Small Bathroom Design Ideas


Having a small bathroom means that your main goal and design should revolve around making the area appear bigger. There are a number of cost-effective techniques and ideas that will help your bathroom achieve a wider look. Some of these methods are very easy to do and you don’t have to hire a professional or spend thousands of dollars in renovations.

The Wider Look

Since you cannot simply add extra square feet or inches to the room, you have to make use of materials and shapes that will help create the illusion of height and width. The idea is to draw the eyes upward which make everything bigger than usual. You may install tiles starting from the floor that moves up and extend to the ceiling. Most experts would recommend using vertical stripes on wallpaper designs. If you want to line the crown of the ceiling with a border, be careful that it doesn’t provide the opposite effect of making the room feel cramped. Try a cornice or tile pattern moving around the top end of the walls.

Lots of light will help expand the room. During the day, try to allow as much light into the room through open windows or clear glass windows, a skylight or other entrances that lets in natural light from other rooms. If you can direct light towards dark corners and crevices, it will help illuminate the perimeter making the room seem larger. You should also install bulbs and lamps to illuminate the bathroom at night. There should be adequate light for the mirror so you can safely and conveniently do tasks. Hanging lights are preferred for small bathrooms. You may also choose to place lights underneath shelves and behind cabinets.

Glass and mirrors help reflect light more so invest in these materials. You may install a large mirror on one side adding depth and width to the room aside from the one you may have in your vanity. If you have a built-in closet, you may want to install a tall mirror on the door which seems to double the total area. If you’re using shower screens and curtains, use clear material to let light through. Glass accessories like soap dishes, tissue holders, etc. are also ideal.

Color and Accessories

Choose a light main color which you will apply to the walls and cabinets. Avoid very loud and bright tones as well as busy and heavily patterned wallpaper since these can make the bathroom seem cramped. Pastel and neutral colors are recommended. You may choose the same tone as well when choosing tiles, sinks and vanities. For smaller bathrooms, large tiles are preferred over several small ones. Avoid heavy designs on tiles as well although you may pick neutral patterns that line across all walls.

Enhance the visibility of your tile flooring by freeing up extra space. You can achieve this by investing in pedestal or wall-mounted sinks, floating or hanging cabinets and exposed shelves. Placing a plant or elongated decoration on the countertop will also increase the height of the bathroom. Try to keep most items hidden inside drawers and cabinets to avoid clutter. Sliding doors are better than conventional hinged models to allow more space. Install one towel rack behind the door or on one side of the room but be careful that it doesn’t disrupt walking space. Choose built-in models when it comes to fixtures and furniture.

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