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Are you expecting to do some repairs of your existing buildings or are you going to build your buildings from beginning? Regardless of that, turning to Morton buildings is a great choice you did. They will help you get your buildings a completely new look again. That’s their specialty. Years of experience delivering high quality buildings of all sizes and ranges makes Morton Buildings the number one choice among corporates, individuals and even few government buildings.

Morton Buildings undertake repairs to fix any damages that have occurred over time in the building life cycle. Morton Buildings also perform renovation and restoration services to bring old buildings to its former glory making them durable for long years to come in the future.

Morton Buildings undertake all brands of building renovations and restorations broken down into few categories of high level building types such as Residential, Farm, Equestrian, Commercial and Community.

Under Residential, Morton Buildings are mainly focused on delivering your dream of a home come true. Morton Buildings believe that your home is one of your priceless possessions. Therefore having delivered buildings of all shapes and sizes over 100 years Morton Buildings will deliver your home with customizations such as interior designing and outside garden preparations.

Whatever options you have in mind, you can talk with their staff and try to make it just what you want. Morton residencies offer clear constructions to make it highly flexible when designing your floor plans of your dream home. Their experts will give you with a wide variety of options that they have delivered over the past to similar houses which makes it easier for you as customers make decisions.

Morton Buildings houses are equipped with an energy performance pack that guarantees their customers with proven facility of interior cooling and heating. Morton Buildings only use Hi-Rib steel roofing making your homes and cabins receive the best care for years to come. In addition to cabins and houses, Morton Buildings also build innovative garages, both personal and industrial workshops and private airplane hangars.

The benefits of a proper insulated structure is saving energy and resident comfort. Morton Buildings reputed for being the number one in delivering post-frame construction, brought forward this concept of new advance insulation system. Largely known today as the energy performer pack was a product delivered to the market that was ahead of time as similar products only came to the market from competitors after a decade or so.

Even today it is one of the most efficient products with years of proven delivery. With ever improving technology, their clients gain over 30% energy savings which has become a major attraction for choosing Morton Buildings as their residential building provider.

Morton Buildings have plenty of success stories for their energy performance pack usage in different environments. One of their customers were able to providing heating for his residence using a burner cooker for one week when a storm had knocked down electricity.

Over 100 years of providing excellent high quality residential, commercial and community solutions Morton keeps on striving for excellence. Morton Buildings continually strive to deliver the most efficient building possible. Morton Buildings know that the characteristics of a properly insulated post-frame building include:

Some of the key characteristics of their post-frame building include wood frames as insulators, grade to ceiling continuous filling of cavities of each column, properly built attic with good ventilation, air barriers.

Large cavities of inches 6 and 9 for their wall cavities provide customers with more insulation options. Morton Buildings keep eliminating breaks that may be present in the sidewalls even, where you find the wood columns. Morton use wood columns as they are materials with natural insulating quality.

The difference between Morton wood columns compare to the rest available in the market are that theirs are spaced further away from each other.  Their large wall cavities, 9” thick with 6” of insulation room with options to add more, create adequate space for insulation.

Another uniqueness of our delivery method of your beautiful home or cabin is that we let you decide how much you want to get involved in the construction process. We have 3 accountability options for customers to choose with; Single source, Split source and Customer source which increases the involvement of the customer with each source mentioned. Customer source accountability, is the most cost-effective selection for a customer, but it will have multiple contractors involved to finish the job. Hiring different contractors to work on the interior decorations and outside garden planning can be seen more often with this option. It can make financing a bit harder and has higher risks compared to the other options as accountability cannot be undertaken by a single individual and shared among the many contractors engaged with the project.

At a glance, following are the process configurations of building/renovating/repairing your home or cabin with Morton. Over a century of delivering high quality buildings all over, we stand today as a testimony for buildings for prevailing across many generations. What more guarantee do you need when you are selecting a team to build your most precious constructions. We have customers where their grandparents, parents and now the current generation people coming over to us talking about how well we have done our job in the past. As a company we’re always on the lookout to give our customers the best experience they deserve and by providing them with our many customization options we have come to realize that we’re on the right track as it keeps bringing us more and more customers every day.

