10 Reasons Why the Kodiak Steel Homes is Better than Its Competitor


kodiak steel home review

Kodiak Steel Homes, like the name implies, are steel frames home kits. And with the DIY homebuilding movement progressing as well as it is, then investing in a steel frame building kit is your best bet. The Kodiak Steel Homes offer a variety of home plans that you can choose from making it all the easier and most importantly, a cost effective of building steel homes in residential homes.

1. The Cost and Value

kodiak steel homes model & pricing

While the initial cost for a steel frame will cost you slightly more than that of a wood frame for a variety of reasons, the remaining building cost for both frame type remains the same. However, Kodiak Steel framing Homes will save you more money than conventional wood frame construction. One reason for this is the reduced cost of labor as assembling a Kodiak Steel Home takes just days as long as the steel erection crew is experienced.

Also, the Kodiak Steel pre-engineered frames have its inherent shear strength, and as such, you do not need to use a sheathing board. Although if you chose to, then there’s nothing wrong in that. Another point worth mentioning is the fact that the value of a Kodiak Steel home will increase over time, unlike wood frame houses that have been treated with all kinds of irritants and toxic chemicals. These toxic chemicals and irritants will over time leach into the structure of the wooden house and in the process, reduce the value of the home.

Finally, Kodiak Steel Homes are far more secure than wood construction homes. They are safe, secure, and are the healthiest shelter option you can provide for your family and yourself. Kodiak Steel Homes are capable of withstanding floods, earthquakes and high winds up to 140mph, and you don’t have to worry about your home burning. All of which you’ll have to deal with if you go with a conventional wooden frame home.

2. Aesthetics

kodiak steel homes augusta model

Augusta Model

Although wood frame houses and Kodiak Steel Homes are similar in appearance both externally and internally (any design that can be carried out on a wooden frame can also be carried out on a Kodiak Steel Home), the Kodiak Steel Home stands out in one important aspect. A finished Kodiak Steel Home is free from any cracks in the ceilings or walls that may appear as a result of framing that is not exactly vertical. With a Kodiak Steel Home, on the other hand, the consistency and quality of manufactured steel track and studs ensure that every wall will be erected entirely straight and genuine.

3. Easy to Assemble

kodiak steel homes easy to assamble

Annotated Frame

Assembling a Kodiak Steel Home is so much more different than putting together a wooden frame house. In fact, it is far simpler and easier. Whenever a crew wants to assemble a Kodiak Steel Home, they follow a precise and detailed set of plan that specifies where everything should go including every bolt and nut. Each part is already preformed, pre-cut and pre-labeled, so all that’s left is for the crew to screw, tighten and bolt them together.

Whereas assembling a wooden frame house involves a lot of maintenance cost and waste. Because wood is an organic material, it involves a lot of issues that would cost money and time.

4. Better Interior Construction

kodiak steel homes interior construction

Frame Inside

As previously stated, Kodiak Steel Homes can have the same interior designs as wooden frame homes. But where wood houses use nail guns during construction, Kodiak Steel Homes make use of screw guns. Not only is it far easier to work with than wood, but steel stud walls also provide better straighter levels and surfaces where you can attach drywall sheets. There’s also the fact that the sheetrock won’t look wavy or crack once installed and that the steel framing won’t settle or warp resulting in cracks down the line.

Because of the decreasing quality of wood and its increasing price, builders have had to use smaller studs to frame exterior walls. This has led to homeowners having less than four inches for them to install their insulation. However, Kodiak Steel Homes come with 18-gauge steel studs for the exterior walls which are at the very least 6 inches deep. Some home models even come with 8-inch studs on their walls. With that much depth, you have enough room to install at the very least, R-19 insulation in your walls (all of that without even taking into consideration the reflective foil insulation wrap and any other materials that can be used on the outside wall).

5. Better Wall Sheathing

kodiak steel homes better wall sheathing

Frame inside

Kodiak Steel Homes gives you the better sheathing option, something you won’t be able to find in wooden homes. Typically, wooden frame homes have load bearing shear walls. Because of this, they must have an OSB board or plywood like sheathing to give them the required strength and stiffness.

Kodiak Steel Homes, on the other hand, were specially engineered to meet building codes as specified and design loads that have no wall sheathing. The framing of the Kodiak Steel Home bears all the weight while providing the needed shear strength. This gives our customer the option of choosing whether they’ll rather attach their brick ties or steel siding to the frame directly thus saving the cost of sheathing, or if they’ll rather have the full reason for whatever reason since it’ll make the steel framed house twice as sturdy.

