Pea Gravel Patio Ideas: Enchanting, Unique, and Affordable


pea gravel patio ideas

Whatever the weather is, the homeowners must be of the same mind that there is nothing more urgent than having a cozy space for family gathering, be it for cookouts or soaking up the sun.

Arguably, some dream about building an upscale patio that costs next to nothing. Why not installing a pea gravel patio? It would be an awesome solution, right? If this option strikes a chord with you, read on to keep finding out about this following array of information.

What is Pea Gravel?

Pea gravel is a sort of tiny fluid stone commonly found alongside bodies of water. The rocky material has flowing texture due to the process of natural weathering. Its size ranges from 0.12 inch to 0.4 inches.

Pea gravel comes with varied colors from translucent to rust brown always draws the exterior designers’ attention. Its engaging appearance is perfect to decorate your walkway and adds the intricate accent of the garden beds.

Pea Gravel Patio Pros and Cons

It’s definitely true that installing a pea gravel patio for your chic garden decoration would upgrade the aesthetic value. However, the disadvantage of festooning your backyard with pea gravel can’t be disparaged.


  1. Pea gravel lets anybody even kids be more creative. Its tiny size eases you to mix and match with other grave materials.
  2. This tiny material is much more reasonable than other fillers.
  3. Unlike other stones which should be located on an incline, pea gravel is truly flexible. Furthermore, it easily absorbs the rainwater.
  4. This sort of rock is aesthetically pleasing to your eyes and easy to walk on.
  5. The unwanted moss growth can be anticipated and averted by the gravel. The same is true with the rodents.


  1. The tiny gravel is easily swept away and transported outside the walkway.
  2. You will find it hard to transfer the gravel because of its small size if you change the patio’s location.
  3. When the weather is uncertain like it’s suddenly windy and rainy, the gravels scatter in a mess.
  4. It’s not a recommended material for creating a firm base.
  5. If you don’t maintain your patio regularly, the pea gravel is easily submerged into the soil.

Pea Gravel Patio Cost

According to, the average cost of a small project, you will need about 350 USD. Speaking of gravels in a bag, the price per bag varies from 4 USD to 6 USD.  For the bigger project, you might require the gravels in a cubic yard that costs around 30 USD to 35 USD.

How to Make a Pea Gravel Patio

There are a couple of steps you might take to create a pea gravel patio.

  1. Set your thoughtful plan – consider the space, shape, and design layout.
  2. Dig up the ground and take off the debris.
  3. Solidify the soil.
  4. Place the landscaping fabric to prevent the growth of grass.
  5. Add the pea gravel to the patio.
  6. Flatten the surface.

Pea Gravel Epoxy Patio

The idea of combining the epoxy with the pea gravel is absolutely great to keep the flooring material durable and firm – and not to mention the long-lasting pleasing color.  Installing the pea gravel epoxy patio is pretty easy and quick; just spread the mixture of gravel and epoxy on the porch surface by the help of a wooden form.

Crushed Gravel Patio

The idea of crushed stones in creating a patio is handy for a vast variety of projects. The stone dust of which usage is for asphalt mix, ballast, and concrete blocks, has multifarious classifications. In comparison to the pea gravel, the crushed stone’s price is definitely higher. Conversely, don’t ask the material’s durability and quality.

Paver and Gravel Patio

To give rise to a simple yet elegant concept, the paver and gravel patio idea might be applied. In addition, your limited backyard would look extensive and comfortable as well. To match with the outdoor furniture, estimating the spot to walk around is something significant. If you love the grill out, apply the thick pavers and gravel to avoid the rift.

Flagstone and Gravel Patio

To boost the rustic environment at your backyard, having the flagstone and gravel patio would be the best solution. The gravel joints and flagstone pieces set in tune will result in amazing rhythm, texture, and shape. The usage of more pea gravel surely impacts on your expenditure – eventually, you save more dollar yet your patio design remains fabulous.

Slate and Gravel Patio

The combination of slate and gravel would arouse an edgy impression, recommended for those of you hunting for a state-of-the-art perspective. The prominent point you should not overlook is the tile pattern before place the slate on the concrete slab. Meanwhile, the pea gravel plays a role to touch up the edge.

Brick and Gravel Patio

For the striking look, you might install a brick and gravel patio. The keynote of applying this kind of patio is no other than laying the brick pattern and setting the pea gravel. For the finest result, you might go for a rectangular design instead of the curved one. To add the dramatic touch, you can fill the patio with outdoor wooden furniture.

Gravel Patio Fire Pit

Your BBQ party seems unequaled with the fire pit installed at your pea gravel patio. To execute this, you need to decide the location at a good distance (10 feet is perfect). Outlining the fire pit and seating area should be your fundamental plan. After laying the stones, the pea gravels should load the pathway evenly.

Raised Gravel Patio

A raised gravel patio truly revamps your small backyard into an extension, great either for your family moment or relaxation with a book. Not only could the raised space evoke a cozy atmosphere but also be the center of your attention.

It turns out that the idea of having a pea gravel patio at your lovely backyard is practicable and easy to execute. Additionally, it is exceptional, reasonably priced, and elegant.

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