Your Man Cave Ideas at Home


Man Cave Ideas

What do you have in mind when you first hear about man cave ideas? You might probably start imagining a home in a dark cave. There will be more furniture made of wood. There is nothing modern in it. You may also imagine that there is no electricity, just like when you really live in a cage.

It turns out that having man cave ideas for your home does not necessarily mean everything has to be old-fashioned and outdated. In fact, you still get to have fun as you decorate your house with this style. The various choices are here.

Man Cave Ideas for A Small Room

If you are a man living alone, having man cave ideas as your home interior design is great. However, if you live with your family, perhaps they have different tastes and ideas. What if the only place for these is a small room that belongs to you?

Be as efficient as possible. The first thing is to use maximum three monochromatic colors for your furniture, walls, floors, and ceilings too. For example: black, white, and grey.

Another thing is to add a masculine touch in the room. It could be a poster of your favorite athlete or the picture of your dream Ducati bike.

Man Cave Ideas for A Basement

To some people, a basement feels more like their own secret lair. They can either turn it into their own bedroom, study, or just a place to kick back and relax while watching football on TV.

To avoid looking too bland and rather gloomy, you can have simple, wooden wall and floor. Make sure the furniture displays earth-tone so it will fit.

Besides posters, you can also display your own memorabilia on the wall. For example: a collection of electric guitars or basketball jerseys signed by your favorite players.

The Cheap Man Cave Furniture

When it comes to having man cave ideas at home, you do not have to always have a total makeover. Sometimes, all it takes is just the right pieces of furniture to get the whole idea.

Of course, the cheap man cave furniture pieces are those that you can DIY (do-it-yourself). These two examples may inspire you:

  • The denim ottoman

Used crate boxes are not only good for pallet wooden floors and to store things at home. By covering a cushion with your old jeans (and you have to stitch them up together to do that), you are ready to have your own ottoman.

Just place the cushion on top of the crate and glue them together. Add some small wheels below if you feel it is necessary.

  • The barrel coffee table

What is so unique about this coffee table? It is made of a used wine barrel. Cut it in half. A ratchet strap will help you with the alignment. Use an electric saw to speed up the cutting process, a sandpaper tool before putting a glass frame as the table top on one side.

There are many other man cave ideas that you can choose for your home decoration. To cut some costs, use recycled materials as long as they are still in good condition.

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