Rustic Chic Living Room Ideas


Most homeowners decorate their living rooms in harmony with their methods of using that space.

A rustic living room is perfect is you prefer your living room to have a comfortable, lived-in look with plenty of decorations that display not only your personality but of the family as well.

Creating a rustic living is not that difficult once you get to familiarize yourself with the basics. You must also take into consideration several factors that will take part in the transformation of your living, like the furniture, style, walls and more.

Getting Started

Firstly, you must pick a style that you want. The first rule in picking the style is to remember that no matter how many or how old the items you plan to place in your living room, the style is not going to look right if these items do not fit together.

And so, it is important to select the theme you want to go for. There are several rustic themes, such as: cowboy, farm, Native America, southwestern, western or country.

All you have to do is to search for images of these themes and pick the one that best suits your personality. Once you picked the theme you want, you must also remember to stick with it and be consistent.

Next, you must change your carpet. This is necessary to help you determine what kind of flooring you want for your space.

Generally, hardwood floors are preferred by most homeowners but you can still opt for a rug. Nevertheless, the choice for the floor covers is still up to you but remember to stay in a budget.

Aside from the floors, the walls can also be changed. What you can do is to either paint them in a certain color appropriate for the style you picked or visit your local store and shop for wallpaper that would be ideal for your rustic living room.

However, if you are hesitant about repainting your walls, remember to decorate the room with appropriate artwork or framed prints.

The Furniture

Rustic furniture is usually highlighted by a contemporary look. If you are looking for a rough, unfurnished country look, rustic furniture can provide you with it.

Excellent examples of rustic furniture are those made with pine logs. Pine logs are one of the most popular materials used for rustic furniture since they are easily available and not very expensive.

Rustic furniture is unique since the chairs, center tables and sofas are expertly created with detailed elegance that in spite of the materials used, they transform into masterpieces.

Nowadays, rustic furniture can still keep to the style of the constructing techniques of the past but could combine them with contemporary designing as well. You can opt for simple, hand-made rustic furniture pieces or utilize rustic designs on modern furniture.

Yet another excellent option is to add few pieces around the room in order to attain a rustic look. When choosing the pieces, remember to be committed in achieving a rustic design.

Rustic design normally uses wood, bookcases, tables and mirrors but you can still enhance the look by adding affordable accessories, like twigs or flowers.

No matter what furniture you choose, it must say something about you. Add your personality into the room and remember that the furniture you choose does not have to be in perfect condition.

This is the time to bring out your creativity and make your living room a statement of the household’s personality.

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