Best 15+ Low Voltage Kitchen Lighting Ideas


As it is many people are facing financial problems due to the global recession. Apart from them there is the problem of inflated power bills due to increase in energy costs.

While you are trying to save money and make every cent count, the overhead expenses due to energy consumption is creating havoc with all your plans. The best option under such circumstances is to go in for low voltage kitchen lighting.

The rising energy costs has paved the way for a new generation of lighting products that give off more light per unit consumed. Though you might not feel the difference by using these appliances immediately, over the long run, they will help you save substantially on your energy bills.

A few such products have been there in the market for a few years, but few people bothered to use them. It is only of late, with the global recession hitting on them hard, that people are looking towards alternative illumination sources.

Take, for example, the CFL (cold fluorescent lamps). They consume less energy in watts, per lumens they output. Used properly, the CFL lamps can cut down your power bills by a substantial percentage without affecting the way you work in the kitchen.

Just check out in any shop that deal in light fittings and they will show you the latest light fittings that will provide your kitchen will the requisite amount of light but reduce the amount of power consumed for the same.

By using such lights you can afford to turn on an extra light, necessary for cooking that dish perfectly, without feeling any pinch in your conscience or wallet. Nowadays, one can also find specialized LED (light emitting diode) fixtures that give off high-powered light by consuming a relatively low amount of power.

These special lamps are manufactured to suit all needs and purposes and if you hunt around a bit, you will find one that is best suited for your kitchen.

Some of these lights work on 12 volts current and you need to install a special transformer that will convert your 110-volt household power to the 12 volts power supply they require. If all these stuff is confusing you, just go in for the traditional fluorescent lamps.

They consume far less power than the standard lamps and provide you with greater illumination per unit consumed. Apart from this, fluorescent are best suited for ambient lighting since they do not produce a shadow and is useful for illuminating a large area properly.

If you are planning to install low voltage kitchen lighting, you should first chalk out a plan. Seeking the help of an interior decorator helps. Ensure that the lights are not affixed in such a way that their illumination is reflected by any shiny metallic surfaces since that will hamper your working style.

Do not look at the costs of fixing these lamps. If you use proper lights for your kitchen, lights that illuminate properly under low voltage conditions, they will pay back their costs within the course of a year.

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