12+ Popular Kitchen Layout Design Ideas


A kitchen’s design should reflect your way of life. It’s not just a place to prepare meals or to dine together with the family – it is a place where they can bond together in conversation and love, while enjoying a home-cooked meal.

Designing your kitchen is not a simple matter. It involves paying attention to a lot of details like the layout, its use, the comfort, as well as the different furniture and fixtures that you plan to put in it.

Idea Of A Kitchen

The kitchen should reflect the family’s needs, as well as the different routines that are common in a family household. You need to know the actual use of your kitchen and how it can meet your standards.

First, you need to have some idea on what a kitchen should look like. You can browse through different kitchen layouts from magazines, catalogues, and even some pictures on the Internet. You need to gather as many ideas as you can to improve its functionality as the center of your household.

Now that you have the idea on your model kitchen, you need to decide on how you want your kitchen laid out. Take into consideration storage areas, cabinets, appliances, dining table, and so on. Lay them all out so that everything is convenient enough to be within reach when you need them. Also, you need to designate the actual working area of your kitchen, which is quite separate from your dining. This will eliminate any problems later in regards to space and convenience.

Now that you have mapped out your kitchen, you need to think of a style for it. You decide on a single theme for your kitchen so that it wouldn’t look like a hodgepodge of colors and styles – which will ruin the overall design and layout that you have planned.

Common Kitchen Layout

A common kitchen layout includes three basic areas to concentrate on: 1) storage area, 2) working area, and 3) dining area.

The storage and working area must not be far from each other. The ingredients that you use, as well as the utensils for cooking must be within reach of where you plan to prepare the daily meals. Common placement of the working area is in the middle of the kitchen, with the storage cabinets is either behind or underneath.

Hanging cabinets may also be used to maximize ground space for other appliances and furniture. You can even incorporate counter-tops to be used as a table to store or place your implements, ingredients or even the meals after cooking them.

The dining area does not necessarily have to be far from the kitchen workspace. Your dining table can be placed in one corner of the kitchen so that the clutter of the area will not ruin the overall mood during meals. You can even place the dining area separately in an adjoining room, if you wish.

If you might notice it, a kitchen has a certain flow for its operation. You need to determine how you plan to work in the kitchen so that you can easily design it to accommodate your rhythm – the more comfortable you are with the kitchen layout, the faster your preparation time would be, and less mess it would make.

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