Indoors Sliding Doors Ideas


Indoors Sliding Doors Ideas

During early years of civilization, the indoor sliding doors were well invented and developed by the Romans.

There’s a lot of evident from archaeologies sliding doors are use by Roman houses in Pompeii, Italy during the common era of first century.

So they came up with the conclusion that sliding door concept was originated from the brilliant and artistic minds of Romans.

It was initially design using bricks and heavy woods. The concept was so good and space saving. Then people began to use this in different function like cabinets, shelves and much other household furniture.

Later on, the popularity as well its demand for this type door had been increase and since then it was commonly used by not only architects but as well as interior designers. Different designs and materials of sliding doors have been introduce and innovated.

But you, yourself could also build your own sliding door for your home. With basic carpentering skills, one can have his customize sliding door made by their own hands.

First is to know exactly where you want to set up your sliding door. Then you can start by measuring the size of your door, frame, rails and the wall where you are going to set this up.

Then gather all the necessary materials you’ll need for this project. It will all up to you, what type of materials your wish to use. You may choose between a wood of glass which are the most commonly use materials for sliding doors.

A basic sliding door would only need a simple mechanism called a sliding rail. You’ll just need to get a sliding rail and hang the door on it.

The installation of sliding door are normally done by mounting the rail on the wall and then they have the guides running on the inside and place it with a stopper at each end of your rail.

You can try to also use lip channel to make your own sliding guides with two rollers and a rod with a bush that goes in the center and weld a coach screw to it and then screw that into the top of the door.

Just buy the sliding rail, there’s a lot of it available in your local hardware. Then get a guide that you will use to hold the door straight at the bottom.

Making your very own sliding doors is more than a door-making project. Since it is customized, this could also be your medium of self-expression.

You can add or create some design to your door like adding up small transparent window to your door or if it’s made of glass, you can stick some lovely colorful stickers design to complement your interior.

Surely there are also ready-made indoor sliding doors available which is also easier to install but why would you spend some buck when you can do it by yourself?

Besides, there is more fulfilling feeling to feel every time you pass by your sliding door done and perfected by your own hands.

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