Tips To Build Garage Storage Lofts


Garage Storage Lofts ideas

You may not be fully aware about the maximum capacity of your garage until you start investing in storage lofts. A lot of experts nowadays highly recommend keeping things off the floor for added efficiency and convenience.

You get to eliminate a lot of eyesores by keeping the area free of clutter. These are relatively stable and safe and are considered a vital part of the whole system.

What Garage Storage Lofts Can Do

The idea revolves around using up excess space above the roof of your vehicle. The higher your garage ceiling, the bigger the storage capacity.

Some individuals have very tall ceilings that they are able to create a loft that looks and functions like an entirely new second level.

You may possibly make room for a second car. It is about time you stop paying for self storage units and spend money on things you actually own by developing a useful garage system.

Garage storage lofts are very strong and are able to hold over 1,000 lbs of weight.

In case of floods and other fluid leaks on the floor, items are kept protected. The items you store overhead are kept protected from slips and are easily accessible since most models are designed with built-in steps and laid out properly.

You will find versatile designs that will suit any type and size of garage without interfering with the garage door and vehicle space.

You are also free to add accessories like hooks, pegs, crates and color-coded storage bins where you can put tiny items and heavy tools. Lofts are usually made of high-grade materials like steel or aluminum which lasts for several years.

More Loft Tips and Reminders

Even garages with ceilings only 8 to 9 feet high will be able to accommodate smaller lofts with a storage height of about 2 feet and a wide area.

When planning which items to store overhead, it is recommended to organize them properly according to frequency of use.

Some seasons may require you to use a different set of tools and things more often so place them strategically in a way that you don’t have to keep re-arranging everything and easy accessibility is kept.

For shorter garage ceilings, you may be better off with loft models that do not have built-in steps. Try to find an old 10-foot wooden or aluminum ladder so you can access different points easily. Make sure that the ladder is taller than the loft.

Joist hangers are more efficient compared to deck joists with one end resting on top of a beam. You will be able to save a few more inches of head room right under the beam.

Joists can be located in the same plane as joists. If you have enough room to build decks, it is accepted for the deck ledger board at the house to be located in the same plane as the deck joists.

When sizing up and spanning joists, use floors in your home as a reference guide to keep weight capacity at manageable levels. It may be safer to hire a carpenter to help you get the right lumber size.

When storing huge items on the garage storage loft, it is ideal to put the heaviest things at the rear end to move the load to the ledger board instead of the front beam. Afterwards, spread loads evenly across the area and avoid overloading any section.

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