Kitchen Island Lighting Ideas


Proper kitchen island lighting should be given with special planning and design since this is where you cook and prepare meals for your family. For obvious reasons, you need to see well when you are doing these tasks.

If your kitchen has an island, you are lucky for having such feature. This part of the kitchen has been integrated on newer and more modern homes.

Having such is advantageous when doing meals. It gives the person more freedom of movement, since cooking and preparing meals involve multi-tasking work. But a poorly-lit kitchen island is almost useless.

That is the reason why, kitchen island lighting should be carefully selected with the right fixtures to have just enough of the illumination you need when cooking and preparing meals.

During selection of kitchen island lighting fixtures, you have to bear in mind the two most important principles when applying interior design, functionality and aesthetics. Incorporating these two aspects will give you appropriately-lit but attractive or ambient lighting design over your kitchen island.

There are many lighting fixtures that you can locate in the market and through these options you can select the best ones that will complement the entire aesthetics of your kitchen.

While vast choices are available in the market, choosing from these options could be confusing to many. Lighting the kitchen may be the least daunting task, but many were able to incorporate the wrong choices of kitchen lighting fixtures for the island.

The reason for this is probably because of not considering the brightness level as important factor for having effective kitchen island lighting.

While it is great to have the best lighting that complements the entire design of the kitchen, you have to remember that you have to have the right light level down on the food you are preparing for the cooking.

What are the options for you?

Your kitchen island is most probably laid out as rectangular pattern. Therefore, having a cluster of kitchen island lighting fixtures in a row seems to be the best choice. Pendant lightings are perfect for this design.

Choosing multiple pendants fixture can be a smart decision since it comes available from three to four pendant lights, allowing you more light amounts when needed.

A large tiffany style, another pendant lighting type, is another option. It mounts centered just above the kitchen island, allowing more light coverage.

If you choose this kind, remember about spotlighting or glaring effect it could have on some areas of the island. Tiffany lighting style selected must be something that emits soft and diffused illumination for the best kitchen island lighting.

Don’t limit your options to pendant lightings. Amongst of the most popular choices include track lightings, recessed lightings, and incandescent lightings. They can also be of great pick, just as long as they meet the requirements in your kitchen island. If you are to choose from these variety, remember the quality of light they emit.

But if you cannot resist the beautiful design feature of their lights, don’t worry as they typically come with dimmer switches. They allow the kind of kitchen lighting fixture you are going to install above your island to be flexible enough in such a way that the switches will allow you to adjust the lighting effect into the desired level.

Through the switches, you can have brighter lighting as you prepare and cook the food; while more subdued illumination can be preferred as you serve the food and dine.

Now, if you are in the middle of deciding which avenue should provide you these kitchen island lighting fixtures, take lots of time with this task.

There are many home improvement stores available in the market, but you can try looking through the comfort of your home. In the internet, you will find online dealers where the best deals for the island lightings can be found.

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