Indoor Plant Decor: Easy and Fun Tips for Designing Your Indoor Garden


indoor plant decor ideas

Several studies show that plants are beneficial, not only for aesthetics but also for health. For example, people are happier and more productive when plants are present. Therefore, the role of indoor plant decor for a healthy atmosphere is indisputable.

Having indoor plant decor may also give the impression that people who live in the house invest their time to take care of the plants, so that their place looks lively, natural, and fresh. Decorating your house with indoor plants is also a good way to personalize your living space.

How to Arrange Indoor Plants

Location is necessary for arranging indoor plants. For example, it is significant to know how much light which is needed by the plants. Thus, you need to put some plants in locations with enough lights. You should also adjust the size of the plants with the capacity of the room. In this case, large plants should be located in open or big areas.

It is also necessary to know how to take care of the plants. Thus, choose the plants which fit your lifestyle. If you work a lot and are rarely at home, you might not want plants that require a lot of care. Yet, if you are diligent enough, choosing plants which need a lot of care would not be a problem to you.

Besides that, arrange colorful plants wisely. Since leaves come in colors and patterns, make sure that they are appropriate with the color scheme of your room. Many plants also have different forms. Group them together by combining different shapes or colors of the plants to create unique effects for the advantage of your room.

Where to Put Plants in House

  • Corner areas: To maximize your room’s space, you may use corner shelves. Decorate them with plants to make the room look fresh.
  • Table: One of the interesting ways of turning a simple table into a beautiful decoration is to add little green plants to it.
  • Walls: Your house walls may also be decorated with plants. It’s been popular to use round planters on the walls for the plants to grow.
  • Pots, vases, or containers: When the room or space is small, putting plants in pots is always a great idea for the design element. You can choose beautiful pots that you like, or you can create and paint the pots by yourself.

Plant Decoration in Living Room

In most cases, a living room is the place where people spend the greatest amount of their time. In this room, you should first determine the quality of light in the location where you might put the plants. The easiest light you can provide is the natural light, which can be achieved by putting houseplants near a window.

To add something original in your living room, you might want to put some hanging plants. Besides that, putting the plants in hanging terrariums will give a dynamic touch for your living room. You might also want to consider putting the houseplants beside the sofa, since it might be an area that can be neglected.

So, have you got indoor plants already? Do you enjoy having indoor plants at your house? Or have you just thought of starting to have indoor plant decor in your living room? Why not? Decorating your house with indoor plants is not difficult.

It is easy and fun if you have enough time and passion with it. Moreover, speaking of its benefits, indoor plant decor gives a personal touch and lively atmosphere to your house.

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