Things to Note Down About Powder Room Decor


Powder room decor ideas

Some people may assume that a ‘powder room’ is only needed by women. That is not really true. Whoever you are, there are times when you need to look in the mirror.

Whether it is to fix your hair or make sure there is no spot on your cheek, you still need a mirror. Home is the best place to do that freely. This is why we all need the right powder room decor.

The Small Powder Room Decoration

Many people prefer having their powder room joined with their bathrooms. It is easier, since all you have to do after a shower is to get dressed. However, the powder room will also be smaller than if it is in its own room.

So, what would be suitable for a small, powder room decoration? Choose a medium-sized vanity, so it will not take up so much space. Another option is to have an oval-shaped mirror or a small round one. As long as you can still see the reflection of your face there, it is all good.

DIY Powder Room Decoration

If you feel that your small bathroom looks and feels dull, then it is time for a major change. Of course, you can start from something simple, like placing a mirror on the wall and a suitable vanity under it. Some vanities are also built-in with the bathroom tabs and sinks, so you can choose that too.

If your bathroom vanity is like that, then make sure it is built in right where the plumbing is. If you need a chair to sit on, choose a medium-sized ottoman instead of a regular chair. That way, you can place it under the vanity. You can still have plenty of space to move in your small bathroom.

To make your small powder room look bigger, play with bright colors to paint the wall. Playful stripes will also make the small powder room seem taller and have a much loftier space.

The Powder Room Decorating Ideas on A Budget

Although powder room decoration is not as tough as bathroom remodeling, this does not mean you do not need money to do so. Even if you have sufficient funds for this, it is still better to be as efficient as possible by doing some of these strategies:

Follow the plumbing lines if the vanity should have a bathroom tab and a sink

Rearranging the plumbing lines to suit your design will cost more money.

If the floor is made of wood, maintain it with polyurethane to avoid moisture

This is a better idea than changing your bathroom floor with ceramic tiles.

When shopping for fixtures, focus more on their functionalities instead of their new conditions

Having a nice powder room decoration is important, but that does not mean all the fixtures bought should be new. As long as they are still functional and in good conditions, then why not?

Geometric patterns are the perfect backgrounds

Whether they are stripes or checks, they will make nice backgrounds when you hang some pictures on the wall.

Powder room decor may be easier than bathroom remodeling, but it will get even easier if you know the right strategies. Best of luck.

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