What Are Method Homes And What Makes Them So Distinct?


Finding the right home for you can be a pleasure, but at times this can also be a burden. You need to know how to approach the situation with the utmost attention to detail and quality, and the best way you can do that is simply by focusing on creating the right, proper home to suit your needs. Method Homes is known for being one of the best manufacturers of custom homes out there.

What makes these method homes distinct is the fact that they are precision engineered, pre-fabricated and modern homes. They are modular homes, and that makes them very easy to put together. But the primary benefit comes from their looks and functionality, which is indeed second to none and something that you can rarely find on the market.

Creating method homes may be a bit challenging, but the company manages to pull this off without any problem. They know how to build this type of property anywhere in the world. As long as you have direct access to the necessary amenities such as water, creating this kind of home will be a breeze, and it certainly manages to bring in front a lot of quality and value! This is definitely what you want to find in the end.

All the method homes are quality controlled, and they bring in front a stellar set of results. They have a modern architecture, and they do look beautiful. In fact, the simple fact of owning such a home makes the experience second to none, and the value is certainly second to none because of that. A home like this is specifically built according to your needs, and it provides you with all the value and helps that you may require.

Are The Method Homes Expensive?

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Not at all, it all comes down to the features that you need and how large the home is in the first place. But these are prefab structure homes, so it’s very easy to put them together anywhere in the world. It’s just a much better experience and one that will bring in front a resounding value and quality in the end.

You can opt for a rustic approach, or you can get an energy efficient cabin, these are only a few of the many options that you can have out there. The idea is to know how to approach them, and the outcome can indeed be second to none for sure. You have to keep in mind that the experience can be an excellent one as long as you opt for this type of homes, not to mention that they do look beautiful and fit all of your requirements.

What Type Of Method Homes Are There?

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You can find a broad range of models to suit all your needs. It all comes down to your requirements right off the bat. Usually, you will see that there are some particular types that you want to focus on. The M series is delivering plenty of Interior and Exterior finishes, and you can adapt that without any problem. Costs can be anywhere from $250000 to $500000 or so.

Then you have the Cabin series. These homes can have up to 2800 square feet, and they will end up costing around $460000 to $720000. The Homb series is made out of triangular modules, and these are 100 square feet. The price depends since you do have to figure out how many modules you plan on using. It is one of the more interesting ideas and definitely something that you will enjoy quite a bit. You just have to figure out which is the right option, because, in the end, this can pay off a lot.

The Paradigm series is delivering an open floor plan that gives you a sense of openness for the indoor region. These are some of the best, more interesting and modern homes that you can find on the market at this particular time. They can have up to around 1800 feet, and their cost may even reach around $550000 at times. It all depends on the size and other similar factors.

Elemental Series has six-floor plans that are easy to customize. You can choose either the custom prefab designs or you can opt for the pre-designed model; it’s up to you to find the right one. There are some sustainability packages included here as well. Pricing-wise, these homes can cost around $510000 or less, depending on their size.

You can also pick the Option series. This one is designed to have efficiency and lots of customization options. You have lots of incredible ideas to focus on here, from floor plans to finishes and roof styles, you can customize quite a lot of that without any hassle. Depending on the floorplan you choose, you can pay anything from $250000 to around $500000. It is one of the least expensive investments that you can make, and it does pay off.

The SML series is known for being great for the cozy vacations, but it can be a very impressive, pleasant home for you. There are 3 models here in total, that range from around $130000 to around $180000. You will be very impressed with the features and quality delivered here, and the fact that these are some rather incredible homes will impress you a lot for sure. Lastly, you have the Cottage series that can be around 2265 square feet or less. Price-wise, you are looking at around $239000 to $600000 in total here.

Is The Building Process Complicated?

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It certainly sounds like that, but this is not the case. In fact, the method homes do tend to be rather complex on their own, but the process was streamlined to make the design, plan and the entire construction to be as good and as seamless as possible.

