15+ Garage Storage Organizers Ideas You’ll Love


Garage Storage Organizers Ideas

Garage storage organizers are very functional and cost-effective. These will greatly come in handy when you’re running out of spaces to place tools, bikes and other gadgets.

You get to have the advantage of accessibility as well when trying to fix stuff in your home and garage. Here are some of the top qualities of storage organizers and how to look for the ideal one.

Garage Shelving

Garage shelves are definitely a need in your garage. You can invest in a 14 x 18 tower complete with 8 to 12-inch deep drawers where you can classify and store a variety of items.

These are very efficient storage organizers since you know where to look for very specific and tiny parts. Garage shelves may be made of hard plastic, wood or metal.

Plastics are more common and cheaper compared to the other two materials but metal is the most durable of all. Metal models usually come with stainless steel drawer rollers and screws for moisture-resistance.

There different types of garage shelves available depending on your need and purpose. Hanging wall shelves look like kitchen cabinets and cupboards where you can store oil, fuel and other volatile liquids away from children’s reach.

There are frameless shelves, shelves with swing or foldable doors and shelves without any doors for gas exhaustion and easy access. You will be able to find a 4-shelf unit for as low as $40 or tower models at $80. Larger and heavy duty models can range as much as $1,000.


Racks are very common garage storage organizers as well. You will find a variety of these in your local hardware shop catering to different items like tools, bicycles, bags and cloths.

A 3 x 4 square feet grid will reduce clutter significantly in your garage. You can hang heavy tools and other equipment amount to 200 to 300 lbs. total.

There are can racks as well to hold petroleum, water, batteries and other liquids for your vehicle. Racks come in several forms like hanging, standalones and overhead lofts which can handle a number of objects.

Hooks is a form of garage storage organizer as well so you may want to install some of these on a wall or the ceiling. Specific garage storage organizers are available to house particular objects like tools, lawnmowers and other household gadgets.

There are ready-made tool organizers complete with some items like nuts and bolts, screwdrivers and pins. There is one model as well made of heavy duty metal with built-in rollers which you can conveniently use as a chassis roller if you’re planning to look under your car for some fixing and checkup.

Other specific organizers include fishing kit holders which easily unfolds as you open up the box. There are several levels and cubes were you can place hooks, baits and lines.

Lawnmower storage organizers have larger storage spaces for the battery and small square ones where you can place oil, gas and cloths. You can invest in bike organizers as well.

These contain all the essentials for bike assembly, repair and maintenance. The organizer is quite heavy with a built-in mini rack where you can affix the wheel for stabilization as you work on your bike.

These pieces are usually made of aluminum or heavy duty steel for added durability and stability.

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