Natural Bathroom Design Ideas


natural bathroom ideas with unique shower

If you take a scan at magazines, you will come upon some bathroom design ideas are unique, some are outrageous and others are just simply out of this world.

There is nothing wrong with that. Everybody have their own unique way of designing their bathroom, no matter how beautiful, weird or extravagant they are.

The nature is simply the most famous source of inspiration for people who want to achieve the most, well “natural look” in their bathroom.

This is because nature has always been linked to cleanliness and harmony. And you cannot deny that something about nature and its colors have a way of giving off that refreshing and relaxing feeling.

Natural bathroom ideas want to bring these things right into your home and in the one place you come to the most. Anything from plants to rocks and falling water can be a good and natural bathroom design idea.

Here are some natural bathroom design ideas you may want to have in your bathroom.

Natural lighting

Soft and natural lighting can be relaxing. This is one of the reasons why other people have skylights installed in their bathrooms. They want to let the natural light in so that they can enjoy the feeling that it brings.

If this is not possible, you can always opt for windows that let the sunshine in. Just make sure that they are just big enough to let the light and air inside.

Halogen lights are also another option. They look more natural than bulbs and fluorescent lights. You can also dim some of your lights if you want it to appear relaxing.

Natural floor

Your bathroom floor can also appear natural. You can do this by getting rid of vinyl and carpeting. A better choice would be laminate wood or ceramic tile flooring. These types of flooring give the bathroom a more natural look and feel.

If you have dark walls, then the color of your flooring should be lighter. In the same way, if you have light walls, then dark flooring color is most suitable.

If you have enough money for it, having natural stones as your flooring is the best option to have. Marble and travertine will look terrific in your bathroom.

Natural walls

Your bathroom wall can set the mood on its own since it will become the backdrop of the whole room. Use those walls to your advantage to set the tone of your bathroom.

There are wallpapers you can buy that are made to withstand any kind of weather conditions. You can opt for more natural colors like brown, tan or green.

Your choice of color should resemble some part of nature. You will notice that the color selection will naturally change your perception of the bathroom and how you feel when you are inside of it.

Natural accessories

Natural accessories can include those that are made of wood or bamboo. The good thing about using these kinds of accessories is that they are more durable and does not break easily.

Having some of them places strategically in your bathroom, you will be able to attain that natural feel. The tone in the bathroom will even become warmer and not as cold as when you are using plastic or glass accessories.

Getting that natural look and feel inside your bathroom is not as difficult as it seem to be. All you need is the right materials and proper execution. This is one bathroom design idea that is worth having.

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