Best 15+ Italian Bedroom Design Ideas


Italian Bedroom Design Ideas

An Italian bedroom is always a favorite since it conveys both drama and style. It is also highly versatile since you can work with a variety of colors as well as choose the right effect and age you’ve always wanted.

You may be surprised to know that you can get the look without having to hire a professional or spending thousands of dollars in decors and other necessities.

Picking the Age and Influence

Italy is full of wonderful urban locations and lovely country settings so you have the option of going anywhere from rustic to modern. You can even pick a combination of various ages and influences.

Your choice will serve as the overall theme of your bedroom from which you will base your main color scheme. Some effective colors to use would be yellow, brown, beige and red. Use white and green paint sparingly to compliment the base colors.

A number of prints and patterns will also work well in your Italian bedroom. There are different floral designs and countryside patterns that will suit your walls well.

As for the ceilings, plain white will do together with moldings all around. Natural stone tiles like granite and marble are some of the best materials for the floor. You can also pick wood like mahogany and cherry.

Any wood you include in the room may be polished or not depending on the effect you’re looking for. Traditional influences will look better without polish while contemporary styles will appear more solid with the added luster and definition.

Achieving the Look

An Italian bedroom cannot go without a nice hanging art. You can easily achieve this by mounting a medium-sized painting preferably depicting a breathtaking landscape or old country items like jars with fruits.

Place the painting above the bed at eye level or on a huge wall to fill in the space and draw more attention. Window treatments can be simple ranging from plain whites to plaid blue or green. If you want something more dramatic, you may invest more in heavier designs complete with arches and ironwork.

Standalone items will add to the overall Italian theme such as an iron lamp or a cherry vanity. Standalone mirrors preferably framed with metal like brass or iron are great pieces which are aesthetic as well as functional.

When adding decorations, make sure that these compliment to the overall theme of the room. Ideal pieces would be jars, ironstone china, iron candleholders, a marble sculpture and iron candleholders.

Feel free to add some furniture as well like a coffee table, a rustic chair, a wooden dresser or a mahogany cabinet for added storage space. You may put hints of color and decors on these too by placing mats and figurines. Stick with the main color palette when designing your bed and pillows.

Lighting is important to highlight the strengths of the room. It is accepted to have a few dim corners although larger pieces like the bed, the large painting and vanity are preferred to be illuminated well using halogen bulbs and the like.

You may place a chandelier as the main light fixture if the height allows. If not, wall sconces and small lamps will suffice. Candles provide a unique effect and certain warmth also. During the day, let in light directly from windows.

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