30 Ottoman Coffee Tables You Might Find Useful At Home


Perhaps we have been used to having ottomans as soft, comfortable furniture to rest our feet. Paired up with a nice couch, we can just sit while putting our feet on one of those cute-looking ottomans. However, have you ever considered an alternative to using them? How about having them as ottoman coffee tables?

Surely, the idea of having an ottoman coffee table may not occur in your mind. Still, it is worth a shot, especially if the ottoman is oversized. If it is big enough to rest your feet and strong enough to hold a tray of drinks on top, why not?

The oversized ottomans for your coffee tables are:

Let’s check them out one by one here. You will find what you like, and you get two functions in one piece of furniture: a resting place for your tired feet and a makeshift coffee table. It also saves some space.

1. Taupe ottoman

With the 32’’ size squares as modular sectionals, these taupe ottomans are perfect for either small or large area in your living room. The combination of gray hues and pecan woods finish presenting a modern look. Not only that, but these taupe ottomans also offer true comfort. You can put one with any other type of furniture nearby.

2. Velvet oval ottoman

Ottomans do not only come in squares and rectangular – or even rounds. This oval velvet ottoman can also be the perfect choice for you. Although it is not completely round, this ottoman has no sharp edges that might hurt or injure anyone accidentally bumping into them. Its velvet top makes the ottoman look elegant, either for a resting place for your feet or a makeshift coffee table.

3. Buffalo check ottoman

What makes this ottoman different than any other ottomans? Just like its name, Buffalo Check Ottoman, it is made of buffalo leather. Its motif is checkered, although perhaps it only consists of one neutral colour. Since it is made of buffalo leather, you might want to wash and leave it dry if it gets wet.

4. Teal ottoman

How about a teal ottoman? Teal is a unique colours, so perhaps you might need to make sure the whole interior is well-matched with it. Made of frame and pine wood, it is also an upholstery piece of furniture. It may consist of 52% cotton or 48% linen, with polyurethane foam or polyester fibers as the filler. Make sure that you regularly clean this ottoman until it is spotless.

5. Black and brass ottoman

Who says that the shape of an ottoman always has to be square? To save some more space, you can also have the rectangular one like this black and brass ottoman. Its hand-welded iron frame supports the hand-upholstered velvet seat. It also has plush channel pleating. You can tell from the shape that your tray of drinks on top will not topple over. This black and brass ottoman is strong, elegant, and well-proportioned.

6. Cream rectangle ottoman

If you do not wish for a gloomy colour, here is another rectangle ottoman. This time, it is cream-coloured. It is elegant and refined, with its contrasting welting that is richly detailed. It also has nailhead trim. The Briths bun foot legs just add up to its graceful-looking furniture. Made of birch wood and espresso finish, this rectangle ottoman is covered in gold viscose and polyester blend fabric. Another thing about this ottoman is that you can move it around as you like, thanks to its lightweight alias easy mobility.

7. Oversized Morrocan pouf

Moroccan style has always been popular when it comes to furniture. This is one of the best examples when it comes to having an oversized ottoman at home. How large do you want it to be? Round and upholstery, this oversized Moroccan pouf is made of leather and filled with hypoallergenic polyester.

8. Wood storage ottoman

If you want another multi-functional ottoman, you will probably love this. This is even better because you do not only get to use it as a place to sit, a resting place for your feet, and even as a coffee table. If you remove the blue velvet round top, you can store your things in the drum-shaped bottom. This is why this is called a wood storage ottoman.

9. Velvet square ottoman

This is another version of a velvet ottoman. Some people might prefer it round, but there is always the square kind like this. Well-proportioned and inspired by Italian design,  this velvet-upholstered respite has down-wrapped cushions. It looks perfect for an ottoman coffee table with its brass legs. No need to worry if the legs look small because they are strong enough to support the green velvet top.

10. Tufted ottoman

What is a tufted ottoman? From the shape and size, perhaps this ottoman is not really comfortable to rest your legs on, but very decent for a coffee table. Still, if you want to sit on top of it and rest your legs there, you can still do that. It is a flawless combination of something modern and luxurious. You can use this as an additional seating, whether by the bedside, in front of the matching couch, or… anywhere you want.

11. Leather tufted ottoman

Not only in velvet, a tufted ottoman can also be made of leather. Still elegant, this ottoman comes in a monochromatic style. You can choose either all white, black, or grey. Just like all tufted ottomans, this one is also perfect for a coffee table. The leather is also easily cleaned up in case there is some spill on top.

12. White square ottoman

It turns out that no matter what, white is always a trend in furniture. It is the same thing with this white square ottoman. What makes this one feel comfortable is its resilient foam filling and durable coated fabric. That is correct; this white square ottoman is not only luxurious, but it does not break easily. The thick grain leather on the contract areas is also there. Another thing to note down is the fact that it is still affordable.

13. Pink ottoman

What do you have in mind when you first hear of ‘pink ottoman’? Too girly or feminine for your taste? Tacky and it might not match the other furniture in the room? Well, you need to get rid of your skepticism when you take a look at this one. With soft, smooth, and durable microfiber, it is easy to clean, remove, and wash the cover with the washing machine.

14. Burgundy ottoman

Want to try something chic and unique? Go for this burgundy ottoman, whether as a resting place for your feet or a makeshift coffee table. Its versatile design is very flexible to use for any room, whether as its own seating place or a compliment to another set of furniture. The top is solid and compact, which will not take up so much space in the room. The four wooden legs are also strong enough to support it.

15. Tufted carved ottoman

If you are into something more artistic, you would probably love this tufted carved ottoman. There is a sense of classic design that will definitely never go out of style. You can put this one at the foot of your bed or double it up as a cocktail table or a coffee table.