You first have to select a piece of land and acquire the financing needed for this. Once that is done, the company will conduct a feasibility study to ensure that you can create a home on that particular piece of land. You have to keep in mind the fact that scientific studies are a necessity here because you do want to stay safe at all costs when you create such a home, that’s for sure. Once the study is complete, you will work with the company to get the engineering and design plans right. You will need these to deal with the permit, so try to keep that in mind.

The nice thing here is that Method does take care of submitting the local permits. This means you do not have to worry about anything here. They will also deal with the factory construction permits too. This is very important, and it shows just how great is to acquire one of these method homes because you do receive a ton of quality and value for your money from this, that’s for sure.

What you have to note is that the company will work hard to ensure that all permits are dealt with in a proper manner. They will deal with the permits and other requirements; only them will they go ahead and start the construction process. It works very well, and you get to have a impressive set of results soon. The building process does not take a lot of time.

The home will have to be fabricated, delivered as well as put in place. These are the final stages of the entire process though, so you have to keep this in mind. It will be a very interesting, rather delightful and unique experience!

The soft costs include site surveys, the feasibility studies, as well as permit coordination, utility connections, geotech analysis for the soil and structural engineering. Then you also have the modular costs which include cabinets, flooring, siding, tiles, countertops, the HVAC system as well as plumbing fixtures and the HVAC system as a whole.

Lastly, in the method home cost, you will also end up dealing with foundation, site prep costs, utilities, shipping as well as the home installation on its own and the site components. Things like decks, stairs, and paint are also included in the price, so you have to keep those in mind as well.

Are These Zero Energy Homes?

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Method does call them that, and the reason behind it is that they end up not costing a lot of money when it comes to maintenance. They integrate a truly traditional design but they are also modern and nothing short of incredible. It certainly shines, and you will be quite impressed with the unique approach delivered here.

They are also coming with a tight construction. The company uses blower door tests to ensure that enough air escapes through the building. It certainly shines, and in the end, you just get to have an incredible, fun and exciting experience. You will get to see that a special tape is used specifically to seal off all the remaining plywood seams.

Does Fresh Air Circulate Properly In Method Homes?

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Obviously, since these are prefabricated homes, one of the things you want to know is whether these homes tend to be good in regards to air circulation. Most of the time, the method homes are designed to cycle in the fresh air.

The manufacturer knows that having a proper air flow is imperative, and it always focuses on quality. It’s an incredible experience in the end and one that will provide you with a resounding set of benefits, to say the least.

Are The Method Homes Efficient Or Not?

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These homes are built with efficiency in mind. That’s what makes them so unique and distinct, to begin with. They are rather inexpensive, to be honest, and their primary focus is on bringing you excellent value for your money. You also have to note that appliances, lighting and HVAC quality does end up paying off a lot in the end. Then they also have the Dalkin Altherma system that’s focused on delivering efficient cooling and heating.

Things like this do help bring in front a lot of efficiency and value, which is something that all of us want from a home, that’s for sure. Plus, these method homes also have energy efficient appliances. This may not sound like much at first, but it is a really big deal, and it does bring in front some rather interesting options and choices that you need to focus on.

A thing to point out here is that these homes also tend to rely on using the PV array to generate energy. Basically, using solar energy makes them even more efficient, and the environment does not have to suffer because of that. The simple fact that you get to generate your energy and you don’t have to rely on the grid is quite impressive in its right. Efficiency and quality do bring in a stellar focus, and you will certainly be impressed by the way everything turns out to be in the end.

Should You Opt For Method Homes?

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Prefab homes are not for everyone. They do tend to have some limitations when it comes to the design. Despite that, the quality is impressive and the fact that you get to have a modern house even off-grid is amazing. Plus, the price is not that high, to begin with.

You also have to note that creating this type of home also doesn’t take a lot of time. Unlike other homes, these method homes are ready in just 2-3 months. This is less time when compared to other homes out there.

It’s a magnificent idea to opt for method homes if you want to purchase high-quality prefab homes that bring in front quality, value and an incredible experience as a whole. It certainly shows that the experience is there for you, in the end, you just have to approach it in a proper manner.

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