Small Bathroom Makeovers Ideas on a Budget


Giving your small bathroom a makeover may seem fun and exciting. However, work can become twice as hard if you do not follow the principles correctly and you may end up with a more stressful layout than before.

You should keep in mind that you’re aiming for beauty as well as comfort. You should properly gauge how much you can do in your limited space.

Planning the Makeover

First of all, you need to set a few objectives specifically in order to come up with a systematic plan that is both achievable and affordable.

Enumerate all items you intend to fix such as going for a new color scheme, freeing up more floor space, getting a new vanity and the like.

Whatever you’re intentions may be, make sure that you can fit in everything within a given budget. If you can’t afford all the details, it is wiser to prioritize and eliminate the less important ones.

Basically, you may want to try a new color that will expand the bathroom. Choose one main color which is preferably light and relaxing to look at such as pink, white or yellow.

This will comprise the majority of tones available in the room. Next, pick a nice contrast or complimentary color that will help bring out the room more.

Great examples would be yellow and white, pink and white or white and sky blue. You may also want to invest in tiles or wallpaper instead of traditional painting. Follow the same idea and avoid heavy patterns.

Assess the area of your small bathroom and think of ways on how to free up more floor and countertop space. Keeping items off countertops and investing in fixtures that do not occupy valuable floor space will save you extra square inches or feet.

Think of storage solutions to keep things off the floor such as hanging cabinets, wall-mounted sinks and hanging shelves. If you can place all items off countertops, do so.

Your bathroom will seem much larger if you get rid of all the clutter. Sink skirts and towel racks are also good so you can make use of one or two at most.

Beauty and Function

Do a makeover on all existing fixtures like doors, windows and cabinets. For doors, you may want to install a sliding translucent glass door instead of conventional hinged models.

Install a new shower screen or curtain with lighter color and fewer patterns. Get rid of heavy window treatments. You can replace the windows with plain clear or translucent glass to allow more light into the room.

Replace cabinet doors with glass versions or mirrors. You may also want to replace your old vanity or sink with a pedestal model to free up more floor space.

As for decorations, try to keep it simple yet elegant. A tall plant on the counter or floor is enough for most small bathrooms. Put one or two more decorations that fit the overall theme.

Putting in too many will increase the risk of a cluttered appearance. You may choose to install new light fixtures as well as new appliances depending on your needs.

Illuminate dark corners and crevices by installing hidden lamps or adding mirrors. Stainless steel is also good for door knobs, cabinet handles and pulls. You can replace these easily yourself. Most of the makeover tasks are very simply which you can finish doing over a single weekend.

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