16. Leather tufted ottoman

There are so many tufted ottomans that you can choose, including this one. Whether it is square, round, oval, or even rectangle, you can choose leather as its top material. Tufted ottomans have been favourites to many, especially since the materials are wrapped tightly around the top, so the layers do not get soggy easily.

17. Tufted rectangle ottoman

There is another tufted rectangle ottoman that might interest you. Inspired by Edwardian style, this ottoman has multi purposes too. The tuft is tight at the top, which makes it even steadier and more stable. Try to put a tray of drinks, a stack of books, and your feet altogether. There is enough space for all of them, and it will not wobble. For an impromptu seating or an ottoman coffee table, take your pick.

18. Yellow ottoman

This time, try to challenge yourself by varying your tastes in furniture. Since ottoman can come in many colours, shapes, and sizes, try something unique this time. A yellow ottoman might make a great additional to your living room furniture, especially the one slope with curves and added with a plush cushion as an accent. Yellow can also be a neutral colour, as long as it is not much too bright. You can match it with any other furniture in the room.

19. Blue leather ottoman

Bored with the same old, monochromatic choices for your ottoman? Try this blue leather ottoman. You can even choose different shades of it, from dark blue to light, cerulean blue. What makes it unique is the leather material, which is usually better suited to monochromatic colours like black or brown.

20. Another leather square ottoman

There is another leather square ottoman that you might want to consider. On a first glance, you might find this ottoman look so amusing. This can look like a giant leather suitcase, but it is actually a perfect place to rest your feet and a makeshift coffee table. Its giant-sized feature is also perfect for you to sleep on when you are too tired but too lazy to move into your bedroom. Buy one and have fun with it.

21. Blue and white pattern ottoman

Many ottomans are often made with one basic colour or a monochromatic type. However, this does not mean that you cannot get creative or find something more unique and artistic here. You can either have the blue on top and the white legs or vice versa. Either way, it will still look good in your living room.

22. Another leather rectangle ottoman

Here is another leather rectangle ottoman that you might love as well. With kiln-dried hardwood as the frame, foam-filling inside the leather cushion, and hand-applied espresso finish, you will get a traditional English silhouette with this ottoman. Three things you can do with this one, though: resting your feet, lying down on top of it, or making it into another makeshift coffee table. The size is decent enough that it does not take much space, but also big enough for you to lie on.

23. Blue leather tribal print ottoman

When many ottomans stick to either monochromatic or two-coloured combo, this one is unique. Blue tribal print ottoman shows you an artistic design you might never see anywhere else. It takes someone with a rather bohemian style to choose this type of furniture. The functions are still the same, though. Whether you want to make this ottoman just as a resting place for your feet or a makeshift coffee table, it is all up to you.

24. Grey square ottoman

Want something simple, yet still elegant-looking and luxurious? Grey square ottoman is the answer. Grey is one of the most chosen monochromatic colour. It is easier to match this piece of furniture up with other parts of furniture in the room. Square and compact, you will not have to worry about putting a tray of drinks on top of it. It will not topple over easily, as long as you put it right in the centre.

25. Another tufted square ottoman

This oversized, tufted square ottoman is another option that brings another elegant style to your room. It is chic, although contrasted with faux leather welt and elegant tufted details. Its large size is enough for at least four people to sit on, one on each corner. This ottoman is also perfect for a resting place for your feet and a makeshift coffee table.

26. Leather and wood ottoman

If you would prefer to go back to nature, the furniture you prefer might consist of organic materials. For example: leather and wood. This leather and wood ottoman will be the perfect option for you. Not only organic and monochromatic, but you also will not have a hard time matching it with other furniture at home.

27. Tufted cream square ottoman

Having the tufted cream square ottoman at home can be a quick solution for you who needs three things in one. With a solid pine frame, polyurethane foam and polyester fill, and a nice cream colour on the outside, you will not find any trouble matching it up with other furniture pieces at home. In fact, this ottoman is also solid and compact, which also means removable whenever you feel like it.

28. Leather round tufted ottoman

How about this leather round tufted ottoman? You will be happy that this ottoman can fit up to three people sitting on it. Place this in the centre of your living room and people will enjoy it more during a party. If it is not for sitting or relaxing your feet, you can use it to place a tray of snacks and drinks. This is multi-functional.

29. Another leather tufted ottoman

Leather tufted ottomans come in various designs. For this one, the cushion frame is built out of hardwood and engineered woods. The mixture is corner blocked, glued, and stapled together to stay in place. The silver base is also well-brushed. Since moving furniture sometimes may graze the floor, you need not worry about this one. This ottoman has plastic glides to protect the floor from being grazed accidentally.

30. The upholstered storage ottoman

Feeling like you have too much stuff at home, but have no idea where to keep them? Worst of all, getting another cupboard or shelf means taking up more space at home. You do not want more furniture, so this upholstered storage ottoman is probably your best bet. If you have a vivid imagination, you might consider this ottoman to look a little bit like a tiny coffin. However, you need not worry. This may not fit any person in. You are also not recommended to pull a prank on a child. You can still store stuff inside this ottoman.

There are actually many designs for an ottoman. You can also create or design your own, especially if you have the expertise on it. However, you also need to make sure that the ottoman that you choose is enough to be placed in your house. Not only that, but you also need to make sure that the ottoman suits the other furniture well and is easy to clean up.

Whatever the choice for your ottoman here, it will be best if it has got many functions. The ideal ottoman consists of these five functions:

  • As a resting place for your feet.
  • As a place to lie down, if possible.
  • As a place to put a tray of snacks and drinks, especially during parties at home.
  • As a makeshift coffee table.
  • As a storage to put some other things in it, like magazines, books, and many other things.

If you have found the right ottoman that has all the functions mentioned above, you may consider yourself lucky.

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