Outdoor Landscape Design Ideas


outdoor landscape design Ideas

There are different outdoor landscape designs that you can choose from. One of the most loved designs nowadays is the Tuscan look.

This look has an enigmatic effect combine with a whimsical feel, which is responsible for alluring landscape enthusiasts.

You too can have the Tuscan look right at your outdoor landscape. Here are some of the essentials that you need to know on how you can get the old Tuscan feel in the midst of your own modern home.

The Whole Tuscan Look

First off, you should have the Tuscan landscape picture clearly in your head. To have an idea, the modern Tuscan landscape style often combines the elegant feeling of Italian Renaissance period along with the rustic accessories of Tuscany’s mesmerizing farms and peasantry gardens.

What makes the Tuscan landscape design different from the other landscaping styles is its rustic, yet elegant, flair. By simply planning your space outdoors and using the appropriate materials with the right accessories, you can easily acquire this look!

Selecting Materials

Tuscan gardens are well known for the beauty they possess. However, they are also popular for their simplicity and low maintenance needs. Having paths and patios can add up a lot to having that Tuscan look. However, picking out the right flooring does the trick.

You can use Terra cotta tiles, which make charming walks. They also give floors that rustic feel. If you want, you can also use weather treated bricks. These are actually easy to maintain. They can be even sand set or mortared in place, which contributes to an even more rustic feel.

Another option would be Flagstone. This can offer you a smooth and tasteful style of charm for up to date Tuscan landscape designs. These also give the similar convenience that is given by bricks.

Also, you can use Arto pavers. These are a favorite for many wonderful California homes that have Tuscan gardens. These lovely tiles can be made into beautiful patios or walkways.

These can be used to balance beauty and elegance found in modern houses without having to lose the attractive Tuscan charm.

Another paving material that you can use is Tumbled travertine. This also gives that rustic feel to your garden. It also allows your outdoor’s simple Tuscan theme to blend well with the sophistication of your home.

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Just like the pavement material you choose, the furnishings and decorations that you pick to use in your landscape design can help enhance your Tuscan look. Try to use items that reveal the simple and rustic appearance of Tuscany, along with your home’s elegance.

Using Terra cotta accents can be a win-win situation for you. This is the most simple yet inexpensive way to have and Old World Tuscan feel in your garden. You can try decorating your walkway with different sized and shaped terra cotta planters.

Additionally, you can make use of accent walls. These can give your place some elegance along with a rustic feel. If you want some dividers for your flowerbeds, then stone walls should be the one you should use.

Another good way to get the Tuscan look is by having wall fountains. Actually, these are usually found in Mediterranean gardens. Having this could definitely add points to your Tuscan landscape design.

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