Small Bathroom Layout Ideas


Designing your small bathroom layout is not that hard. Keep in mind that the aim is always to establish an impression of a bigger room. I may have some tips and advise onto how you could visually increase the size of your small bathroom. You don’t have to be an expert to do this, you just have to get use of some ideas and be creative in order to make a small space to look big and generous. Also it doesn’t have to be expensive either.

The most affordable, natural and equally effective trick is the way you cleverly play your lights. Natural lights coming from an open window or skylight can help you create an illusion of a much bigger room. Not only you make your small bathroom to look good while providing ventilation, it also very economical and earth friendly.

But not all bathrooms have the facility to have windows and skylight, and so for this type of bathrooms the use of proper lighting is recommended. With this, you can install electric lighting with the use of some creativity. Bathroom is the place of the house where people find their peace. It’s the place we often go to meditate and be more personal. To give your bathroom more dramatic ambiance, you’ll have to use soft to moderate lights to make it more relaxing.

One of the most famous and elegant personal bathroom layouts is inspired from the Japanese Shoji screens. The idea is to set up of a thin wall between your bedroom and bathroom. The materials they use for this layout is made from opaque laminated glass that a huge factor to bring silhouette effect to both rooms. The glass allows the ample natural lights to get in with out compromising your privacy, enough and very effective way to turn on some romance.
Another way to visually increase the size of your bathroom is by installing a large mirror placed to your bathroom wall. Obviously, the reflection will give you an impression that your bathroom size increase by almost a 100%. Now that’s what you call “illusion”.

And to save more spaces, there are some items that can be place wall mounted. Aside from your towel holder, items such as your shampoos and soaps dispenser are better to be mounted in your bathroom wall. This is to maximize every part of the room and let you able to have more space for decorations. It is also let have more organize bathrooms with more protection from chemical clutters.

Also, elevating fixtures off your flooring would also increase the size of your small bathroom area. This works by raising your fixtures like tub and vanity to reduce their footprint and allows your eye to continue seeing your floor. Since you only have limited spaces, of course the proper placing of bathroom fixtures is the most important to consider for your small bathroom layout but these small tips on colors and lightning may done a great job to complements your layout’s purpose.

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