15+ Best Japanese Room Dividers Ideas


Japanese Room Dividers Ideas

Room dividers are useful furniture that can help you organize different areas of your room. They can be used to segregate one area from another in terms of use and design.

This has been a popular household novelty that started in China during ancient times, but it was the Japanese that popularize this amenity with oriental designs and style.


Room dividers are sold in a variety of sizes that will suit any household space. For starters, room dividers are a combination of panels connected by a hinge that can be folded to fit any room.

You can go for room dividers with 2 panels, 3 or even 4 for large rooms. They also vary in height. Available sizes are 24″, 36″, 48″, 60″ and more. You may even want to use room divider stands to give it a boost in height if you’re home has high-ceilings.

Uses of Room Dividers

One main function of a room divider is for sectioning of a room in different areas of your home. Japanese, as with modern individuals, use dividers to section the sleeping area and changing area.

When used in the living room, it can be utilized to separate entertainment and reading activities, as a means of providing privacy and solitude. It can also be utilized to section the kitchen work area from the dining.

Also, room dividers can be used as a decorative artwork. You can place this flat against the wall, secured to avoid it from falling down. It can also be used as a decorative headboard for your bedroom, and as a decor behind the family sofa.

The Beauty Of Japanese Room Dividers

Japanese-styled room dividers are quite famous as a luxurious décor that speaks of elegant design and style. The foundation is made of sturdy wooden material treated in different hues.

The materials used in the divider can be cloth, Japanese paper, plastic, or glass.

The common materials used in Japanese room dividers are rice papers. They provide enough privacy as a divider, and a plain oriental feel when it comes to design.

Cloth is also a choice, but it’s very poor when it comes to blending with the lighting of the room.

Other materials are glass and plastic. Some of these incorporate patterns of different designs, from oriental to modern that will fit perfectly with every room.

It’s quite rare to find these around department stores or furniture shops though, but you can have them custom made if you wish.

The most common Japanese room divider designs are that of the cherry blossom, the national flower of Japan. Landscape designs are also available, as well as Japanese samurai and other characters.

If you plan to use it as a décor, you may want to purchase Japanese room divers that incorporates full-painting, from colored artworks to sumi-e.

To accentuate the look for your oriental room divider, you can place potted plants, antique jars in porcelain and ceramic, large vases, or even place beside it fish pots in luxurious wooden tables to give it an oriental look.

Before you go around and shop for a Japanese room divider, you need to consider carefully on how it would balance the overall design of your room.

You need to plan on where to place the divider so it would not encumber daily activities and provide the utmost comfort in a family room.

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