  1. Secure Finance options
  2. Selection of Sites
  3. Estimate project cost & deliver customers with transparent project plans
  4. Level of Customer Accountability in the project
  5. Prepare Plans & Project Costs
  6. Bank Approves the proposed final project
  7. Go through the project plans and end up signing the contracts for the project
  8. Start Project Construction

When we look at the farm building options available through Morton you will realize our expertise in delivering high quality storage facilities, diary facilities, livestock facilities and seed dealership. Since 1950 Morton has been delivering more and more agriculture and farm buildings to weather generations to come.

Under equestrian buildings Morton delivers pasture shelters, riding arenas and barns and stables for horses. We have been constructing these buildings for over 100 years now, thus making us your partner of choice for any equestrian building. We keep customizing our buildings to suit our customers need such as adding living quarters to the horse barns.

Under our commercial buildings we deliver Retail & Restaurant, Breweries and Distillery buildings, Offices and Industrial warehouses, Day Care Centers, Automotive Winery, Mini-Storages, Commercial Storage, Banks and Animal Services. Morton provides the best warranty out there compared to the other solution providers. We keep improving our staff and processes to provide a unique first class experience to our corporate clients from project inception, design phase, construction phase to delivery. Ability to customize is our one of our unique characteristics.

What good is a construction if we’re not serving the community we live in? Morton has been the number one choice on many occasions to deliver community buildings. Under community buildings we build churches and municipal buildings. As an award winning construction company with over 100 years in business, it’s no surprise to find the Morton name in many community buildings you come across. To date, we have built over 1000 municipal council buildings and churches for the benefit of the community. The quality and the craftsmanship of our workers and the professionalism of our sales teams is the differentiating factor of us from many of our competitors.

The Morton experience only begins when we complete your buildings. We keep reminding you from time to time on servicing depending on the building we delivered. Even when your building isn’t built by Morton at first, we are quite happy to do repairs on your buildings as we know that you choose us for being the best in the business. Door Repairs and Replacements, Trim repairs, applying new skins, gutter repairs, skylight installations and repairs, rotted post repairs are some of the most popular repair requests that we receive.

Given below is one such success story of one of our customers who carried out their recent renovation through us.

“Almost one year ago, we purchased a beautiful house with a 5 acre property for horse which included a 2 smaller stall barn and a 6 staller barn or horses. Both of these buildings needed a new look for them. The barns had not been painted for over 25 years. We were facing a series of issues on this as the paint would not apply now as there most of the wood had been beaten by the weather to a very poor state. I was out of options and really in need of help with renovating this house.

That summer was quite rainy and the barns went from poor to worse with all the water coming down hard on them. My first thought was to purchase steel barns for both of the barns which had deteriorated. There were many contractors who provided me with different quotations but I was not satisfied with the level of experience they each had in installing steel doors on barns. Especially barns as old and weathered as this. Then I met this representative from Morton Buildings which told me that their staff not only have years of experience behind them but they give you with a reasonable price. Considering that they’re renovated to last generations as a customer you hardly have any second thoughts.

At first you would raise an eyebrow as to why you would want to spend a higher price when there are many contractors who would do it for less. It simply comes down to durability, experience and high quality delivery. They take you to few of their similar installments – steel installment in this case of manufacturing sliding steel and especially of the difference of the paints they use. You get the feeling that you’re working with pros who knows what they do. Even when it came to barns that were over 25 years old, they still look like new in their current condition. It’s important that you get the job done right in the first time than do a cheap job at first and then keep spending for renovations with time as low-quality products in the first place.

When the project was completed, I could not be happier as it looked breathtaking completely transformed to a different building. It was great to see how the workers took ownership of their work and how friendly they were in explaining when questions were asked on installation points where I had few questions. First thing they did was conduct a thorough analysis of the issues of the barns and take us through each one explaining how they would plan to resolve it. It was a great experience collaborating with the workers throughout the project. They put in unusually long hours  and earned my respect by proving to be of men with integrity.

Another interesting fact was that Morton workers were able to work on the barns with our horses and cattle present in the premises. It was something that kept picking at my brain. But men were professionals and were careful enough to work around the animals and be conscious of the delicate situation.

What was most amazing was to see how the barn got transformed with steel siding little by little every day. Because I chose a quality product the first time, I’m now free from maintenance fees. My real estate agent who did an evaluation on the property once the installations was completed saw property value sky rocketing. It’s one of the prettiest sites for anyone going through the road next to our property, the first building they see is the newly renovated barn. Morton delivered everything they promised and they did not delay the project one bit and ended it with the expected projected timelines, which is quite inspiring to see.

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