all types of materials with just as many kinds of finishes. For example, compact designs are popular because of their ability to weather the storm without breaking. To ensure lasting durability, small glass panes and metal construction are some designs which are employed for the fixtures.

The front door is the first impression that the guests will get from your home. In this case, front porch lantern may help illuminate your front door. When at night or in the dark, the front porch lantern may help guests navigate their way to the front of your house safely.

With a lot of lighting options, the installation of front porch lantern could enhance the exterior of your house. Therefore, front porch lightings are useful for both safety and beauty.


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