Get Your Rustic Style Using Sliding Barn Door Design


sliding barn door design ideas

Sliding doors are commonly found in a traditional house of East Asia countries, like Japan, China, and Korea. However, despite being part of their typical house design, sliding door has been used widely these days. It’s not even surprising that sliding door design becomes more popular, considering the advantages it has to offer.

For instance, it reduces noise and does not take as much as space as the swing door. Besides, sliding door comes in many styles, one of which is sliding barn door design.

Furthermore, even though the sliding barn door design is applicable for modern houses, you can totally create a rustic look with it. Read on to find out some great ideas.

How to Build Barn Door

To begin with, you have to decide where to put the door and measure the space. Also, prepare the equipment and materials. First, using a razor, exfoliate the previous paint. Second, smooth the texture. It is optional if you prefer to rustic look. To obtain rustic style, you add more wood of different colors and shape of a clamp.

Use wood glue and press all night to put them together. To add the strength, you may embroider nails. Third, select the two wheels to move the door on track. Lastly, create hangers between wheels and door and wheels and track.

Sliding Barn Door For Bathroom

The sliding barn door is particularly a great choice for small rooms. Since the door itself won’t swing, it means sliding door does not take much space. It is perfect for minimalist house, or rooms with small space, like the bathroom.

However, keep in mind that you cannot just pick any sliding door for the bathroom. It’s recommended to avoid wood materials considering the damp which will easily damage the door. Instead, choose other materials like fiberglass, which is light, durable, and affordable.

Besides, fiberglass comes in different colors and designs which you can pick according to your preference. For instance, to create a rustic impression on your bathroom door, pick fiberglass door that resembles wooden door. Surely, you can find them easily at stores these days.

Interior Sliding Barn Door

Sliding barn doors are not only great for the front door. They are also excellent to complement the interior design. However, before deciding to put an interior sliding barn door, bear in mind that you cannot just put the door without considering the overall interior design. Needless to say, interior sliding barn door goes perfectly with the rustic style.

Besides, it is also advised to pay attention to the size of the rooms. A door serves as a partition that separates two rooms. But what if the rooms are small? Easy. Instead of putting a full-wooden barn door, you can use glass door instead. This way, the border between rooms are blurred, giving the impression of larger space despite the small rooms.

To sum up, sliding barn door design gives a rustic impression from its texture, color, and ornament adding, while the three prominent advantages are space efficiency and less noise.

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