Great Privacy Fence Ideas for Good Look and Security


privacy fence ideas

Fences will greatly affect your sense of living. They will not only play the role as a design element in your house, but also provide security.

Therefore, this article would provide you some privacy fence ideas. With these fence ideas, you may make your fences look beautiful in design. Even though security is most important, your creativity and taste should never be dismissed.

Privacy Fence Styles

Before selecting your privacy fences, you need to know some basic styles of fences, especially based on the materials:

  • Aluminum

Aluminum is the most basic type, since it doesn’t require a lot of maintenance. However, for security, it’s not as strong as other types of fences. Aluminum fences are not recommended for severe weather areas.

  • Wood

Wood fencing provides attractive styles, making it popular in the market. Wood fences can also last a lifetime, yet it depends on the type of wood that you choose.

  • Chain link

This type might not add much privacy because of its look. Therefore, homeowners often add flowers or growing plants on this type of fence to camouflage the fencing. On the plus side, it’s considered cheap and needs little maintenance. Yet it is one type of fences which is not really safe because it is relatively easy to cut through, such as with bolt cutters.

  • Vinyl

Vinyl fencing is considered more elite than other fence types. It resists paint, so that you could easily clean it from stains. It might have a high cost, but its long lifespan and quite low maintenance make it cheaper than other types of fences.

  • Wrought Iron

The highest maintenance fence type would be wrought iron fences, since they need to be repainted every three years. Related to design, wrought iron fences are often customized, so that they are not considered cheap. However, this type looks strong and beautiful. 

Wood Privacy Fence Ideas

Generally, wood has been the standard and most used choice for all types of fencing. Wood has the sense of beauty and harmony with natural environment.

Wood is also a good material choice since it can easily accommodate any design. As privacy fences, wood fences can be six feet in height, made of solid wood fitted tightly and built with as few gaps as possible, making sound barriers or wind breaks.

There are some options for wood privacy fence styles. One popular option is Shadowbox fence. This design allows greater air circulation and keeps your yard comfortable. This looks good for both you and your neighbor since there is no ‘face’ or backside to this style.

The other option is Horizontal Wood fence, consisting of board-on-board cedar fence. It provides both privacy and aesthetics. Another option would be Lattice Top fence, which would look classic and beautiful.

Privacy Fence Ideas for Backyard

In most cases, fences might work to create attractive frame for your backyard. Firstly, it is useful to create privacy. A tall solid fence will separate your outdoor spaces from your neighbors. Wood or vinyl fences with attached vines or flowers would add beauty to your backyard.

In this case, growing plants would soften your fence look. If your backyard installs a pool, a pool fence with four feet high would be a good choice for keeping your children safe.

People find privacy fences common for yards and open spaces. These privacy fence ideas are useful for security. However, the ideas are not only limited to functions. There are many benefits from these privacy fence ideas that will spice up and add aesthetic touch to your house.


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