6. Fully Engineered

kodiak steel homes fully engineered


Every Kodiak Steel Home is a fully engineered system. Each home model is reviewed and certified by a licensed engineer in the state where it is to be delivered. Every model is built to meet specific building codes like the IBC 2003 for example, allowing it to meet specific wind loads, dead loads, seismic forces, roof loads and other factors.

The properties of every component such as each screw, bolt, and nuts are taken into consideration when designing the body so that the overall effect each element has on the structure gets recorded and adjusted accordingly if needed. Conventional frame buildings rarely make use of engineers and the framers typically just follow the elevation drawing and floor plan.

7. Superior Strength

kodiak steel homes superior strength

Frames and Construction

Unless you plan on using exotic materials like titanium, steel is by far the strongest material available for construction. Comparing the strength of steel to wood is liking comparing a toddler to a full grown adult. The strength to weight ratio of steel to that of wood is 25:1. Because of this, there’s a common misconception that steel structures are entirely too heavy when in fact the opposite is true. For a wooden frame house to be as strong as a steel frame house that has the same dimensions, the wooden frame house would have to outweigh the steel frame house at least three times. Ever wondered why skyscrapers aren’t made of wood? Well, know you know. The weight alone would cause it to collapse on itself.

8. Excellent Design Strength

kodiak steel homes excellent design strength

Frames and Construction

A home is supposed to provide warmth and shelter for you and your family. It should be a safe place where you can rest your head without any worries. Everybody wants to be able to trust that the public buildings they work and visit are well constructed and safe. Because of this, the commercial building codes for most areas are far stricter than that of residential areas.

The Kodiak Steel Home Kit was designed with safety in mind, and as such, Kodiak Steel Homes meet and sometimes even exceed commercial building codes. Kodiak Steel Home Kit also utilize the same engineering materials and principles used in constructing modern commercial buildings. A Kodiak Steel Home is also durable and can withstand a lot of damage that Mother Nature can dish out. With all the structural components connected with bolts, nuts, and screws, Kodiak Steel Homes can resist damage from windstorms like hurricanes and tornadoes.

9. Energy Efficiency

kodiak steel homes energy efficiency

Crestwood Model

If you live in the south, then you’re not a stranger to the heat or the added (and sometimes unwanted but needed) cost of trying to keep cool during the summer. Kodiak Steel Homes offer twice as much relief from the summer sun as well as twice the relief from large air conditioning bills. Also, Kodiak Steel Homes use a minimum 6-inch steel stud for the exterior models with some models using 8-inch steel studs. What this means is that you have enough space for an R-19 during thus keeping you warmer far better than a wood-frame house ever could during the winter months.

10. Environmentally Friendly

kodiak steel homes environmentally friendly

Augusta Model

As the world turns to more eco-friendly resources in its activities, building with wood is now quite problematic. Even though wood is classified as a renewable source, the rate at which timber is being cut down, scientists are estimating that the planet could be stripped down by 2060.

One of the most attractive alternatives to wood for construction is steel. Not only are steel buildings far superior, but there is also the added advantage of steel being 100% recyclable.

All of this contributes to making your Kodiak Steel Home and eco-friendly home promoting the health of the environment as well as that of your family. Additionally, most of the irritants and toxic chemicals used in the treatment of many of the wood products used for construction are absent in steel. And finally, steel homes are pest free. That’s right. You no longer have to worry about rot and mold, rat infestation, cockroaches, disease carrying bacteria and spores being in your home. So to cap it all off, Kodiak Steel Homes give you a clean, safe environment for your family and yourself.

Still indecisive about your home? Then why not go for a Kodiak Steel Home? You’ve seen ten reasons why you should be buying a Kodiak Steel Home.

What’s included in kodiak’s best steel home kits?

There are various models that you can choose from each with its style, design, and price. Regardless of which model you pick, the Kodiak Steel Home Kit has the same components. So here’s what you get when you finally go off to purchase a Kodiak Home building kit.

The Framing Package

The framing package is essentially the core of every Kodiak Steel Home building kit. It serves as the backbone of the home, providing support for every other component. The Kodiak framing package also provides support for a diverse range of materials including brick walls and roofing shingles.

Additional Components

Alongside the framing package, each home building kit also comes with other components. Each of these elements is pre-engineered and designed to meet building codes, so you don’t have to worry about ever violating any building code. These components include:

  • Primary Framing
  • Secondary Framing
  • Interior Framing
  • Steel Roof System
  • Steel Siding
  • Siding Options
  • Soffit
  • Insulation Wrap
  • Gutters
  • Floor System

If there was a rating system, then the Kodiak Steel Home gets a 10/10. Safe, sturdy, eco-friendly, everything and more you could ever want or need from your home.  Learn more at KodiakSteelHomes.com.

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