20+ Small Bathroom Remodel Before and After


There is a distinct challenge that comes with remodeling small bathrooms. Primarily, you have to deal with the allotted space so some fixtures and features may instantly be out of the picture.

You need to consider the size of the room to think of an effective layout that offers both convenience and beauty. With the right information, you will have a successful remodeling project.

Keep It Simple

Start with the basics and essentials when remodeling your small bathroom since it can save you a lot of time, effort and money. It is important to prioritize the existing problems before focusing on aesthetics.

One of the most common problems you have to deal with is space so you need to have a simple layout that allows you to do different tasks with much ease and comfort.

Second, you may also have problems with storage so you should think of structures that will be able to contain items without occupying much of your limited floor space. Other problems may involve electrical outlet location, light fixtures and how to get more natural light.

When looking for methods and items that address to the different existing problems, it would be more useful to pick simple ones that function well.

Design should come in second and it is very important for you to also consider the dimensions of each model since some may not easily fit in your space or tend to overwhelm the area making it appear smaller. A lot of sophisticated designs are bigger compared to simply functional ones.

You will realize how much more space you can conserve by sticking to simple materials and options. You can pick a shower instead of a large bathtub. Wall-mounted vanities or sinks can replace bulkier ones that eat up floor space. You will find a lot of compact toilet models and appliances as well which are specifically made for smaller bathrooms.

The layout itself should be kept simple. Maximize floor, counter and storage space by choosing the right fixtures and providing a lot of light into the room. As much as possible, floor and counter space should be clear and clean.

Items and appliances should be stored in cabinets and shelves when not in use to avoid clutter. Bright lights and wide windows are good for illuminating the entire area. Halogen bulbs are not recommended since these can easily heat up your confined space.

Bigger Remodeling Endeavors

For drastic problems, you may need to hire a professional to improve the layout of your small bathroom. Some procedures may involve tearing down one wall or more to directly add square inches or feet to the area.

This will also result to retiling and reapplication of new paint. Windows may also be broken down and widened to allow more natural light. Part of the ceiling can be removed and replaced with a skylight.

Mechanical and electrical systems may also be involved for added convenience and functionality. Electrical outlets and switches may be moved to more accessible areas so that you don’t have to use extension wires.

Plumbing, vent pipes and wirings may also be refitted into a single wall for added efficiency and easier repairs. These projects are of course more costly and should only be done if you there are no simpler alternatives the your budget is sufficient.

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