Metal Buildings with Living Quarters, Everything You Need To Know


metal building home with living quater ideas

Metal Buildings with Living Quarters – Everyone wants to get lovely and comfy living quarters. People mostly focused on the design of the building and furniture inside it. But, have you ever focused on its material? When regular houses are still comfortable, the metal houses are incredible.

Metal building or steel building is a metal structure constructed with metal or steel for its internal support or frame. For its exterior covering, steel or metal is still employed there.

The metal building is different from metal framed building. The metal building is fully made of metal or steel, even for its exterior and interior.

Meanwhile, metal framed building is a building with a frame made from metal. For its exterior, metal framed building still uses other materials such as wood and concrete.

The metal building is popular from the early 20th century. Why people choose metal for its material? Metal, especially steel, is inexpensive. Building a metal house is cheaper than building a regular or conventional house. Moreover, metal is easy to modify.

If you use concrete or wood for framing your building, you will have many difficulties in modifying it. Metal also usually needs less maintenance, while providing resistance and safety.

Nowadays, people construct a living quarters in their metal buildings or metal framed building. Metal building with living quarters offers many advantages. Metal is a new choice in the construction industry. Metal is broadly obtainable today.

Thus, constructing a metal building with living quarters becomes a popular thing. Here are several things about metal building with living quarters you should know:

Metal Buildings with Living Quarters Floor Plans

In constructing this kind of building, you should consider its floor plan first. To decide the best floor plan for you, think about this important question: with whom do you want to live in there? I

f you want to live in that building with your nuclear family, your floor plan can be a simple thing. Three bedrooms and two bathrooms are enough.

Moreover, if you want to live in that building with your parents and your kids, more rooms are better. If it is needed, add one more bedroom for the guest bedroom.

40x60 metal building with living quarter floor plans

The most popular floor plan is building floor plan for 40 x 60 metal building with living quarters. In designing the floor plan, don’t forget to plan special rooms for your kids, your pets, your vehicles, and your things.

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Have you heard about a shop house? A shop house is a shop that is also used as the owners’ residence. With this concept of building, you can also construct Metal Shop Buildings with Living Quarters. It gives you several advantages.

You don’t have to spend more money to build a shop separately from your living quarters. Moreover, it can be an efficient use of space if you don’t have a wide land.

Metal Buildings with Living Quarters Prices

metal buildings with living quarters prices

Talking about price means that we are talking about the unstable thing. The price of metal buildings with living quarters is different from area to area.

The price of this kind of building is affected by the width of the land, its floor plans, its materials, and the builders’ service cost or additional costs. You should spend $9 per square foot or $21,600 per square foot.

Those prices are the average price for the materials only, excluding the accessories such as windows and doors, and additional costs from builders.

To know the exact prices, call builders in your areas. In contacting builders, try to contact more than three builders to compare the price and the services. Each builder brings its price and services.

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Metal Building with Living Quarters Disadvantages

Although there are many advantages of constructing a metal building with living quarters, this kind of building still have its disadvantages.

By knowing its disadvantages, we can consider the best building for us: the conventional building, or the metal building. Here are disadvantages of metal building with living quarters:

  • Be aware of mold

Metal tends to restrain moisture. If you don’t know the proper protection for your metal building, moisture will remain in your metal frames. It will create several huge marks named ghost marks.

Molds like to grow on moist surfaces, such as moist metals. Molds are unhealthy and unhygienic. It also looks and smells bad. Removing molds are time-consuming.

  • Be aware of allergy

People who have an allergy to metal or its coating paint are better to avoid this kind of building. Metal or special paint coating it may cause a terrible irritation to several people who are allergic. It is worsened by molds.

Molds smell bad so that it will affect your health. Continued exposure to molds is dangerous for some people. People who have an allergy to metal or its coating paint commonly experiences these symptoms: sneezing, sudden asthma attack, fever, and coughing.

  • Be aware of additional costs

Constructing a metal building with living quarters is inexpensive. But, do you know how to maintain it? You must maintain it carefully.

For some people who don’t know how to maintain it, it’s better for you to ask for help from builders. Builders have been trained in the maintenance of metal buildings.

Metal buildings with living quarters offer many benefits. You can customize your floor plan and design to get the most comfortable building and living quarters.

Additionally, constructing a metal building with living quarters is easy and interesting. Those three important and useful things will help you to consider the best building for you and your family.

In planning the best building for you, you need help from builders. Consult your plan to them to get the most comfortable metal building with living quarters. Consultation sessions are usually free.

Don’t forget to draw your plan first before contacting any builders. Drawing design and floor plan for your building will help you in customize you building.

But, the most important thing you should do is looking for your wants, your needs, and your family’s opinion about metal buildings with living quarters.


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