Kitchen Ceramic Tile Ideas


When talking about decorating your kitchen to achieve the beauty, elegance and style that you want, kitchen ceramic tiles will surely come to your mind.

Same as hardwood flooring, ceramic tiles can surely increase the resale value of your home due to its versatility, splendor and durability.

One of the advantages of ceramic tiles is their diversity, which includes floor tiles and wall tiles. Because of its wide assortment, it becomes a perfect flooring choice for bathrooms and kitchen.

Ceramic tiles are resistant to moisture and they can cover the whole room with flawless grace and design. But that’s only half of what ceramic tile is all about.

Kitchen ceramic tiles are durable enough to withstand the amount of wear and tear that it will be able to get everyday.

They are excellent conductors of heat and can endure high temperatures. Furthermore, ceramic tiles are exceptionally resistant to scratches and stains.

Constructed from talc, clay and some minerals, ceramic tiles are now used in many houses. Such tiles are available in vast range of designs and colors.

They are appropriate for kitchen countertops because with these, you can freely place even hot pans and pots on the surface.

Truly, ceramic tiles can provide you with almost the best of all – colors of almost unlimited choices, magnificent design and practicality.

Purchasing kitchen ceramic tiles isn’t just exciting; it is challenging as well. There are two types of ceramic tile to choose from – glazed and unglazed.

•    Glazed – these are ceramic tiles with special coating applied prior to the firing or baking of the tile. The firing process is done to make the glaze stick to the tile and to give it surface texture, tone and color that makes the tile look unique.

Ashes, soda, salt and other natural substances are utilized as glazes in traditional tiles. Today, modern tiles are glazed using wide range of special chemicals.

•    Unglazed – they have the same characteristics as the glazed tile but don’t have the unique coating. Quarry tiles and encaustic tiles are among the types of unglazed tiles.

a.    Quarry tiles, which are made from quarried stones, are among the most popular unglazed tiles. The stones were changed to powder form, then turned into clay and underwent firing process to create a durable and magnificent tile.

b.    Encaustic tiles are manufactured tiles utilizing compressed dust in order to produce special designs and patterns. Before they are fired, their design are applied or embossed on the tile. They can be obtained individually or in assembled patterns of single-colored and smaller tiles.

If your ultimate goal is to improve the physical appearance of your kitchen, you can also consider hand painted kitchen ceramic tiles.

They are the kind of tiles reminding you that your kitchen and the entire house as well deserve the artistic, creative and personal stroke of art.

Ceramic tiles that are hand-painted can be great for kitchen backsplashes, for fireplaces, countertops and for kitchen walls and floors.

Hand-painted ceramic tiles don’t just look great; they can also help in embellishing your kitchen and in increasing its resale value.

Also, installing such tile is an excellent way to show your talent and create your dream kitchen. The magnificence of hand-painted kitchen ceramic tiles is simply incomparable. This is the kind of tiles that will make your home different from the rest.

Utilizing a ceramic tile in your kitchen covers almost all your design choices. Whether you need ordinary, casual or practical tiles, kitchen ceramic tile is the answer.

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